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    Default Getting back into Marvel after a lengthy hiatus.


    It's been a while since I've purchased any new comics, even longer since I've followed anything from Marvel (last event I followed was Fear Itself), but I'd like to change that. I like the look of Old Man Logan a lot, but would I need to follow Secret Wars if I wanted to jump into the Logan mini?
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    I'd have to say no on that, but we only have one issue out so far so who knows. But if you are looking for a chance to jump into marvel you might want to wait a bit for Secret Wars to end, seeing as after it we have the All-new Marvel Universe with 55 to 60 new #1 titles.
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    Avoid any and all uncanny x-men written by bendis, it will just let you down.

    pick up the DD trades by Waid. The praise for the book is well earned.

    Darth Vader series is phenom!

    Star Wars is picking up steam after six issues. Luke vs. Boba Fett. NUFF SAID!

    X-men hit or miss. But love the all girls squad take on the series.

    Iron Fist The Immortal Weapon trades as well as Iron Fist Living Weapon series.

    You wont need any info about Secret Wars to read the core books and enjoy them. There are plenty of tie-ins for every taste.

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