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    Default New 52 Reading Order for these titles

    Hey, so I've been looking at New 52 and trying to piece together a sort of chronological reading order for Batman, Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Forever Evil, Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad, Batwoman and Catwoman.

    Let me know if it's ok?

    Batman Court of Owls & Night of Owls
    Batman and Robin Born to Kill
    Nightwing Traps and Trapezes
    Batgirl Darkest Reflection
    Batwoman Hydrology
    Catwoman The Game
    Suicide Squad Kicked in the Teeth
    Batman City of Owls
    Batman and Robin Pearl
    Nightwing Night of Owls
    Batgirl Knightfall Descends
    Batwoman To Drown The World
    Catwoman Dollhouse
    Suicide Squad Basilisk Rising
    Batman Death of the Family
    Batman and Robin Death of the Family
    Nightwing Death of the Family
    Batgirl Death of the Family
    Batwoman Worlds Finest
    Catwoman Death of the Family
    Suicide Squad Death is for Suckers
    The Joker Death of the Family
    Trinity War
    Suicide Squad Discipline and Punish
    Forever Evil ARGUS
    Forever Evil Arkham War
    Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion
    Suicide Squad Walled In
    Forever Evil
    Batman Zero Year Secret City
    Batman and Robin Requiem for Damian
    Nightwing Second City
    Batgirl Wanted
    Batwoman This Blood is Thick
    Catwoman Gotham Underground
    Harley Quinn Hot in the City
    Batman Eternal 1
    Batman - Zero Year - Dark City
    Batman and Robin The Big Burn
    Nightwing Setting Son
    Batgirl - Deadline
    Batwoman Webs
    Catwoman Race of Thieves
    Harley Quinn Power Outage
    Batman Eternal 2
    Batman Graveyard Shift
    Batman and Robin The Hunt for Robin
    Grayson Agents of Spyral
    Batgirl - ?
    Batwoman The Unknowns
    Catwoman Keeper of the Castle
    Harley Quinn - ?
    Batman Eternal 3
    Batman Endgame

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    I dont know man. Sounds unnecesarily complicated.

    You can read the entire Batman title (#1-40) and then start B&R. Damian doesnt even show up in Batman or in Eternal.

    IT IS important to read Forever Evil between the last of Nightwing and the First of Grayson. Besides that, chronological order doesnt matter much.
    And yeah, Suicide Squad ties-in with Forever Evil.
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