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    Quote Originally Posted by protege View Post
    That doesn't seem to be a problem where star girl is concerned.
    johns seems to have a less official version of the veto gaiman, miller and robinson have over their stuff with regards to her. robinson explicitly said johns vetoed her being moved over to earth 2 with the other JSA chars; and simone mysteriously kept getting vetoed on writer her or mary marvel

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    John's lost interest in the character. Same as Aqualad. They were his pet characters, and they haven't really been fleshed out since a) John's himself barely got to use them and b) hinted at some grand plan with them. Which understandably leaves other writers wary of doing anything with them as they don't wanna step on any toes.

    Baz was hinted to have become the Lantern to train Jessica, but instead he wanted to bring back Hal Jordan so that story was probably dumped. He also stated that he had some "big" plans for him in Justice League of America (World's Most Dangerous Heroes) and I think he showed up right before that book ended up tying into Trinity War which immediately disbanded the team (so really add the JLA to projects that Geoff John's introduces but loses interest in just as quickly).

    Such great minority characters with lots of promise but just abandoned.

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