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    Default AEW Dynamite Review 10/9/19 - "The Inner Circle Revealed !"

    I overslept 30 minutes and missed the 1st episode of AEW last week. I had meant to wake up for it but darn my sleep schedule caught me. I haven't really done a Review in a long time. Its been years for newer shows. The older stuff I last did a year ago for Nitro n RAW. So here we go....

    Your Hosts : Jim Ross , Tony Shiavone and Excalibur.

    AEW does pyro too and its like I'm watching a cross of Nitro/RAW Is War from 1990s. With how pumped the crowd is. The guys run down the main event tag match of Jericho/Guerrova vs Page/Dustin Rhodes. Plus he's back....Jon Moxley is here and he faces Shawn Spears who has Tully Blanchard in his corner !

    The Young Bucks claim they wanna give the people the best tag team division in the world. So they have sought these teams out. Tonight they face Private Party who are new and very much unknown. The Bucks feel like they have been the best tag team the last half decade and its true ; they have been most consistent. Tonight these 2 teams meet.

    The whole winning percentage deal is weird to see on the guys as they enter the ring. Because well , I know AEW is pushing wins/losses but its gonna be interesting to see how it works. 2 of the tag teams are at ringside and its cool to see Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian there. Those guys should always be a team given how they play off each other.

    The Private Party entrance is kinda silly and you can tell the guy from Atlas Security is thinking , really ? He even looks like he's not happy doing this job to comically let them in. Shiavone brings up Private Party trained at House of Glory's school. Nick Jackson nearly gets a super kick but the guy moves to block it. He's 30 years old right now. The Bucks are controlling the pace with this tag roll working the arm. Match goes so quick and Isiah nails a nice moonsault.

    Quinn from Private Party does some great suicide dives and forward moon saults to the floor on each brother in a spot. The fans start a chant for Private Party. The Bucks make a sneak tag and deliver the super kicks. In a spot Matt carries Cassidy up the ramp and delivers a power bomb in a cool spot. Then the brothers do an awesome tag team spot with a neck breaker tag move , which Marquez kicks out of. Nick rolls it into a sharpshooter/scorpian deathlock.

    Cassidy is still out on ramp as the Bucks work their tag team magic. The fans are hot and start THIS IS WRESTLING chant. Jim Ross claims that when he saw the Bucks in New Japan ; he compared them to Rock n Roll Express. As it looks like Quinn is gonna make the tag , Matt yanks him off the apron . This is weird to see the Bucks doing heel work , as they are supposed to be part of face group.

    Then Cassidy makes the hot tag and during his moves sells his back from power bomb. That is solid to watch, We get the Northern Lights suplex trifecta move set. Jim Ross sells the Bucks desperation solid. Matt locks on the scorpian deathlock as he tries to make Isiah tap. Finally in a spot Cassidy gets to the ropes ! Private Party nails the gin and juice spot and suddenly Ross sells Matt Jackson kicking out. Then in a huge upset that stuns even Daniels and Kazarian at ringside...the Bucks lose ! The Bucks are shocked themselves as the PR go into stands to have a party. The Young Bucks are eliminated from tag team tournament.

    Out comes EL CHAMPION with his weird mix of a heel stable we see. He has the members of LAX with him , Jack Hagar and the future star Sammy Guevara. Who really is a young Jericho type. Jericho praises himself for the highest rated premier as fans start a THANK YOU JERICHO chant. He wants them to shut the hell up. Jericho claims they are NEXT , they are NOW. He puts over the 5 of them and answers YES. He then details Sammy as a young SPANISH GOD. He's a heart throb. That he's amazing and he is ON THE LIST.

    Look at Santana and Ortiz. These 2 psychos beside him and he personally recruited them. They are street fighter , back ally types and he likes it. They made his LIST and he gives a dig to Konnan with a line. This GIANT behind him is a former World Champion. He's the toughest , most dangerous MMA fighter. The fans chant WE THE PEOPLE as Jericho stops that chant dead calling it a stupid chant from bad creative and its gone. Jake Hagar , is the most feared MMA fighter alive. Undefeated and he's toughest in pro wrestling. They are the INNER CIRCLE now !

    Jericho claims they are taking control of AEW. He doesn't care if your Kenny Omega or Young Bucks or that stupid son of a bitch Cody . Then he rips on not liking Cody or his family ! Then he claims Dusty he never liked is a jerk. He doesn't like Dustin and thinks he's a moron and will kick his ass tonight. Jericho is gonna beat the ever loving sh--- outta Cody ...and have some little bit of Bubbly !

    Jimmy Havoc comes out with a nice mask deal. Like the look as Ross puts him over as a weird guy. Havoc claims he's been working 15 years to get here. To endear untold pain and untold violence. He faces Darby Allin to become #1 contender to Chris Jericho. Havoc's end part of the promo is a bit cringe worthy but the look and start was decent.

    Darby Allin is shown taking Cody to his limits at Fyter Fest and he delivers a weird backwards elbow to the ringside called coffin drop. He missed in epic fashion. Allen starts off quick on Havoc as the 2 men start off with some reversals etc. Gotta admit Darby is pretty smooth with how he moves in ring. Havoc comically starts to bite on Darby's fingers ! Havoc starts to concentrate on his fingers , trying to break and bite them , to hurt him !

    Havoc delivers a sleeper hold suplex on Allin in a spot. After a commercial we return to Havoc still in control and working Allin over. A DVD into the corner on Allin. Tiger driver and he tries a pin , but Allin reaches ropes. Those were some brutal face kicks. He delivers a great stunner and coffin drop. He gets the #1 contender to Jericho and will face him next week ! Jim Ross puts over Allin could pull an upset as he nearly upset Cody weeks ago and the Young Bucks got upset. Jim Ross finishes the sell job of Allin to the new mainstream audience.

    The next match is Emi Sakura & Bea Priestley vs Riho & Britt Baker . Bea Priestley has a decent look and reminds me a little of Victoria in a way. Priestley and Britt Baker have clashed before. Sakura is Riho's former teacher . Riho is sold by Jim Ross for her heart at 98 pounds. Sakura has 24 years experience in ring . Riho tries a crossbody after a cartwheel and eats canvas. Then later gets an irish whip by her hair. Owww.

    Sakura is using her size advantage on her. She started training at 9 years old to be a pro wrestler by Sakura. Priestley can't control herself and attacks Baker as Sakura is like WTF ? As this match soon becomes a singles match for her against Riho. Finally Sakura comes to help outside as they deliver a double suplex , then as both celebrate Riho comes off the top rope to outside !

    end of part #1
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    Back from commercial and end of split screen (which I don't do run down of) , Sakura and Priestley are working over Britt Baker. Finally in a nice spot Baker delivers a stunner on Sakura. Riho gets involved and delivers a nice double stomp on her. Outside Riho has Priestley in a sleeper it seems while Baker applies the stretch on her and mandible claw to get the win. Post match Priestley and Baker start to clash as the female referee gets involved to break it up. We get a replay of moves we missed during split screen and its nice.

    Then we get a brief interview with Best Friends (ok were really getting to a point tag team names are getting lame folks lol) after a cheesy video vignette. The girl even thinks its lame as hell as the 2 guys ask their friend to judge and sitting is Orange Cassidy who delivers a thumbs up as the Fonze. Jim Ross seems to stay quiet on this. Finally the lights go out as we see ..on top of the ramp a hooded figure as I hope its Raven to mock Cassidy for the whole douche bag cool act. Instead its Shawn Spears with Tully Blanchard. DAMN.

    PAC is at broadcast position and has a pissed off look. Jim Ross is like never mind then comically. Out comes Jon Moxley who can now legit play a crazy man on TV and not be told he's crazy by acting sane. Moxley tries to attack Blanchard to start ! But is cut off by Spears as this match starts quick. PAC begins to speak and is angry over lack of championship shots.

    Moxley's chest is red from the slaps the 2 men have exchanged. PAC claims the roster is ungrateful to match his talent as Moxley is rolling on Spears as Blanchard tries to coach him at ringside. Blanchard tries to get involved outside and quickly realizes he's an old man now and backs quickly off , Spears tries to get involved. Finally minutes later Tully's heel manager work pays off as he pushes him into ring steps !

    PAC brings up his win/loss record overall in business to Jim Ross. That up north his record was unseen. That why is he relegated to the commentary booth with his record. Jim Ross has no real answer as Spears delivers a DVD into the ringside rail ! THIS IS A SLOBBER KNOCKER...PERSONIFIED !! Back from commercial Spears has stayed in control during split screen.

    In a comical spot Spears throws Moxley back in ring as he celebrates. Tully tries to warn him how he turned his back and he eats a suicide dive from him seconds later. The pad is pulled down and its the running knee. 10 minutes remain in this match. PAC calls it a damn disgrace he isn't getting an AEW World title match. He wants ...whats due.

    Spears nearly gets the pin with a drop type power bomb but Moxley kicks out. Finally after some reversals Moxley nails the DDT. As Moxley celebrates Omega carries out a barbed wire broom and bat. Moxley slowly makes his way towards him as he tosses the bat at Moxley to go. The 2 men are prepared to wage a war as PAC comes running over and uses the chair on his head. Moxley isn't happy and demands PAC leave . Then we see Moxley walk off leaving Omega laying there.

    This is the Main Event as Jim Ross puts over that Dustin is wearing crimson in honor of his Sooners. Hangman Page comes out as Shiavone brings up that Page reminds him of Barry Windham. That this could be a good future tag team and mentor to Page as Windham was to Rhodes coming in. Sammy Guevara is out in his leather jacket as we see Jericho arrive in his leather jacket.

    Jake Hagar is there as bodyguard and muscle type. The group already has Inner Circle shirts as Jericho and Guevara are wearing them. Jericho continues to sell the kid . Dustin takes quick work of Jericho , not happy at all. Stomping him in the ring post corner. Back in ring Page and Rhodes are working theses guys over as he tries a backwards crufix pin attempt showing his strength. Dustin meanwhile wants to beat on the kid.

    Page and Rhodes deliver some nice tag team moves in a set up on Guevara. Who is taking the beating thus far. Finally Sammy is able to do a rising knee and drops him in a spot on top turnbuckle. After the last commercial break , Jericho has been working over Adam Page. El Champion is happy to be dominant. Shiavone brings up he has fallen back in love with watching wrestling with AEW.

    Jericho taunting Page as he slaps him around is great to watch. Finally he eats some knees in a splash. Then in a cool spot we see Guevara sell a running discus lariat epic style. Page makes the hot tag to roll on Sammy. Even Dustin comically does a flying double cross body off top rope. Then as Page is outside after taking out Guevara he eats a lariat from Hagar who pounces ! Dustin is still rolling in ring and nearly pins Jericho !

    He catches Guevara in a power slam . As the referee is tangle with Sammy in comes Jake with the save. JUDAS EFFECT ends it as Jericho gets the win for Inner Circle. Post match the beat down begins on Dustin as Hagar eats a chair outside and brawls with Page up the ramp. Then from the back we MJF show up and teases a heel turn and suddenly he nails Inner Circle members.

    Then like an idiot plays to the camera as they bring up his friendship with Cody. He gets beaten up. Out comes the Young Bucks who finally turn the tide driving the heels off. Jericho gets met by Darby Allin on a skateboard . WTF ? Anyhow never has a skateboard shattered someone's cool image quick than this. Anyhow Jericho tells them Inner Circle control things and Darby get ready for next week...bitch.

    The Good : The opening match was just PERFECT to start this show. Its about the young stars of AEW and having Bucks/Private Party as an opener was a decent style match to go with. In fact the crowd was pumped through the entire deal and its a good sign to see.

    Darby Allin looks like a star. I have to wonder if eventually his wife will show up in AEW, I think that to me is what he could be missing as a piece to him. To have his wife appear as his valet . I have mentioned her before but she's a good talent and could play a Daffney role in this era.

    This stable of Jericho's is about likely making Hagar and Guevara the stars down the line. Its a great stable and way to do this. He can carry a lot in ring since Jericho is older but the 2 men should become a nice younger/older brother dynamic in a way.

    The end of the show was pretty decent. It put me in mind of the classic NWO/WCW clashes with heel/face brawls at the end.

    The Bad : Jericho tried putting over his Inner Circle heel group and he did a solid job. But the former members of LAX stand out a lot from it. Sammy Guevara is almost a young Jericho type in a way. Hagar as muscle makes sense. Its just trying to make Santana and Ortiz work here. Honestly I think Kazarian and Daniels fits the stable more in a way. Given that they are swarmy asshole heels ala Jericho/Guevara.

    The Moxley/Spears match was a more slowed down match. It was more a slow WWE type affair match as Spears oddly was playing a heel role with Tully getting involved. This was the rare slight bad thing of the night.

    Skateboards have never been cool in wrestling ever. Sorry , but this part of Darby Allin needs dropped. He doesn't need a skateboard.

    OVERALL : **** outta 5. A hot opening match and new heel stable created carried this show. AEW is creating its roster of stars for this generation and pairing Sammy Guevara and Jake Hagar with Jericho is a solid move. They need to groom that next generation. Next week should be interesting as the Inner Circle vs Elite will be what carries the company awhile.
    "The story so far: As usual, Ginger and I are engaged in our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, some bastard who is presumably responsible." - Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

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