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    The movie was in post-production for a while and then there were reshoots, probably more than once, due to the test screenings and then they stalled looking for a release window.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Triniking1234 View Post
    The movie was in post-production for a while and then there were reshoots, probably more than once, due to the test screenings and then they stalled looking for a release window.
    They've never done any reshoots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yogaflame View Post
    It was Fox's idea to abandon it's first release date years ago before the merger was even getting solid traction as an idea. This film's fate is all on them. They began it. They wrote it, produced it, shot it and cut it. They chose to push it back and try to change it up. They didn't finish it. If it was me, I would just scrap the whole thing and save the NM concepts for a later date(rather than muddy the waters in the Fox/MCU continuity and blow the mutant load prematurely before the X-men are even established in the MCU).
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    Quote Originally Posted by pandafarmer View Post
    You need to remember that a career actor will have multiple projects in the fire at once. Maisie as an example worked on several projects this year: Tv shows Gen:Lock and Two Weeks To live, GOT, a movie called The Owners, as well as all the humanitarian and work she's doing with her app. Factor in the rest of a young and active cast and you've got to make multiple calendars work before you can even consider rolling more film. Anna Joy's schedule was even more crazy than Maisie's if you see her IMDB. When you're young and hot, you need to jump on gigs or you'll lose them.
    Well, that's true and that's the rumor about what screwed Sansa and Arya's plotlines in Season 7 of Game of Thrones since Sophie had two movies she was working on at the same time, and Maisie had Pacific Rim Uprising and New Mutants. She had to drop out of Pacific Rim due to other filming commitments (which could have been New Mutants which was delayed or GoT related). Sophie was able to film Apocalypse at the same time as GoT Season 6 but it probably is the reason Sansa wasn't in certain scenes. Dark Phoenix filmed between Seasons 7 and 8 and didn't impact GoT.

    Maisie hasn't done that much after Game of Thrones wrapped. She took a year off to work on her tech company and to do a play in London. She's currently filming a 6 episode Sky tv series, she did a low budget movie in May and she did v/o for an anime series. She's been pretty candid about not being able to get roles because she doesn't have the typical Hollywood looks.

    So, doing the reshoots after GoT Season 8 wrapped shouldn't have been a problem, but it might be to blame for why Fox couldn't immediately do them after they realized that R-rated was the way to go when the It movie was so successful in the fall of 2017. The filming for GoT Season 8 was like filming three movies back to back. For as ridiculously rushed as it was, that took a very long time to shoot.
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