So we learn there are aliens on the Knowhere space station circling Battleworld, but where do they come from? Was there an alternate Earth overrun with aliens at some point, that an Incursion was saved with them preserved? Is that it?


Angela Thor comes to Knowhere looking for Gamora and interrogates Drax, violently. Gamora shows up and asks Angy does she know what Gamora is? There is a fight, and the GOTG leave, (Groot is conspicuous in his absence), so Angela leaves too. The GOGT go to a market and meet Mantis, and in conversation at her house, we learn Gamora learnt something is different - Thanos, but nobody recognises that name. The house blows up, because Yotat blasted it with his big gun, and tells them, he now rules Knowhere
end of spoilers

It is similar to Bendis' whimsical story style for GOTG, enough that it's more like a light drama with little shocking development. Yotat is some big wannabe, but isn't much more than a Drax with a gun. The fact Gamora wears a cloak lined with stars inside reminds me of Singularity in A-Force, but seeing as that story hasn't presented any revelations, this story probably won't either. It would be nice if we got some indication of what kind of cosmic beings we are seeing in Singy and Gamora.

Whatever alien city was preserved in an Incursion, Doom just plucked it up and dropped it in a Celestials head to keep it away from Battleworld, and it was because Gamora, an alien, went to Battleworld that the Thor Corp went looking for her to take her to the SHIELD. They couldn't find her, so she is left alone, until someone dobs her in of cause.