I'm more of a DC and Indie comics reader than a Marvel one and I have rarely enjoyed any Marvel comics I've read, but when I did enjoy them it was almost always an X-men story.
So now I'd like to try some of the books out and see if X-men are my thing.

I'd like to get an X-men reading order, one that would be simple to follow and that would cover most of the game changing stories and "classics", preferably in Omnibus or big collections.
Should I start with the Uncanny X-men omnibus, or will I get everything if I'll begin with Morrison's New X-men Omnibus? And what should I read next?
I don't need every single X-men story, I'm sure there are plenty of terrible ones out there and I'd like to avoid them.
Is there a Batman: Year one equivalent story to the X-men (the beginning of the mythos)? And please don't say that Marvel Now is a good jumping on point for X-men, it isn't (at least not in my opinion).