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I'd like to explore those parallels further. What were the analogues (who did Clark represent, for example), and what do the parallels ultimately say about the real life events that inspired them?
Well, to me, the whole passage where Clark gets beat up by the cops was reminiscent of those events a few months back, when police officers beat up a black man to death for "resisting arrest" and got away with it, which led to public protests all over the country (there were two cases of this I believe) with Clark -being the immigrant figure that he is- in the role of the black guy and the cops in the role of, well, the cops. His refusal to fight back, the part where every one is just sitting down, and the scene with the chain, are also reminicent of famous peaceful protests, like with Ghandi or Luther King.
As for what they meant, well, I'll join Rakzo on the fact it commented on the abuse of power and britality toward the common man, and on the systemic nature of said abuse towards minorities (Clark, as an exposed alien, being a stand-in for minorities in general, and most notable visible minorities, who can't just put a pair of glasses and pretend to be WASP).