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    Default Doctor Strange Question?

    So does Doctor Strange know bout the shift in reality and time?.... because we see him walk through the door in "One More Day" and then we see him walk through the same door and it is very clearly implied that he is going to speak to "previous Peter". So is this the only out they have left..... and by that last comment I am referring to Dan Slotts interview where he said that it was at a standstill.

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    I think it's easy for him to find out about One More Day, but he may not have immediate knowledge of it. He can't just go "Oh, by the way Peter, so about that one universe where you were married to Mary Jane", but he could just, for some reason, be dabbling into other universes, and find one where the marriage remained intact. Given how the research necessary for confronting the Incursions, that could have been one way for him to discover that particular distinction. I disagree that it's the only "out" Marvel has left, but that's mostly because I prefer the idea that Loki's debt to Peter will be paid off by helping to defeat Mephisto so that the marriage is restored.

    Slott's comment was mostly that Marvel had to make such a big effort to undo the marriage in the first place that it doesn't make sense for them to just restore it. However, the people who made that decision were Joe Quesada and anyone who had to rely on him for employment at Marvel, so while "Marvel" is still very much the same company, the people who enabled the initial effort that was One More Day are not in the same positions that they were at the time, and with new people filling those vacated seats, it's possible that there are people who were waiting for the opportune moment to restore the marriage. Unfortunately, since One More Day was done with the intent of hiring on new people who would uphold Quesada's vision for the series, there could just be people closer to his own perspective that have an authority over whether or not the situation is still at a standstill.

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