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    Quote Originally Posted by Prime View Post
    Isn't new 52 Superman meant to be just All Star Superman in his earlier days?
    Well, in the New52 his parents died in a car accident while Pa Kent died of a heart attack in All Star. Plus, I don't see current DC management signing off on bringing the shorts back anytime soon. Supposedly, Morrison said something to the effect that the All Star Superman was supposed to be what would happen if the Crisis never happened and that universe had been allowed to continue.

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    I would love for Superman to meet other versions of himself. Even though this thread is about him meeting versions of himself from the multiverse, I couldn't help but recall this fun moment from Smallville:

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    Sure why not, I've long enjoyed the notion of a multiverse in various other fantasy & science fiction properties. Besides the concept could make for many interesting stories, if handled correctly.
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