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    Quote Originally Posted by QBall View Post
    I'm pretty sure the long term plan will be to publish as many books as possible to make as much money as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I addressed this earlier in the thread.

    Fine, I'll rephrase: what are Aaron and Gillen's endgame plans with these books?

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    I think that will be clearer after VADER DOWN. We may get a clear distinction of what they have planned when they start doing bigger stories.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
    why is Aphra supposedly so popular? Is Hoth the only ice planet around? Can't they visit some others?
    Quote Originally Posted by resipsaloquitur View Post
    Aphra is popular because she's written as an evil female Indiana Jones. Gillen is playing off the strengths of what we like about Indy and flipping them into an evil counterpart for Han. Yes, I said Indy, not Han Solo.

    There are other ice planets (or there *were* in the old's up to Disney on what planets they want to bring back into the new timeline). Whatever planet Ki Adi Mundi died on in Episode III was an ice world. My earlier point is that the story *eventually* needs to get to Hoth.
    Quote Originally Posted by Holt View Post
    She does have the evil adventure archaeologist thing going on.
    Not only that, but she has a great character design. Fits perfectly within the Universe and yet she still has a very distinct look that seperates her from the all-black and billowing cape Darth Vader.
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