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    OOC: Reserved for more curtain call pics, if needed.

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    Default Traitor Game L: Existential Crisis credits

    And now, the closing credits!

    {Suggested music: "The Ecstacy of Gold" by Ennio Morricone}

    Traitor Game L: Existential Crisis

    Conceived by Joe Acro, Froggy, and Indigo Al

    Hosted by Joe Acro and Froggy

    Traitor Game originated by The Purple Skull

    Written by and featuring the following:

    Anodyne ............ Red Lantern Dex-Starr
    Deadpooligan ......... Ultra Rogue (mashup of Marvel and DC)
    Jeremi .................. Tessa Henshaw, the Cyborg Sage (mashup of Marvel and DC)
    Mighty Roman............. Lobo the Duck (mashup of Marvel and DC)
    Indigo Al ...... Arak Magnus
    Cthulhudrew: ..... Gammastorm
    Wolvie616: ...... Thor Odinson
    Chris Lang: ..... Linda Park-West a.k.a. Hummingbird (variant DC)
    Josh: ...... Princess Kitana, Wonder Woman (mashup DC and Mortal Kombat)
    Masterbasset: .... The Weaver
    Nschornhorst: ............ Circe
    The Purple Skull: Savage Hawkman (Variant DC)
    Chris Lang ................... Green Lantern Mary-Jane Watson-Parker (mashup of Marvel and DC)
    Jeremi ................ The Cat (variant DC)
    Anodyne ............... Dr. Terrence Thirteen
    Josh .............. Superboy-Prime (DC)
    The Purple Skull ............ Superior Iron Man (mashup Marvel and DC)
    Nschornhorst Dr. Zoom (mashup of Marvel and DC)
    Indigo Al ............. Amason
    Mighty Roman ............. Superstorm
    Masterbasset ............ Lung

    And NPCS

    Joe Acro ............... Roy Lincoln (mashup of several DC characters)
    Froggy ............... Clark Sparks (variant DC)
    Joe Acro .............. The Monitor (DC)
    Froggy .............. Zoom (variant DC)
    Joe Acro ............... The Anti-Monitor (DC)
    Froggy .............. Princess Koriand'r (DC)
    Joe Acro ......... Harbinger (DC)
    Froggy ...... Captain Wonder (DC mashup)
    Joe Acro .... Mister Blue Skies
    Joe Acro ....... Cyborg Manhunter (mashup DC)
    Froggy ........ Wanderers Saturn Girl (variant DC)
    Joe Acro ........ Batmage (variant DC)
    Joe Acro ........ Starro Squadron, Superwoman, Power Woman (DC variants)
    Joe Acro ......... Phoenix Grodd (mashup Marvel and DC)
    Anodyne ..... Mxyzptlk (DC)
    Chris Lang Volvagia (Legend of Zelda series)

    (continued next note)
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    Default Credits, continued

    with special guest stars

    Chris Lang played the following:

    Cologne, Ukyo Kuonji, Ranma Saotome, Nabiki Tendo (Ranma 1/2)
    Goombella (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)
    Darth Jubba the Sith Hutt
    Kitty Pryde (classic Excalibur era variant, Marvel)
    Spider-Girl (MC-2 Marvel)
    Danielle Moonstar (Marvel)
    Rogue (Marvel)
    Bowser and Kammy Koopa (Paper Mario series)
    Mina Murray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
    Gabrielle (Xena)
    Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl (80's Legion of Super Heroes)
    Firestar (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends)
    Shannon Ford and Terry Franklin (original characters)
    The Monster's Mate and Fang (Mad Monster Party)
    Laurie Collins and Sofia Mantega (New X-Men: Academy X)
    Pirate Kitty and Colossus (Kitty's Fairy Tale)
    Belinda Bullington and Shallows Waterford (original characters)
    Mystique (Marvel)
    Lia Nelson the Tangent Flash (DC, Tangent)
    Firebrand (DC)
    Princess Emerald and Carnelian (Amethyst, DC)
    Moira McTaggert (Marvel)
    Franziska von Karma (Ace Attorney series)
    Arisia (variant Green Lantern)
    Maxine Powell (loosely based off Hostess Fruit Pies villain)
    Princess Leia (Star Wars)
    Batgirl/Damsel of Bats (variant Bat-family, DC)
    Betty Brant (Marvel)
    Lotta Hart (Ace Attorney series)
    Storm of the Exiles (variant Marvel)
    Nick Fury (variant Marvel)
    Carmen Sandiego
    Danielle Moonstar, Marvelous West variant (variant Marvel)
    Sheba (classic Battlestar Galactica)
    Tetra (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
    Bobbery (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

    The Belasco's Limbo Legion:
    Allebmoog (dark Goombella counterpart),
    Tuscon Wrong (dark Phoenix Wright counterpart),
    Cheerful Key (dark Grimlock counterpart)
    Pessimus Prime (dark Optimus Prime counterpart)
    Posi Shelbyville (dark Negi Spingfield counterpart)
    Sadosai (dark Happosai counterpart)
    Jimmy Prison (dark Johnny Cage counterpart)
    E. Suburu (dark E. Honda counterpart)
    StopStop Yubari (dark Gogo Yubari counterpart)
    Livegolfcourse (dark Deadpool counterpart)
    Livegolfcoursigan (dark Deadpooligan counterpart)

    (continued next note)

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    Default More credits

    {suggested music: 'Giu la testa (originale)' by Ennio Morricone}

    The Purple Skull played the following:

    Bob and Karl (variant Marvel)
    Duke Phillips (the Critic)
    Dirk Anger (Nextwave, Marvel)
    Dormammu and Umar (variant Marvel)
    Vandal Savage (variant DC)
    Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, and Captain Cold (DCAU)
    Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)
    Volstagg (Marvel)
    Don Karnage (Talespin)
    Elsa Bloodstone and Tabitha Smith (Nextwave)
    Guile and M. Bison (Street Fighter)
    Chuck Greene and Frank West (Dead Rising)
    Dick Dastardly, Muttley, and the Announcer (Wacky Races)
    Gordon Allsworth (Marvel)
    Star-Lord and Groot (Marvel)
    Trevor Slattery (Marvel)
    Music Meister (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
    Jimmy Olsen and Superd---- (parody of Internet joke)
    Heather Hudson and Blink (Exiles)

    Joe Acro played the following:

    Mini-Venom ... (variant parody Marvel)
    Blok, White Witch, and Quislet (Legion of Super Heroes)
    Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
    Rocket Raccoon and Groot (Marvel)
    Prodigy (Marvel)
    Anna (Fire Emblem)
    Hercules (Marvel)
    Fabian Gray (Five Ghosts)
    Provident (original character)
    Stargirl (DC)
    Arwyn (CrossGen)

    Anodyne played the following:

    Lady Evaine Thuryn (novel)
    Madelyne Pryor (Marvel)
    Terrencios Treiskadeka (variant DC)
    Grace Lessing (original character)
    Hannibal King (Marvel)

    (continued next note)
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    Froggy played the following:

    Sparks/Blur, Tyler Terrific, and Jamie/Wraith Woman (original characters)
    Mon-El (Legion of Super-Heroes)

    Masterbasset played the following:

    Garon the dwarf (original character)
    Yellow Lantern Paris (parody of celebrity/DC mashup)

    With homages to past Traitor Gamers...

    OverMaster ......... Belldandy (Oh My Goddess)
    GoGo Yubari ......... Jake Marshall (Ace Attorney series)
    Jermyn ......... Light Yagami (Death Note)
    tangentman ......... Love Child (original character)
    BYC ......... The Burger King (mascot for same name)
    Superheroic ......... Apollyon (Negation)
    Kevin M. ......... Grimlock and Optimus Prime (Transformers: Generation One)
    Superheroic ......... Captain America (Marvel) and Ares (Marvel)
    Kevin M. ......... Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
    Knight Lancer ......... Hrist Valkyrie (Valkyrie Profile)
    Superheroic ......... Green Lantern Hal Jordan (DC)
    OverMaster ......... Formerly Zombie Spider-Man (Marvel Zombies variant)
    Bouncing Boy ......... Bouncing Boy and Matter Eater Lad (Legion of Super Heroes)
    OverMaster ......... Nozumu Itoshiki, Ai Kaga, and Chiri Kitsu (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)
    GoGo Yubari ......... Luke Atmey (Ace Attorney series)
    OverMaster ......... Negi Springfield and Chisame Hasegawa (Mahou Sensei Negima)

    Monsters, armies, and such

    Daleks and Cybermen (Doctor Who), Cylons (classic Battlestar Galactica), Sandpeople (Star Wars), Shadow Demons (DC), zombies (every other show or movie or video game or comic out there)

    Visual effects by Joe Acro and Deadpooligan

    Fight choreography by Joe Acro and Froggy

    Additional endgame fight choreography by Chris Lang

    The events and characters depicted in this game are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons (outside of parody) or actual events is coincidental.

    No alternate realities or parallel worlds were harmed in the making of this Traitor Game. Not even the ones where Twilight won Best Picture. All scenes appearing to place alternate worlds in jeopardy were carefully monitored and supervised by MATPACAAR (Multiversal Alliance To Prevent Atrocities Committed Against Alternate Realities).

    Thanks to DC, Marvel, and so many others for inspiring this Traitor Game and previous ones. Also thanks to the creators of Mafia and Werewolf.

    Special thanks to all participants in the Traitor Games, past and present. We could not have made it to our ninth anniversary without you and your contributions.


    Goombella appears. "And, that's a wrap. Kinda. We still need to do the aftermath show, and a few more epilogues, and maybe setups for later Traitor Games. But we totally needed a good credit sequence for this game, y'know?"

    (fade out. DVD Menu appears, with special features).

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    OOC: DVD advertising parody to go here.

    (New material to set up Traitor Game 10 repost to follow)

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    Traitor Game L Existential Crisis Aftermath: Recollections and Reminisces

    The Monitor's Satellite, an hour or so later

    And so the crisis had ended. The Anti-Monitor had been vanquished, and the Omniverse was saved. Roy Lincoln and the Monitor, with the help of Harbinger and the Wanderers, had gathered a group of players together to avert the imminent disaster. In the end, with the help of additional players from previous Traitor Games, the disaster was averted, but at a cost.

    Both the Monitor and Roy Lincoln had made the ultimate sacrifice to undo the damage the Anti-Monitor had caused and restore life to all the positive-matter universe. Harbinger had taken command, and observed as most of the participants returned to their own worlds. A few, however, remained on the Monitor's satellite for a while, discussing the recent events and taking things in as best as they could before they returned home.

    Among those still present were Linda Park-West, also known as Hummingbird, and Green Lantern Mary Jane. They had decided to stay for the memorial service for those who had given their lives in the final confrontation.

    "I'm not sure why I'm still here." Mary Jane said. "I didn't really know Roy all that well. I didn't even join until you were all halfway through with the mission."

    "I can't say I knew him much better." Linda said. "I do know that he was one of the best of us. He had a command of the Speed Force that was ... incredible. I wish my Wally had met him. Who knows? Maybe my Wally DID meet him and never told me."

    "And beyond that, he was a really caring person who cared about all of us." Linda concluded.

    Goombella was still present. "Like I said, Roy and I go back a long way. He was, like, a cross between several heroes, taking some of their best parts. It's kinda hard to explain. I really can't boil his story down to a sound byte, but if you want to know who he was, that DVD of the tenth game we found earlier should totally tell you everything you need to know about him. It's, like, his first appearance in the Traitor Games."

    "This goes way, waay back." Goombella continued. "Back to the first year. This was where a LOT of people made their first appearances. Want to know what's up with Bob and Karl, or Thorpool? Want to know where Ares and Grimlock first met and became a team? It's all totally there in the tenth Traitor Game."

    "There are a few things in it that are a bit gnarly, but that's all part of the first year. Harbinger totally gave me permission to play this DVD for you, so if you like, I can show you right now."

    "It's okay." Linda said. "I know Wally's out there, waiting for me."

    Mary Jane nodded. "I think I can stay a while."

    And with that, Goombella led Linda, Mary Jane, and a number of others from the recent game to a monitor, and inserted the DVD into the player. There, all those curious enough about Roy Lincoln or the past of the Traitor Games would see the following:

    • Play Traitor Game
    • Scene Selection
    • Special Features
    • Commentary

    "It jumps right to the menu?" Linda asked. "No previews? No trailers for other features?"

    "There were trailers for Traitor Games 11, 12, 13, and 14, but I kinda skipped over them." Goombella said. "Figured you wanted to get right to the point, y'know?"

    And with that, the 'Play Traitor Game' function was activated. A message appeared on the screen:

    The following is a recording of a Traitor Game that occured in June of 2007 according to the time of Earth Ceebeeyar. It has been presented in its entirety. Views expressed in the Traitor Game are those of the participants and may not reflect the views of Earth Ceebeeyar or any real persons or organizations referenced within.
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    Linda, Mary Jane, and a few others sat down to view the DVD of the tenth Traitor Game.


    Stuffy British voice: Previously on the Traitor Games...

    Other voice: "No, no. Sorry. The TV recap homage just isn't going to work, because just saying that one line and then showing clips just isn't going to be enough. We need a longer spoken intro to put this, the Tenth Traitor Game, into context. So yes, we'll be showing clips, but I'm going to talk over them as they're shown."

    "You are currently viewing the 2016 edition of the DVD of Traitor Game 10: I'll Take Valhalla. As that message just said, it'll be presented in its entirety. As a result, there will be a number of jokes, cultural references, and topical humor that will seem very dated. Keep in mind that back in June of 2007 -- again according to the time of Earth Ceebeeyar -- Michael Bay's first Transformers movie was coming out that summer, the show 'Heroes' was a new hit, and 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Lost' were still on the air. So some of what you see here may reflect what was current at the time."

    (clips of Matt Parkman's appearances in Traitor Game 8, the cameo guest appearances of most of the Heroes cast during the big battle sequence of Traitor Game 9, and Ben Linus in an argument with Gabrielle and Buffy in Traitor Game 15 are shown during the above paragraph).

    "But anyway, here's some stuff you might want to know before viewing this tenth Traitor Game if you haven't viewed the DVDs of the ones that came before it."

    "The first three recorded Traitor Games were hosted by the Beyonder -- or at least one version of him, anyway. We didn't find out the origin of this particular Beyonder until a MUCH later Traitor Game, but that's another story. Anyway, there wasn't much at stake there other than challenging the player's wits and offering the winners prizes like ice cream if they succeeded. It was pretty basic - players meet each other, a murder occurs, players vote for a Traitor, and so on till either the Traitors run out of targets or the players successfully vote them out."

    (clips of Spider-Woman quarreling with Ambush Bug, the Shadow King getting axed in the back, Lenny the Fly Funk Snatcher pondering his vote, Monica Rambeau and Wolverine arguing, and Faith being banished to Limbo are shown during the above paragraph)

    "Oh, and Batman was in all three of the first three games, and got killed by the Traitors in all of them."

    (clips of Batman being poisoned in Game 1, decapitated in Game 2, and being poisoned again in Game 3 are shown during the above statement).

    "The Monitor took over hosting the fourth game, and that was a wild chaotic one. Partly because the Monitor was a lot angrier in those days, and partly due to the conflicts of the characters involved. It was memorable for how the players bonded together and found ways to pass the time between votes, and for what veteran Traitor Gamers know as 'The Rorschach Gambit'. You see, one of the Traitors, Rorschach, decided to turn on one of his fellow Traitors and vote her out to divert suspicion away from himself. For the record, it didn't work, as he got voted out a round or so afterward. I mention this because the incident was mentioned again in many of the later games."

    (clips are shown of Rorschach and Madea/Captain Universe squabbling, and of Rorschach being voted out)

    "After that came the fifth Traitor Game, introducing the Traitor Games to Donna Troy, the elder Cologne, and Dr. Doom, all of whom would go on to host later Traitor Games. Set in the workshop basement of a deranged alternate universe Santa Claus, this game was also known for the infamous incident where Jimmy Kudo knocked back the Hulk with a soccer ball. In the wake of this, Dr. Doom found a power source and hosted the sixth Traitor Game, where Captain America, Ukyo Kuonji, Prez Rickard, the Undertaker, and a whole bunch of others had to stop Dr. Doom from taking over the Multiverse."

    (clips are shown of Cologne dragging bodies to a walk-in freezer already containing the bodies of dead reindeer, Dr. Doom reacting to an embarrassing flashback, Prez Rickard teaching Doombots peace and love songs, and Ukyo Kuonji leaping into action with her battle spatula).

    "And then Darth Jubba the Sith Hutt obtained a source of Multiversal power and decided to try his hand at taking over other universes. Cologne became the first 'benevolent' host in the seventh Traitor Game, hiring the Agents and the Vigilante to oppose the Traitors working for Darth Jubba. Among those assembled were Emma Frost, Willow from 'Buffy', Sam Beckett quantum leaped into the Punisher, Kamen Rider Kabuto, and Dick Dastardly. In the end, of course, good triumphed over evil, thanks to the players, Cologne, and the Organization"

    (clips of Dick Dastardly setting traps, Emma Frost confronting Willow, the evil Mirror Quinn Mallory being shoved into a portal, and everyone fighting Darth Jubba in the Tatooine desert are shown during the above).
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    Default Not-so-quick recap, part 2

    "Okay, at this point, you need to be aware of a few running subplots going on. In the first four games, eliminated players were banished to Limbo - namely the Limbo that Immortus is in charge of. The sixth game also used Limbo, but the fifth game had a different holding area. Immortus refused to allow Darth Jubba to use Limbo as a place to send eliminated players due to the environmental impact such events were having on Limbo."

    "Also, a few participants chosen by the same High Tier Traitor Game Power-That-Be turned out to be part of a mysterious Organization out to stop the Traitor Games. The known members of this Organization, up to the point Traitor Game 10 begins, are the Scourge of the Underworld, Onslaught, the Undertaker, Zasalamel, Original Zero, Clone Zero, and a version of Captain Cold."

    "Oh, and Batman died in Traitor Games 6 and 7, too. He didn't show up in the fourth and fifth games."

    (clips of Batman being turned into a tapestry in Game 6, and Cologne finding Batman's body buried up to his neck in desert sand and his face torn off by a sandstorm appear during the above).

    "Anyway, Immortus hosted his own game, in which the losers would end up his servants. The eighth Traitor Game introduced Goombella, the Warner siblings, Chairman Kaga, Peter Pan, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers long before she got the rights to the Captain Marvel name), and Soundwave to the Traitor Games. It featured a bizarre Iron Chef cooking competition between Dracula and Alucard, and a memorable feud between the Chairman and Owlman. In the end, Soundwave volunteered to become Immortus' servant and the other players went home. And Batman and Kenny McCormick showed up in gratuitous cameos to die ridiculous deaths -- the latter died twice."

    (clips of the above-described scenes play, including Batman and Kenny getting killed by Dire Wraiths, and Kenny being killed by Dracula during the Iron Chef competition).

    "Oh, and Faith -- still in Limbo since Game 3 -- escaped from Limbo with the help of Angel, and together they helped Madame Xanadu in the climax of the next game."

    "And that leads us to Traitor Game 9. Madame Xanadu became the second benevolent host, as she summoned players to her shop/residence to help her thwart the otherdimensional goddess Glory, or Glorificus. She hired a Vigilante and two agents to combat Glory's Traitors. This game introduced the Traitor Games to Kitty Pryde, Vandal Savage, Rock Howard, Adelheid Bernstein, Medusa of the Inhumans, Raven of the Teen Titans, Willow 327, Detective Jake Marshall, and Catwoman, among others. And there were so many memorable moments here."

    "Medusa introduced us to her bundt cake recipes. Vandal Savage feuded with EVERYONE and became the guy people loved to hate. We had two memorable battle sequences, one against a band of cobra demons, and another against Glory's minions, flying monkeys, Marvel zombies, and Volvagia the dragon. In the end, all the players, with the assistance of Madame Xanadu and the Kindly Ones -- had an epic showdown with Glorificus. And I mean epic -- it put the showdown with Darth Jubba in the seventh game to shame."

    (clips showing many of the scenes described above appear during the above speech)

    "I'm tempted to play the entire climax, because my description just doesn't do it justice. In the end, good triumphed, but it was a bittersweet end as Captain America - the same one from Traitor Game 6 - was forced to be on the other side of the portal with Glorificus as it was sealed shut. We wouldn't find out what really happened to him for several more Traitor Games after that."

    "After things settled down, the players went their separate ways. Kitty Pryde went back to her world and Excalibur -- since in the MC-217 universe where she comes from, Inferno had only recently ended. Madame Xanadu returned to her mystic studies and formed a 'Mother, Maiden, and Crone' alliance with Agatha Harkness and Willow Rosenberg. Batman decided he was tired of being killed in Traitor Games and decided to start doing something about it. And Vandal Savage joined Immortus, Soundwave, and Soundwave's future self Omniwave in what was dubbed 'The Limbo Legion'."

    "As for the Kindly Ones ... the spirits that took care of the eliminated in game 9? Well, they went off to decide their next move. And THAT'S where we come in, with the tenth Traitor Game. Featuring the Norse gods Odin and Hela as the hosts, and called 'I'll Take Valhalla'. So now you know."

    G.I. Joe Guy: And knowing is half the battle!

    (snippet of G.I. Joe theme briefly plays. Then G.I. Joe guy vanishes)

    Voice: "And yeah, back then we had a lot of silly running gags. And that was one of them. So without further ado, on with the show. Here's Traitor Game 10, I'll Take Valhalla."
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    (And now, the re-presentation of Traitor Game 10: I'll Take Valhalla!)

    Indigo Al 06-04-2007 10:42 PM

    Traitor Game X: I'll Take Valhalla!


    Scene: Returned from Madame Xanadu’s shop after the final battle against Glorificus, The Kindly Ones sat in their hut over their knitting equipment, drinking tea and eating cookies…

    Mordred: “Well, that was rather fun, wasn’t it dears?”
    Mildred: “Fun? Silly and immature, perhaps”
    Cynthia: “I know you’re lying Mildred! You liked the Traitor Game, didn’t you?”
    Mildred: “Poppet, at my age (and yours, for that matter), superheroes? Really now…”
    Mordred [picking up a ball of green yarn]: “Well I had a great time! I’d like to see another Traitor Game again! Come on, sister – you know you want to!”
    Cynthia: [Clapping her hands together] “Oh oh, I know! Let’s play with 616 and their far out Asgard!”
    Mildred: “Unbelievable! 616? Asgard? (Pause) I suppose there’s no stopping you, is there?”
    Cynthia: “You’d have better luck stopping Mordred from eating that entire bag of white chocolate covered Oreo cookies.”
    Mordred: "Mmmm –crunch crunch – so it’s Asgard then – so we’re Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, right?"
    Mildred: "No, dear, that’s Olympus. Over in Asgard, we’re Urd, Verdande & Skuld"
    Cynthia: "Bummer! I thought we could move to California and be Jack, Janet & Chrissy! Hahaha! Uh, sorry."

    Mildred: [Groans at Cynthia’s joke, picks up a ball of multicolored yarn] "I’ll have to unravel this mess for all the players that’ll be drawn into our little entertainment."
    Mordred: [draws a length of green yarn] "I’ll have an easier time of it. Green for that grim and righteous Norse Babe of Death!"
    Cynthia: [Draws a length of silver yarn] "And silver for that bearded cotton-top All-Father! Groovy!”
    Mildred: "Alright then, ladies – let us see who WILL TAKE VALHALLA…"

    OOC: Sign up now, and post a prelude for your character (only if you want to - not required)!!! If you regular players can do your usual recruiting pimping I'd be obliged - EDIT: DO NOT PM RANDOM PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW

    Sign ups will last until Monday, June 11 at 5 pm eastern. The game will kick off that same Monday June 11th at 8 pm eastern

    Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos:
    Urd, Verdande and Skuld:

    Up next - some housekeeping rules.

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    Indigo Al 06-04-2007 10:55 PM



    On a whim, the Norns have bound Marvel’s Odin and Hela to compete in a Traitor Game for ultimate ownership of Valhalla. If Hela’s agents succeed in killing all players, she will win the right to annex Valhalla. Not only does this mean eternal damnation for the noble dead souls of Asgard, but it could well tip the scales in the final battle of Ragnarok towards evil’s favor. A lot is riding on this!


    The game is set in Valhalla. Players may not exit unless under special circumstances (which will be forthcoming).

    All playing areas have an omniscreen where everyone – active, banished or dead – can be aware of anything that’s going on.

    Odin has created a special section of Valhalla called The Player’s Tavern, where the Players can congregate. Food, drink, dining commons are all there. Sleeping quarters all adjoin the Tavern.

    The Player’s Tavern adjoins Valhalla’s Grand Hall. Here, the souls of the dead hang out, eat, drink, fight, etc etc. Active Players may move between the Player’s Tavern and the Grand Hall at will.

    The banished will go to the kitchen/scullery den area for Valhalla. They will constantly wash dishes and prep food. They have to sleep on the cold, hard stone floor of the kitchen. They will guarded and overseen by none other than Gerta Dammerung, villainess from America’s Best Comics Tomorrow Stories!

    “That’s right! I’ve got the run of the scullery den, and you better like peeling the beets if you know what’s good for ya! But don’t worry….if you’re a handsome hunk, and you give Gerta some sugar, she might just go easy on you! HAWWWRRR!”

    If banished, you CANNOT leave this area unless per special instruction. Sorry! but there needs to be some incentive not to get banished, right?

    The dead will go to Niffleheim – a cold, misty sunless barren terrain.


    Agents of H.E.L.A (Her Evil Lowlife Associates) – the Traitors
    the BERSERKER – the Vigilante – will kill whoever he/she suspects of being the traitor
    HUGIN and MUNIN, RAVENS OF ODIN – the Secret Avengers

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    Froggy 06-04-2007 10:55 PM

    I choose Megaman!

    *In Megalopolis, Megaman (Rock) had returned home after fighting another slew of robots made by Dr wily*

    "Rock, that was amazing! You saved the day again brother" Roll exclaimed, as Rush came through the door with Rock/Megaman. "Thanks Roll, but to be honest with you, I don't like having to......exterminate these robots....I just wish they'd listen when I tell them life can be better for them if they side with good........say where's Dr Light?

    "Oh he's in his lab, working or something, y'know how he is. Auto is in the back in case you wondered as well" Roll said. She then went to play wtih Rush as Megaman walked off into the lab in the bakc. "Thanks roll" he told her as she played with Rush. "whosagooddoggieyou'reagooddoggieyesyouARE!" She said with Rush nodding in agreement

    "Yes, the schematics are foolproof, the Reploid will be the next step in roboit......."HI DR LIGHT"! was the voice of Rock, which made Dr light close off his project. "Passcode mocpac"! he said, before saying "hello rock, took care of wily already?"

    "Yeah, except I have something to talk to you about.....I don't feel like being Megaman anymore.........

    "WHAT? But the city......

    "Needs megaman, I know, but i don't think i can stand the senseless killing of robots......." he said as he started to slowly fade awy.........

    "ROCK! ROOOOOOOOOOCK!" Dr light shotued

    HE then reappeared in a strange, foreign area. "Where am I? Megaman asked

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    Default The first Traitor Game appearance of Bob and Karl, re-presented!

    The Purple Skull 06-05-2007 12:10 AM

    Prologue - Bob: Agent of Hydra; Karl: Engineer of AIM

    Part 1

    Setting - Avengers Tower

    In the penthouse of Avengers Tower, a lone figure sulks in the shadow.

    "Supreme Commander, this is Bob. I have reached the penthouse of Avengers Tower. Make sure to tell Phil that he owes me $50. Jerk thought I wouldn't be able to infiltrate the Avengers' HQ. Well look who's 50 bucks richer. Hail Hydra!"

    Baron Strucker (via Bob's communicator): "Bob! This is no time for petty bets! Just do what you were instructed to do. Place the bomb in their control unit and get out!"

    "Sorry, um, Supreme Commander dude."

    Meanwhile in the other side of the penthouse, another figure is seen sneaking around.

    "Oh man. Why am I even here? I so didn't spend 8 years of my life in AIM University to be a covert agent. I'm not Karl: Agent of AIM. I'm an engineer for christ sakes!"

    MODOK (via Karl's communicator): "Karl! Enough with the foolish talking! You have a mission at hand. You were instructed to place that bomb in the control room. Now do it!"

    "Yes, Mr. MODOK."

    Bob & Karl then bump into each other.

    "What the?"

    "Bob?! Is that you?"

    "I will not reveal that information. As an agent of Hydra, I am sworn to confidentiality! You will have to kill me before you find out my identity!"


    Karl points out that Bob has his name embroidered on his uniform.

    "Oh right. I forgot about the 'Name Tag Initiative' Supreme Commander enforced last week."

    Bob then realizes it is Karl he is talking to.

    Karl?! Holy sweet mother of crap! I haven't seen you in so long! It's great to see ya!

    Bob gives Karl a big hug. However, doing so caused Bob & Karl to accidentally drop their respective bombs!

    "Bob! The bombs!!!"

    "Aww sugar muffins."

    To Be Continued!

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    Default Prologue for Bo

    Tommy 06-05-2007 12:41 AM

    Cursed… the movie summery. By Tommy (special emphasis on Bo edition)

    The movie opens with Jimmy and his dog talking up the local hot girl. Unfortunately her jerky boyfriend Bo comes along and says some rather unkind things to poor Jimmy. Frightened, Jimmy turns tail and flees only to be picked up by his sister, Ellie. She works for a TV show, and is rather repressed, and her boyfriend, Jake, is too busy opening a club to spend time with her. The two of them have an argument leading to a rater unfortunate accident with a large animal. This accident causes them to spin into a car going the other way. That car rolls off the road and into a canyon. Jimmy and Ellie climb down the canyon wall to see how the passenger is doing. Unfortunately for them, while helping her she is attacked by a giant animal. Both Jimmy and Ellie are scratched or bitten by the creature and while attempting to flee the animal hurls half of the dead girl’s carcass in their path.

    They manage to get home, but not before Jimmy’s dog freaks out when they return to their car and bites Jimmy drawing blood. The next morning Jimmy wakes up naked outside in the bushes, while his sister has a dream where she rips open the throat of her boyfriend.

    That day at school Jimmy attempts once more to flirt with the local hottie. Sadly Bo comes in once more saying some unpleasant things. But this time Jimmy has some witty retorts and only backs down when things look like they might get physical.

    At her work Ellie is surprised to discover when she smells something really good, it turns out to be a co-worker’s nosebleed. She is also surprised that all the men in the office keep telling her how good she looks. She also is confronted by an annoying publicist for Scott Baio who also happens to be her boyfriend’s ex.

    That night Jimmy researches into strange animal attacks, which leads him to werewolves. According to the books a werewolf has a series of scars on their palm which is the mark of the beast. Jimmy realizes he has five scars on his palm that if connected would look like the mark.

    Meanwhile his sister attends a fancy Hollywood party where she fights with her Jake and is forced once more to deal with the annoying publicist. She leaves the party in a huff right before a fellow party goer is viciously mulled to death by a massive beast.

    The following day Jimmy heads off to school dressed all in black. He is once more determined to flirt with the token pretty girl and this time when Bo interrupts them he gladly accepts the challenge to wrestle. Well he rather quickly beats the entire wrestling team, throwing them around like they weighed nothing.

    That day at work Ellie has a freak-out in the bathroom where she bends the metal door to a stall out of shape.

    The following evening Jimmy is at home making dinner. He is about to put a stake in the oven when he sniffs it and acts like he is going to eat it. But before he can do anything there is a nock at the door. He opens it to find Bo who wanted to talk about the day’s events. Bo makes a confession, but Jimmy is far to busy to deal with him and so ducks back into his house where he discovers his dog has stolen his steak. When Jimmy attempts to retrieve the stake, his dog turns decidedly evil and attacks him. Jimmy locks him in the kitchen and runs out the front door where Bo is still standing wanting to finish their conversation. But a weredog pretty much kills that as they both flee into Bo’s car.

    Meanwhile Ellie is leaving work and Jake is waiting for her in the parking lot. They argue some and she is shocked to discover he has the mark of the beast. She immediately runs into her car and drives home.

    But Jimmy and Bo are headed to her boyfriend’s club opening. After all that is where she was supposed to be. After a quick phone call, Ellie decides to meet them there and tells them to avoid her boyfriend at all costs.

    Her boyfriend reaches the club first, so upon seeing him Bo and Jimmy decide to hide in the maze of mirrors at the club. When Ellie arrives she heads in as well after over hearing the two boys. Unfortunately she is followed by Jake who tells her he is not the one who attacked them or the girls, there is another werewolf. She doesn’t believe him until the other werewolf smashes through a mirror ripping Jake open. The werewolf tries to kill Ellie, but she escapes down the maintenance corridor and out of the club. So the werewolf then attempts to chase Jimmy down and kill him. It out runs Jimmy and Bo in the maze and intent upon killing Jimmy throws Bo straight through a mirror.

    Which is where I am picking up on the character.

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    The Purple Skull 06-05-2007 01:23 AM

    Prologue - Bob: Agent of Hydra; Karl: Engineer of AIM

    Part II

    Setting - (Still) Avengers Tower

    When we last left off, Bob gave Karl a big hug that caused both of them to drop their bombs.

    "Man, we are so dead."

    However, that was not the case. Once the bombs hit the floor, it rolled right into the Avengers' Bomb Disposal Unit.

    "Well, wasn't that a stroke of luck."

    Baron Strucker: "Bob? Bob! I need a status report now!"

    MODOK: "Karl! Did everything go as planned? Answer me this instant!"

    "Um, well you see, Supreme Commander, visionary of the world, what had had had happened was.."

    "Well, Mr. MODOK, everything WAS going according to plan. But, well, stuff happened."

    Strucker & MODOK: "Explanation. Now!"

    After Bob & Karl explain what happens...

    Strucker: "What? AIM is there?! I demand to speak to MODOK!"

    MODOK: "Inconceivable! Hydra cannot be there! Put Strucker on the line this instant!"

    In an awkward moment, Bob & Karl put their communicators (attached to their chests, btw) closer together so that both organization leaders can speak to each other.

    Strucker: "MODOK, what is your flunkie doing there?! It's our turn to blow up Avengers Tower!"

    MODOK: "Wrong again my follicly challenged friend. The schedule clearly stated that AIM blows up the tower today. Your turn is next week!"

    Strucker: "I think not, my big headed colleague. I distinctly remember that..."

    "Umm guys? I'm looking at the schedule right now, and we're both wrong. The Hand is supposed to attack the tower today."

    Strucker & MODOK: "The Hand?!?! What idiot put this schedule together in the first place?!?!"

    "Uhh..that would----

    "Hey....whazzat white light?!?!"

    A white light flashes sending Bob & Karl to another reality.

    "Karl? Where the hell are we?"

    "I don't have the slightest clue, but thank god for that white light! MODOK would've killed me for messing up the infiltration schedule."

    "Wherever we are...check out all the merchandise! There's like gold everywhere!"

    Dollar signs begin to appear in the place of Bob's eyes.

    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Karl ol' buddy?"

    As Bob looks at all the gold, Karl turns around to see a few very intimidating vikings staring at both of them.

    SIGH "I am so gonna get blamed for this."

    To Be Continued (Once the game really starts)

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