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    Default On a Wing and a Prayer: Hawkman Appreciation!

    DC Forum Appreciation Thread rules:

    1) No negative comments about the honoree of this thread. It's an appreciation thread, not a non-appreciation one.

    2) No negative discussion about any competitors of the honoree of this thread (i.e. John Stewart in the Hal Jordan thread). No ifs, ands, or buts. Find another non-appreciation thread to do that, just not here.

    3) No negative comments about other versions of the character. For example, if you like the DCU version of Cyborg, but hate the DCnU version (or visa versa), just appreciate the earlier version and keep your comments about the latter to yourself.


    It just wouldn't feel quite right around here without a place to show our appreciation for the Winged Wonder himself, Hawkman! Share your favorite pictures, story arcs, lines, or whatever involving the Pinioned Paladin! What made you a fan, and what would you like to see done with the character in the future? Hopes or ideas for a movie? I know have some! So let's get down to Nth Metal tacks and start talking Hawkman!

    Note: Hippies with gaudy goatees and green leotards not welcome.
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