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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    Storm Dogs has a beautiful portrayal of a bisexual lead who falls for a transsexual character.
    I forgot about that one. That is such a great book but it has been on hiatus. I hope it doesn't disappear.

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    I asked David Hine about it a few months ago at a con. He said hes just basically waiting for Doug Braithwaite to get some free time to work on it, but that theyre both eager to do it.

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    Yeah I'm pretty sure Saga contains at least one gay character, but I don't know how to insert spoiler tags so I won't discuss it here.
    Also, A Voice in the Dark. The adopted sister of the protagonist, Seven, is lesbian. In general the series is pretty great at proper representation, so far. You can download the first issue for free on Top Cow's website.
    Last recommendation: while not from Image, there's a Kickstarter funded anthology called 'Qu33r' which got released recently. Might be worth seeking out? Here's a link:

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