The CBR Forum Community Standards & Rules

The rules and standards are expected to be followed at all times, its a brand new day and a fresh forum to get started with

Classic Comics & Collected Editions is a great place for content filled discussions, questions and answers. Lets keep it that way.

Additionally please keep these guidelines in mind when posting in Classics & Collected:

1) Collected editions occur months and often years after a comic single issue has been released, therefore discussion on this forum is the same. Please be considerate when posting about recent issues, story lines in films, or anything that may be too detailed or contain major spoilers for upcoming or released collected editions. If you absolutely must post about something specific please use spoiler tags, in consideration for fellow posters.

2) Classic Comics are considered to be 10 years old or older, please do not create threads about comics that are more recent.

3) Threads discussing Classic Comics/Favourite Authors are likely to contain in depth discussion and spoilers for material that may also be available or upcoming in a Collected Edition. If you are creating a thread concerning comics please label it clearly as concerning a Classic Comic or a Collected Edition.

4) No links to personal sales of comics/books

5) Use the Report or Ignore functions on the board, for spam posts and behaviour that breaches the rules.

Happy Posting!