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    Default Squadron Sinister #1 thoughts

    I did not see a thread for this. So here were my thoughts. Good story, great art. I just did not like that Marvel basically killed off most of the "Supreme Powers" Squadron. I really enjoyed those characters and that series. Are Marvel and J.M. Straczynski having issues with each other? Because they sure pimp-slapped his re-creations with no problem

    Also, I hated that Doctor Zero got whacked. I was happy to see him back a few months ago. A lot of you probably do not even know who he was. But this guy was a power house. Ages ago, Marvel had a comic line called the Shadowline, and these guys existed "in the shadows of the Marvel Universe. But like Marvel's New Universe creations, they were forgotten until recently. Oh well, goodbye Doctor Zero, it was nice for a page.

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    It was a great book, anyway they stated Secret Wars will have lots of deaths.

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