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    I'd be down for it for the same reasons I'm down with Peter naming the moldy cheeses in his refrigerator.

    -Pav, who thinks Peter SHOULD be awkward...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimishim12 View Post
    I would like Peter to be more in to the actual Spider species and maybe own one as a pet, it just occurred to me writers make Peter less about his own animal as a staple, and more about a Peter using the animal as a stock motif to use while ignoring the priorites of one(I'd like to put being connected to arachnids personally as a category). Maybe Spiderman as this ceo can own a personal collection of one for enjoyment or scientific study purposes.
    I like it. Personally, I don't think there is anything creepy or weird with being an Arachnophile. I've loved Spiders as long as I can remember.

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntsman Spider View Post
    That was after The Other. When One More Day hit, his powers got reset to their original defaults --- superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability, clinging to walls and other surfaces via unknown but presumably electrostatic-related methods, and a preternatural sense/instinct for danger. During and after The Other, all of those were increased, and he got new abilities like natural web-generating spinnerets in his wrists, stinger spikes/blades also coming out of his wrists laced with paralytic neurotoxins, night vision and increased sensitivity to vibrations and air currents like an actual spider, and a psychic connection to spiders. Then, as I said before, One More Day happened, and all those extra powers went away and his base powers went back to their default settings.
    Ahh, I miss the Other Powers. Actual Spider Senses, Spider Telepathy, Increased Speed and Agility. An expansion of the concept of Responsibility and Purpose as suggested by the Other.

    I don't miss all the Other Powers. Some like the Stingers seemed silly, Retractable Fangs would have made more sense. Peter is already incredibly strong; There isn't much need to increase his strength. Peter's new senses combined with his traditional Spider-Sense makes Night Vision extraneous when we consider that Peter had already gained increased sensitivity to vibrations and air currents; Which are the senses that real spider's use to navigate through the dark.
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