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    Default Create a What if scenario not yet published by marvel

    Create a What if scenario not yet published by marvel.

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    Scarlet Witch said "Lots More Mutants!"

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    What if the thunderbolts earth's mightiest heroes from a world where the avengers are fighting a war across the multiverse. Thunderbolt Ross aka Red Hulk puts together a team to fight the supervillains in the avengers absence. Credit to the artist for this amazing cover.
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    I remember coming up with a concept some years back for a What If for Secret Invasion, which was what if the heroes from the crashed Skrull Prison Ship had all been really who they'd said they were.

    This would have included...

    - A classic Era Steve and Tony interrogating the deranged Tony Stark Skrull (whose mind had snapped from the reveal)
    - A late 60's Peter adjusting to a word where an alien had lived most of his life for him and joing Nick Fury's Secret Warriors.
    - Reed coming to terms with the idea that that his wife had been a Skrull and Franklin and Valeria were half Skrull children.
    - Wolverine, Beast and Jean Grey travelling to San Francisco to be reunited with the X-Men, including Cyclops who would be distraught at learning that Emma had been a Skrull.
    - The real Emma united with the Hellfire club.
    - A new version of Heroes for Hire with Luke, Crystal, Mockingbird and Hawkeye formed.
    - Sentry, Ares and the US army battling an army of Skrull Asgardians (since it would be revealed that 'Thor' setting up 'Asgard' was a ruse to have a mass Skrull army stationed in the mid west.)
    - Norman Osborn coming to power in a world where the heroes are too presently shattered and distant amid such deceit to oppose him... only to be killed by a vengeful Queen Veranke.

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    What if Wakanda conquered the world?
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    What if the Keeper (the future Silver Surfer seen in the Original Guardians of the Galaxy) was a Tyrant. He uses the Infinity Gauntlet and reshapes the universe in his own dark image. Who could stand up to him ?
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