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    Default Convergence theories thread

    This thread was created to share theories about what you might think the outcome of Convergence was. Do you think that "everything counts" or do you think that the New 52 multiverse is now the only one in existence? My personal theory is that when "The Team" went back to the Crisis, history was changed so that only the New 52 multiverse is the one in existence. Either because they went back to the DOT and made the current multiverse the only one that ever existed or because the outcome of Crisis was that it created the current multiverse. The one thing we all agree on is that we simply don't know how the Crisis went down with "The Team" involved. Here's something else to think about: In one way or another most people got A version of their favorite universe back. We know the Kingdom Come universe is part of the new multiverse and that it's loosely based on the post-Crisis universe. The statutes of Jor-El and Lara in the FOS is the post-Crisis version. The Generations universe is also part of the new multiverse and it's an amalgamation of the pre-Crisis Earths One and Two. Minus things like Kara Zor-El, Huntress, and Infinity Inc. This isn't what everyone wants but is it good enough for some? Here's something else: Even if the "everything counts" theory is correct, there's no guarantee that we will ever see the pre and post-Crisis universes ever again. They're just out there somewhere following their own timelines. It does seem odd to give Superman his own kid only to wipe him (and his family) from existence. So that's an argument for the "everything counts" theory. How much the PTB care about that sort of thing is up for debate. Most of these theories have been posted elsewhere. Keep in mind, I haven't read any interviews with anyone involved but what I've heard about Didio's comments, they are vague at best. King, the writer of Convergence, seems to have stated that everything is on the table. All universes that ever existed now still exist, we just don't see them. Even the ones that required other Crisis style events to come about (Zero Hour, IC, Superboy Prime punching reality, etc.). Hypertime would go a long way to resolve most of these issues but DC hasn't acknowledged it in a long time. And it didn't seem to satisfy fans when it was acknowledged anyway.

    Thoughts? Theories? Ideas? Contradictions?

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    My guess is dc's multiverse will keep on evolving and rebooting all the time.

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