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    Default Useful Links

    Here are some links you may find useful. Most of you will be familiar with these already, but I'll post them anyway.

    Art of Mike Mignola
    The best official source of information, and it's regularly updated. The FAQs section is worth visiting too.

    The Hellboy Wiki
    This website is being wiped into shape by our own Horror Of Sorts. It's still cluttered with lots of film junk, but it is improving very rapidly.

    The Hell on Earth Writers' Map
    This is the map Mike Mignola and co. use to keep track of all the disasters and monsters as the world goes to hell. I got to work with Scott Allie to put this together from the map in his office. It was a pain in the arse, but also pretty cool.

    Multiversity is a great comics site where Mignola's works have carved out their own little section. Called "Mignolaversity," they review the comics, run columns, and do interviews. In March 2013 they ran 31 Days of Abe to promote awareness of the then new Abe Sapien ongoing series. I even have my own column, "Hell Notes" on the site, which is lots of fun for me to write. OK, that's enough awkward self-promotion.

    The World of the Horned Demon
    This French site is an excellent resource for those that can read it. Full of previews, articles (in particular on the analysis of the graphic style of Mike Mignola), reviews of toys and comics, interviews and even video podcasts. If you are fan of Mike Mignola and a part of the French-speaking community, this site is a must-visit.
    For those of that don't speak French, this site has a habit of unearthing sketches and commissions that are hard to find. It is definitely worth checking out. The previous version of this site was BPRD Center Blog.

    The Mike Mignola Appreciation Station
    A Facebook group dedicated to talking about and sharing Mike Mignola's work. They dig up all kinds of gems.

    The Mignolaverse Subreddit
    Only in its infancy at the moment, this subreddit focuses on sharing the latest Mike Mignola news.

    The Google+ Hellboy Universe community
    Also in its infancy. We'll see if anything comes of it.

    Reading Orders
    ThunderPeel's Hellboy Reading Order
    There are many reading order lists out there (of varying quality), but this is the best I've ever found. It's fairly old now though, and hasn't been updated since 2010.

    Mignolaversity's Hellboy Universe Reading Order
    This is one I created with Scott Allie. It's meant to be a simple way to read the hardcovers. It's updated annually.


    The Hellboy Archive
    For collectors out there, this list is probably the most complete ever seen. An absolutely huge undertaking, well worth checking out. Sadly, it is not regularly updated any more.

    Finally, here are some links to creator's websites. Some of these are updated frequently, others haven't been updated in years. These are busy people.
    - Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá
    - Guy Davis
    - Christopher Golden + A blog!
    - Tyler Crook + DeviantArt + Facebook page!
    - James Harren + DeviantArt!
    - Tonči Zonjić
    - Dave Johnson
    - Francesco Francavilla + A blog + Pulp Sunday!
    - Joe Querio
    - Max Fiumara
    - Becky Cloonan + DeviantArt
    - Jason Latour + DeviantArt
    - Cameron Stewart + Twitter
    - Kevin Nowlan
    - Peter Snejbjerg
    - Ben Stenbeck

    I've certainly missed some key websites here. Let me know if you think there are any I should add.
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