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    Is anyone else in love with this series? I haven't read Sex Criminals yet, but this book has made me laugh out loud on several occasions already. I didn't grow up watching He-Man or Flash Gordon. To me, I get a lot of Venture Bros. type humor in it, mashed up with a "Monty Python in space" vibe. I love that they introduce elements, characters, or monsters with absolutely no explanation - the kind of thing that added to the depth and wonder of Star Wars when I first saw them.

    I feel like you could sell people on this book just showing them the page with Cyklowl on it. I woke up my girlfriend from laughing so hard.
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    Yep, it is a great series thus far. Really hoping my LCBS gets #3 in this week. They didn't have enough copies to fill all their orders.

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    It's back, it's back, it's back! Kaptara Vol. 2 is coming to Zdarsky's Substack!

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