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    Post Pitch a One shot!

    In light of a recent thread I thought it would be fun for us all to flex our brains and come up with our own one-shots! Yes it is fan fiction but honestly this sort of stuff is fun to get the creative juices flowing and can honestly spark good discussion so I say we should certainly go for it.


    1. Beginning, middle, and end. All self contained so imagine this is in 24 pages. One and done.
    2. Anything goes in terms of who, what, when, where, and why. Please try to explain your reasoning's because we are flexing our brains here.
    3. Be creative. Spider-man or whomever doesn't really have to punch anything but remember this is one and done. So whatever this is about it has to be done in itself.
    4. Have fun writing glorified fan fiction!

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    The inferior Thug!
    (Taking place during superior spider-man)
    Taking place on a good day when spider-man (Doctor Octopus) is pursuing a wannabe super villain and easily takes down most of the thugs and the bad guy. Spider-man is having a pretty darn good night and so decides to screw around with the final remaining thug and play a little bit with the spider-man humor in Ock's own twisted way. The entire story is our Thug who Ock calls Larry because "Larry" is far too scared to give his own name.

    An unnamed thug is running from our masked wall crawler to escape getting punched, webbed up or both (still in Ock's early spider-man career but he has been proven to be more violent than Parker at this point). "Larry" is essentially being pursued by Spider-man the entire story. Turns out he was the hired goon of a pretty generic super villain who of course wants to take over the world. Larry sees him (the generic super villain boss) get taken down pretty early and so the entire story is from the thugs perspective with the irrational fears and hatred of a guy in red and (in this case black) pajamas that follows. "Larry" fleeing with spidey in hot pursuit goes to hide in a deli where he does battle with the wall crawler not with a knife or a gun, but an un-cooked chicken. Spider-man is visibly amused by the whole situation and even pretends to get beaten by "Larry" and lets him escape. "Larry" returns home swearing off a life of crime and plans to start over as a better person seeing how he clearly isn't cut out for being a bad guy and yet still doesn't realize spider-man was faking being beaten. At the very end he walks into his bed room to find spider-man waiting for him.
    "If you know what's good for you Larry, I wont be playing chicken again." Spider-man then proceeds to leave out the window laughing manically as he is swinging away. Larry looks out the window and notices Ghost Peter and falls over fainting from the events of that night.
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    Sorry, think I'm going to partially recycle your idea a little on "Doctor Octopus" and "henchmen"; "Whatever happened to the Master Planner's Henchmen?"

    Those guys, whether uniforms in purple or yellow, but same distinctive goggly-gas masked masks, were in just about every Doctor Octopus story, mid 60s-early 80s, from "Master Planner saga" to "Doctor Octopus / Owl gang war".

    PLOT: Story begins, late 80s, shortly after Otto cleared of fear of Spidey, another Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus, complete with Master Planner Henchmen, once again aboard Octopus' underwater headquarters. Spidey bowls henchmen over, cracks headquarters enough to start leaking again, but Octopus escapes, abandoning all.

    Few of the henchmen chronicled in tale, "Joe", "Jim" "Mickey", and "Moe", in prison together, prison lunchroom, prison outside workout, prison cells, harrassed, "knowing their place" from "big fish", Tombstone, realizing Otto's not coming back for them. One day, successfully escaped prison together, re-dressed up in henchmen uniform, found Doctor Octopus' current hideout, but with re-gathering Sinister Six (Sandman, Electro, Mysterio). Doctor Octopus laughs at henchmen, at the "outdatedness" of them, allowing Electro to slightly torture them with lightning bolts, Mysterio casting "monsters" after them, Sandman building some "obstruction", but going easy on them, allowing their escape, him not really into "Sinister Six" plot after all.

    Some time later, they rediscover old Master Planner underwater headquarters, re-patch, repair, re-modify it, uses its computer technology to cast 3-D image of Doctor Octopus loose on Manhattan. Spidey finds image, follows it, into headquarters. This time, headquarters technology actually starts beating the crap outta Spidey. Spidey passes obstacles, confronts old henchmen, "You guys again?", gloats their plan to prove themselves able to silence Spidey once and for all, begins dogpiling on him again. Spidey, mind crying out for Aunt May, Mary Jane, bursts through them, webs them up, jokingly comments "Don't quit your day job", carrying them all away in one big web-bag.
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    Ohhhh, I like this idea, think I'll try to construct one.

    Parker Luck

    I'm going to cheat slightly and say this is an extended one-shot so it's 32 pages of comic to work with, probably because I need that amount.

    Anyway, I like to think this would be released around the 50th anniversary. It has a simple premise - Peter is going on a date with his love interest and hoping he can have a pleasant evening with worrying about Spider-Man related duties. The twist here is that it's six different dates with six different women across the berth of Spider-Man history - Betty Brant in the 60's, Gwen Stacy in the 70's, Felicia Hardy in the 80's, a married Mary Jane Watson in the 90's, Carol Danvers and Carlie Cooper in two points in the 2010's (I didn't wanna use MJ twice and I'm not sure who else Peter might have dated in the 00's since he'd be married anyway). Incidentally when I mention those decades I would stress they're not actually in those time periods, just feel like those times in the canon.

    So since there's 32 pages of comic I think there's an opening and closing page with all six points and then five pages a piece devoted to each era. In each point Peter is trying to have a nice date with Betty/Gwen/Felicia/MJ/Carol/Carlie but is foiled by villains of the era showing up - I figure that classic Dikto Doc Ock would be the 60's, Kraven the Hunter for the 70's, Hobgoblin for the 80's, Carnage in the 90's and then maybe some of the BND/Big Time era villains for the two 2010's points. And you get to see Peter struggling with the worry of disappointing his love interest but also needing to help the public. Clearly every woman handles this differently depending on if they know Peter's secret or in Felicia and Carol's case want to help out directly (maybe indirectly with the others).

    The final page would combine all six points, showing that whilst the Parker Luck can cause its problems, Peter knows he wouldn't have it any other way. I would also totally imagine as a side note you'd try to replicate the artwork of the era.

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