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    Quote Originally Posted by idisestablish View Post
    What is "this board?" Most people that post at X-Books are interested in X-Books, most people that post in Batman are interested in Batman. No one is saying that the people posting here at the Marvel Comics sub-forum are interested in posting about the Marvel Universe. Many people that post here might also be posting about Green Lantern over in the DC sub-forum. That doesn't mean that no one would be interested in posting in a Star Wars sub-forum.
    What did i said ?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwise03 View Post
    These books are selling in crazy numbers right now, yet I can't find any discussion of the Star Wars books in these message boards. Are they in another sub-forum?

    Are these books simply not discussion worthy? I can't believe that is true given some of the topics currently trending on the Marvel boards now.

    I happen to think the books are pretty good right now and I'm glad Marvel is investing some of the best creators in the business into making these books good. Anyone agree or disagree?

    Hello, I created an account just to agree with you.

    Darth Vader is off the chain. Much better than the core Star Wars book.
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    I actually put it a suggestion for a Star Wars board, the response I got was that there simply wasn't enough discussion/interest

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