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    Default The Hellboy Universe Publishing Order

    This is an old list that used to be posted on the Dark Horse forums. The list consists of the core Hellboy Universe comics with an additional section for the Hellboy Universe novels, and just for the hell of it, there's a section for the Baltimore stories as well.


    1. Core Comics of the Hellboy Universe by Publishing Order
    Due to post limitations, this list will be divided up into sections.

    2. Library Editions and Omnibuses
    This section lists which trades are in which book.

    3. Novels of the Hellboy Universe by Publishing Order
    Please note, I don't collect the novels myself. I rely on other people for this information.

    4. Stories of the Baltimore and Joe Golem Universes by Publishing Order
    This section lists the novel and the later comics of the Baltimore Universe and the Joe Golem Universe.

    5. Upcoming Issues
    This section lists the upcoming issues according to the solicitations.

    6. Upcoming Trade Paperbacks
    This just lists various collections that are in the making.

    7. Digital Availability

    8. Useful Links
    At the suggestion of Kees_L, this section links to other useful lists out there.
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