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    Default Rumbler's League Fall 2015 and Beyond - Discussion Thread

    Do not use this thread as a general chat thread, please keep the topic on the League.


    Registration and Preparation

    1. The Number of Team Slots depends on the Number of Registered Players. A minimum number of 8 Teams is needed before the League can start.
    2. Depending on the Number of Players, the League Tournament might run anywhere from 7 to 16 weeks
    3. Sign up here on this Discussion Thread if You wish to Join. I will list those registered in the Post below.
    4. Once registered, if you cannot commit to participating during the scheduled time, you have until a week before the Draft to back out and give your slot to someone else.
    5. Please be considerate and let me know if you are going to be too busy to participate one week or intend to drop out for any reason. Please leave notice if you have other problems that might get in the way of your participation. Real Life Happens, but a quick note ahead of time if at all possible makes it easier on everyone.
    6. If you have never participated in a League Tournament before, I asked that you team up with an experienced player for your first League Season. If you can not find someone to team up with but still wish to participate, let me know and I will consider it.
    7. I, as GM, reserve the Right To question and possibly remove from play anyone whom I find out is not willing to follow the rules.
    8. Be respectful of your fellow players and your GM. This is a Debate Set up, but hostilities that go against CBR Rules will not be permitted.

    Draft and Team Building

    1. All Teams will be chosen During the Draft.
    2. The Draft occurs 1 - 2 weeks prior to start of tournament. Date will be set once enough Players have registered.
    3. Do not post any information about your desired team ahead of time. Keep it to yourself as a secret until the time of the Draft.
    4. Everyone gets 120 starting Credits to use towards purchasing a team during the Draft.
    5. Everyone is limited to no more than 2 - 10 Point Draft/Item purchases during the initial draft.
    6. Everyone is Limited to purchasing No More than 3 Original Items during the Initial Draft. OI's are now listed on their own Page in the Wiki.
    7. All Real World, 1 Point Items can be Multi-Picked - Same Item can be chosen by Multiple Teams/1 per Team - Unless Otherwise Noted.
    8. Draft Rules in brief – randomized list of players; each round runs from top-of-list to bottom-of-list, then back to top-of-list again; each player – 2 choices per turn, end players get 4 choices; 1st round limits on 9 pt and 10 pt choices; draft continues until all teams are completed. More Details provided at time of Draft.
    9. Everyone who participates gets 4 Credits per week to spend on their teams once the tournament begins. 1 - 1 point Bonus and 2 Bonus' of 3 points will be awarded during the Tournament at the discretion of the GM.
    10. Once the Tournament begins, every player may choose to purchase an additional 2 – 10 credit draft/item for their team
    11. 4 - 10 Credit/Point Draft/Items per team maximum
    12. Total Original Items Limited to 5 per Team.
    13. Team size – Initial At Draft Minimum of 4 team members / Maximum of no more than 11 team members. Does not include characters or items that can clone/reproduce themselves. Permanent fusing of two characters counts as 1 character.
    14. Post-Draft Team Size has no Maximum Size. During the Course of the Tournament you can purchase as many additional Team members as you want, so long as it doesn't go against any other rules.
    15. Each Team member must have an Initial Minimum Point Count of at least 9 and a Maximum Total Point Count of no more than 60. This includes Character/Item combinations.
    16. After 1st week, each Team Member Must have at least one Item assigned to them.
    17. Team Members are drawn from the Draft Lists. Items taken from the Items Lists.
    18. Items taken from the Item Lists alone do not Constitute a 'Team Member'. All Items Must be Paired with a Character from the Draft List.
    19. No Sharing of Items between Team Members. Even if Item Sharing is Canon to that Item. Exceptions are items that Merge/Fuse/Mind Transfer. Or Transports that can Carry Multiple Team Members. Other Exceptions may be considered on a Case-by-Case basis.
    20. Once Teams are selected, a Reference Thread will be posted where each player can post their team
    21. Once Teams are selected, a Reference Thread for Posting supporting Links and Images will be posted.
    22. All Team descriptions in the Reference Thread must have summaries of powers/abilities as well as working links to additional information sources.
    23. All Team Members Must in Reference Thread be clearly defined as to which version if there are more than one available. This includes Source Material and Individual Point Value.
    24. If there are any Controversies regarding Character versions, please attempt to resolve them prior to Game Play if at all possible.
    25. During the Tournament, Purchases can be made at any time, but are not required. Any purchase made after Saturday cannot be used in the following week. Each Week runs from Sunday to Saturday.

    Game Play

    1. All Strategies must be submitted the night before the posting of the matches. If no strategy is received, that counts as a Void.
    2. Reasonable Requests for extensions of up to 24 hours may be granted if the GM is contacted ahead of time.
    3. All Matches will be posted together on Wednesday Morning (EST) of each week, and each Match will last 3 days. Changes to this are at the discretion of the GM and notice of which will be posted ahead of time.
    4. All Voids receive no points for that week. Their scheduled opponent receives an automatic win as long as they submit a Strategy or are excused from submitted a Strat by the GM.
    5. Voiding two weeks in a row without explanation or contacting the GM will result in being dropped from the Tournament.
    6. Individual Matches can be rescheduled for a later week IF notice of hardship is submitted to GM beforehand.
    7. Winners will be determined by votes.
    8. Debate and defending you team is not required, but it is strongly recommended. Most matches in the past have been won based on who makes the best defense.
    9. All players must make an honest effort to vote on each match. If a player chronically refuses to vote on any match but their own, they may be subject to a 1 point deduction per-week at the discretion of the GM.
    10. Non-participants may vote in the Tournament matches, however, they must either join in the discussions and/or explain why they voted as they did.
    11. Votes by Non-participants who do not post at least once in the match/debate threads will not be counted.

    Power Rules and Limits
    1. Speed Cap set at Average of All Versions of Superman or Lightspeed, whichever is slower. This includes Stacking Powers. No High-end, Flash Style Speed Force Use oir Speed Stealing.
    2. Superman (DC ) 10 is considered the Bar by which all other Characters are measured. If a Character [without store bought addons or upgrades] can curbstomp Superman, he/she/it is way too powerful for the League.
    3. No Time Travel into the past or the future. Slowing, Stopping, speeding up, or using Time Control in similar ways is allowed.
    4. No Reality Warping At the Level of Franklin Richards or Scarlet Witch at her Most Powerful.
    5. No Large scale Pocket Dimensions [Like Scion] or Dimensional Travel that results in leaving the Battlefield for extended periods of time. All characters MUST remain on the Battlefield and be In-Play During Matches. [Exceptions being Temp D-Dumps that are recovered/rescued quickly].
    6. Any single, unimproved through addons from the Items List, character that can Curbstomp Superman; Jesus Cable; Dr. Strange; and Super Speed Force Flash is Way Too Powerful and Will Not be allowed.
    7. Canon feats are the Measure of a Character's powers and abilities. This is why it is important to state which version of a character or item is in use ahead of time.

    1. Arenas are chosen and posted ahead of the matches.
    2. Arena’s will be Chosen by the GM at random from the Wiki List.
    3. All matches occur in the designated Arena.
    4. Leaving the Arena for Any Reason other than retrieving a D-Dumped Team Mate will be considered an automatic Ring-Out and that Team Member will no longer be considered in the Final Debate.
    5. If an Entire Team leaves the Arena for any reason, except temporary D-Dump by opposing team, that is considered a Team Ring-Out and an automatic loss.
    6. This also Excludes Teleportation as well as the use of Air-Transport vehicles above the Arena unless otherwise restricted in the Arena's descriptions.


    1. Schedule of matches will be set no later than One Week Prior to the Draft, as soon as enough players have registered. Official start time and date of Draft will be set at that time as well.
    2. Feel free to ask questions and check out the Wiki.
    3. The GM reserves the right to moderate this Tournament as she sees fit.

    Timeline - Revised

    • October 31st - Last day to submit new Characters and Items for the Wiki Lists
    • November 7th - Last Day to Register for the Fall/Winter 2015 League
    • November 21th-23rd - Draft of Teams
    • November 30th- League Begins

    This Discussion Thread is where you ask questions, learn about the League, register for the league and discuss matches once the League begins.

    Do Not Post Team Information Here!
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