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Honestly though, this was just such a huge deal, when you think about it. Loki finally achieved that change he was seeking, finally arrived at a place where he's OKAY with himself, where he accepts himself, and it doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks. That's literally a first for Loki. The way it literally didn't matter to him that Odin told him he was Thor's equal, didn't care what Freyja thought, etc... Man, I just think it was epic. And in the end, he ended up saving them all. They all died a glorious death, but Loki's the reason they'll continue on into a new reality. He's the ultimate hero here. It's amazing, truly, when you think of the journey he's been through, and all he's suffered and went through to get here. But he's here, and he's got a true and genuine friend in Verity, and just as she doesn't put any expectations on him, he doesn't put any expectations on her. They both accept each other for who they are. I just think the emotional depth of this story has been extraordinary, and Loki's genuinely become one of the richest, most wonderful characters the entire Marvel universe has to offer. He was bad-ass here, the way he confronted King Loki too. So bravo to Al and Lee both, for creating such an extraordinary book. I'm really looking forward to the conclusion.
I am also. This is something we've been waiting for so long, and I'm excited to see Loki get real growth and independence from being Thor's Shadow.