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    What if...

    Scott and Alex died on impact?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by idisestablish View Post
    I'm gonna have to say *fewer. I'm all for introducing more minority characters, but if they were 83% or more, then the majority of the characters published would be new or obscure, and I would be deprived of the characters I already like who just so happen to be white men (through no fault of their own). Just a reality, I'm probably not going to just start buying 15 new titles of unfamiliar characters simply because the ones I like are canceled. In fact, it could possibly make me bitter and less likely to try them out than I would be otherwise. Sure I'd love Monica Rambeau and White Tiger to have their own series and would still be buying Ms. Marvel, but it's just a reality that I'm more inclined toward familiar characters. I had to hear a lot of praise about Ms. Marvel for a fairly long time before it piqued my interest enough to pick it up, and the same is true for any new character regardless of race or gender.
    That's fair, honest and well-reasoned, and I really appreciate your response. What if it meant converting more existing male characters into women in order to achieve that 80%+ percentile. In other words, Thor wouldn't be the only gender swap. And remember, while 80%+ is significant, there would still be male characters, including potentially one or two of your favorites. Would your response still be (b.) less comic titles?

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    What if Secret Wars Restore the multiverse. With the current event Secret wars raging on. What if the Watcher council deems that although Doom may have saved most of the multiverse. They feel he should not be in charge, and the multiverse must be restored back to what it was. A team of:
    Ironman Sorceror Supreme
    Venom Punisher (who has full control of the Symbiote as seen at the end of the what if story)
    Emma Frost (Member of the Human high council AOA)
    Natasha Romanov The Winter Soldier
    Killraven (as seen in Avengers Forever with Captain America's Shield)
    Wonderhulk (From the Exiles reality of Emperor Tony Stark)

    This group has the difficult task of entering battleworld and attempting to find allies to take down Doom and end this Secret war.

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    What if Axis affected the whole marvel universe. So every hero is a villain and every villain is a hero.

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    What If... Kamala Khan was a Marvel Zombie? How would anybody hope to escape a shapeshifter of her power levels who unfortunately for them is no longer concerned about not eating "infidel" meat"? And how would she handle it (since the MZs apparently don't lose their self-awareness)?
    She is Kamala Khan... The Magnificent Ms. Marvel!

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    What if...Gambit had been raised as an assassin instead of a thief?

    What if...New Warriors and Civil War:
    That should make in into two-parter issue special with 4 different segments (each issue has 2 segments).
    a) Namorita survives but she is arrested and thrown into prison. Namor is pissed-off as he hears that his cousin had been badly treated that he goes to war against the Surface World.
    b) Microbe survives the explosion because it turned out that Apocalypse saved him from death and upgrades him into Horseman of Pestilence as he has the power of germs.
    c) Night Thrasher survives the explosion but he becomes a fugitive and despite this, he still hunts down for Nitro. Until then, Night Thrasher kills Nitro on the final confrontation that he finally surrenders himself to the police as he completed his goal.
    d) ALL the New Warriors survived the Stamford incident by knocking out Nitro earlier. No Nitro, no Civil War mess.
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    What if Tony Stark the punisher. Tony's family is killed by Aim at a function. Tony becomes angry decides to make it his goal, to punish those who would hurt the innocent. In his armored suit he is the Punisher. Another idea what if Steve Rogers became Weapon Omega and conquered the world.

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