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    Default Any Deadpool fans able to offer some advice?

    Hey everyone,

    So I am looking to buy the collected editions for Daniel Way's Deadpool (Deadpool Vol. 2 (2008-2012)). I am looking on Amazon (Canada) to see what the titles are, and it is available in 11 collected volumes, each covering about 3-4 issues, prices at $10-15. This is how I collected the newer Deadpool Vol. 3 (2012-2015), by buying the (8) collected volumes.

    However for this series, there seems to be an additional collection print: "Deadpool by Daniel Way: the Complete Collection". There are 4 volumes of this, which overall include the same 63 issues included in the 11 volumes.

    Overall the 4 "Complete Collection" titles cost around 20 dollars less than the 11 volumes, however, when looking at the information on the Wikipedia page for what is included in the 11 volumes, many of the 11 books includes issues from other titles or other such special content that does not seem to be in the Complete Collection.

    My question is, does anyone know/know enough to figure out if buying the 11 issues includes more content that is worth the extra money? Also generally, is it better to buy larger collected volumes but less books (so like 63 issues over 4 books) or smaller volumes over more books (63 over 11).

    Thanks for your time!

    Here is the wiki page for Deadpool titles, where you can scroll to the Collected Editions and look at the bullets under Deadpool Vol. 2.

    As for the complete collection, only the first book mentions including anything other than the basic 63 issues, so the only extra content is:


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    The only thing the smaller trades collect that the Complete Collections lack is the Hit Monkey one-shot. (Which is also in the Hit Monkey TPB if you're into that.)

    One of the smaller volumes also collects Deadpool #4 from 1997, but that was just to fluff up the book, as it would've been just 4 issues. It's available separately in Deadpool Classic, Vol. 2 or the Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omnibus.

    Generally, a series of Complete Collections or Ultimate Collections are going to be just as or even more comprehensive than the standard paperbacks. If the standard paperbacks contain anything the Complete Collections don't, it'll be the same situation as Deadpool #4 above.

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    I prefer having 4 books over 11.

    And it's actually 12. Deadpool #8-9 aren't in the numbered trades, they're in the Dark Reign: Deadpool/Thunderbolts with Thunderbolts #130-131. You'd have to buy this one too to have complete Way series. And then read some of vol. 2, then this one, and then come back to vol. 2, because this one is set in the middle of that one.

    So, I prefer having 4 books over 12. And the stories in order.

    Then, there's Wolverine: Origins #21-25, which you can also get separately, but don't really need to. It's first time Way wrote Deadpool and it could be seen as a prelude to his series. I like this one, so I prefer to have it.

    So, that makes it 4 books vs. 13 books.

    And then there's the fact that Deadpool vol. 11: Dead only came out in hardcover as far as I know. I don't care for the hardcovers.

    So for me, there was no dillema really. I don't have the Hit-Monkey one-shot or that Deadpool issue from 20 years ago, but I don't see it as a downside.

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