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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
    hopefully they will have high quality writers for the show and focus on political intrigue. this likely will not have a huge overall budget, so fight scenes, etc., will likely end up downscaled. Probably not much flying for Falcon? Well, we'll see.
    Check this out.
    Avengers 4 Captain America Winter Soldier Spinoff Story Breakdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonsChi View Post
    Yoooo! Falcon and the Winter Solider are getting their own show!

    I'm so pumped. Anthony Mackie is one of my favorite actors! Not only that he has great chemistry with Sebastian Stan so this is going to be awesome.

    I wonder if this means that Captain America aka Chris Evan's is going to be killed off. After the last film I put money on him or Robert Downey being axed if not both but this has me leaning more towards Cap. Or I could be wrong ...whatever I'm babbling just want to share my excitement.
    It could be fun. Hoping for good writers to flesh out their characters and some high octane fight scenes.

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    Me: "B-Brevoort! Please feed me... I'm dying... Where is... Sam..."

    Brevoort: "Silence, mortal. It is Steve x Bucky time. And Hydra Cap is still in jail."

    Me: "Nooooooooooooooo..."

    Rosemann: "Fear not, I am here to bless. Behold, Ultimate Alliance 3."

    Me: "Thank you, Bill and Marvel Games! You have saved my life! Very cool! Epic!"
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    Oh man, Falcon was passed up on the 1st 1 games. Def buying this 1 with our guy front and center.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psycwave View Post
    It could be fun. Hoping for good writers to flesh out their characters and some high octane fight scenes.
    I am confident the writers will pull this off.
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