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    Default Dc new dawn august!

    An interactive universe where we create and write our own DC Publishing Line!

    You decide which of the free titles you want each month.
    For a full look at our Playbook and all things New Dawn visit DC New Dawn Live at http://community.comicbookresources....-new-dawn-live!

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    The world’s greatest heroes, locked in a battle of destiny!

    Plot by SHAGGYDOO
    Written by GRANT MORRISON
    "Playin' God" Part 2 of 3
    Gorilla City. It is the most technologically advanced city in the world, and yet has the perfect balance of science and nature. It is hidden so completely that it is invisible and protected from the outside world. Due to an agreement made by John Constantine and the city's King Solovar, it is also now home of the JUSTICE LEAGUE! Post "Brainiac Apocalypse" it is truly a New Dawn for the Justice League. The all-powerful Dr. Manhattan enjoys his new freedom after a decade in captivity. While another new Leaguer the small planet Green Lantern Mogo sets up shop in orbit opposite the Moon. Dr. Manhattan happily ceases the gravitational, seismic and physical problems this new giant defender causes just by being so close to Earth. On the plus side the league has worldwide GL and an omniscient blue god. Wonder Woman gives the futuristic Superman "1,000,000 an very objective and interactive tour of our world. Kal Kent is intrigued by the tour and the tour guide. Cyborg and Vixen discuss nature vs science during shared monitor duty. The Martian Manhunter shares his snack with new members, Mightor, Stanley and his Monster. He quickly learns there are dozens of ways to eat Oreos. It may be the beginning of the most powerful and effective team of heroes ever! Too bad one of the Leaguers is not what they appear to be and the imposter will rip the team apart!
    32 PGs./Rated T $2.99

    THE FLASH #13
    Plotted by BANEOFKINGS
    Written by CHRISTOS GAGE
    Napoleon Solo and his fellow Agents have surrounded The Flash following his confrontation with Wally West in Central City’s premiere shopping mall! Now, thanks to technology provided by ARGUS, they have temporarily disabled Barry Allen’s powers and it’s up to Solo to get him back to HQ where they can find out his identity. Problem is... Harrison Wells needs Barry Allen dead so he can get back to his own timeline and restore it to the way that it was! And unless Barry can get Napoleon to trust him, there’s only one person standing in his way, a Wally West who has finally learnt the truth about the manipulations of his mentor Harrison Wells!
    However, if Barry can’t stop the Reverse Flash... what hope does Wally have? A lot, as it turns out, thanks to the temporary alliances formed with Heat Wave and Captain Cold!
    32pgs/Rated T.../$2.99

    CYBORG: MAN/MACHINE #6 of 6 *final issue!*
    Plotted by KINGKASARA
    Written by WARREN ELLIS
    Art by ALEX MALEEV
    It begins innocently enough. A driverless car service has a few unexplained glitches with its automated cabs. Cyborg agrees to look into it as a favor to a friend. What he finds points to a much bigger, more terrifying problem. Everything he’s been dealing with, everything he’s been tracking over the past few months, its symptoms of a larger condition. Technology has reached a tipping point: a singularity has begun. And this time, it’s not the result of alien technology or superhuman genius. Its Earthling science, human science, that’s hit the tipping point. The global system begins to upend itself. Cyborg races against a clock that moves faster and faster with each second, as the technology develops exponentially and the world begins to shift into a totally unrecognizable state. He’s forced to turn to the one man he thought he’d never talk to again: his own father, Silas Stone. Can father and son stop their world from becoming unrecognizable? Should they?
    32 PGS./ Rated T…$2.99

    ARSENAL #11
    Plotted by KINGKASARA
    Written by JASON AARONS
    Art by JAE LEE
    Diggle may have cleared their names by working with ARGUS (see last month’s RED LINE crossover with Harper Row: Agent of ARGUS!), but Team Arsenal still has to deal with the aftermath of their failed attempt to prevent William Tockman from winning the Star City mayoral election! Diggle has to return to his position as one of Tockman’s bodyguards, looking for a new angle to take the man down. Things get complicated, however, when Tockman takes Diggle aside and offers him a job.
    “I already work for you sir.”
    “No, John Diggle works for me. I’d like to hire Arsenal on behalf of Star City. We’ve had our differences, but what’s the old saying? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?”
    Meanwhile, at the docks, a man arrives locked inside a shipping container. Sin Tzu has arrived.
    32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

    Plotted by KINGKASARA
    Written by GEOFF JOHNS
    Wonder Woman has been making waves with her new friends, the hit band the Silver Swans. Helen, Valerie, and Vanessa have greeted Diana with open arms. Wonder Woman has even performed with them! At one after party, she vents about her frustration that Max Z. got away with trying to steal her Lasso of Truth on a technicality. Vanessa recommends Diana see her therapist, one Doctor Edgar Cizko! Diana agrees and while it begins well, soon she gets suspicious. There have been a string of high-profile robberies committed in Paradise City by someone with superhuman strength. Diana suspects she’s somehow been tricked by Cizko, especially when she sees how Vanessa has been acting oddly as well. Wonder Woman confronts the therapist, and he just goes...Psycho.
    32 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99


    Plotted by POWER TORCH
    Art by PHILL NOTO
    New Direction!
    Suicide Mission 3 of 6
    Member Roster: Byblis, Element Woman, Geo-Force, Hot Spot, Live Wire and Red Tornado.
    The team has lost another member, Live Wire has fallen. During the fight one of the Element Bots zapped her of all her power, sending her into a coma. The team stops the rest of the Element Bots and T.O. Morrow gets taken with them back to base, along with the new Red Tornado. Byblis confronts his father telling him what happened, and that this has to stop. His father has no response to him and just gives him another mission, to take the team, and Red Tornado to a power plant in Gotham City and to grab a device for him from the power plant, or they will all die for nothing. Meanwhile the rest of the team will watch T.O. Morrow and set up Live Wire in the medical wing of the new base. The team heads to Gotham to do as they are asked. What is the end game, and why is the owner of All Life using them? As the new direction continues, more lives will be at risk! Can they figure out a way to save themselves?
    On this mission is: Byblis, Geo Force, Element Woman and Red Tornado!
    $2.99…………….34 pages
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    The last frontier, in the depths of the universe, a battle of wills and lights!


    Written by JOHN OSTRANDER
    Plot BY MARVELL2100
    "The Last Aesgardians"
    *Orion travels deep below the surface of Armaghetto to a location few know about. He's come to question his mother Tigra to learn more about Darkseid's other children, Haedes and Minerva! Is Tigra their mother and why has he never heard of them before?
    *On New Genesis, Highfather receives a visit from Metron who warns him of relying on Orion too hard to keep the peace between their two worlds. He accuses him of not doing his part to help Orion but Highfather brushes him off and warns Metron not to meddle in affairs that don't concern him!
    *Meanwhile, on the far side of the galaxy, Lightray, Forager, Mr Miracle and Barda are on the site that used to be Aesgard, home of the old gods! There, they search for clues to find what ominous event threatens both New Genesis and Apokolips! However they are shocked to find that one of the old gods is still alive! The valkyrie Brunhilde has been lying here for a millennia, awaiting a slow death! She tells the New Gods of the story of Ragnarok and how they were betrayed by one of the own, the god of lies and mischief, Loki! She tells of how Loki sided with the ancient gods of Aegypt and how both races were destroyed! But now there is growing belief that Loki and the Aegyptians are still alive but dormant! And that they will soon awaken to wreck havoc across the universe! Next Issue: Olde Gods Die Hard!
    32 PGS./Rated Rated M: Mature Readers Only...$2.99


    Artist: GARY FRANK
    Plotter: MARVELL2100
    "Gods For A New Age"
    With the destruction of Helspont and the Daemonites, Black Adam and the Marvels have reclaimed Khandaq and begun to rebuild their planet! With his wife Isis at his side Teth looks to the future and expanding his empire beyond this one world! With that in mind, he sends Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel and Thunder on different missions to explore new galaxies and dimensions to conquer! One such galaxy holds a planet that is ripe for development, but there is another group that has it's own plans to develop that world as a launch site to invade the Milky Way Galaxy! In a dimension few have ever seen, Mary Marvel discovers a world unlike any other! A world as strange as her own! But before she can explore any further, she is brought down by a powerful blow! She arises to find herself surrounded by a group of imposing figures! Meet the Female Furies and welcome to Apokolips! Next Issue: Hell Hath No Fury!
    32 PGS./Rated M: Mature Readers Only...$2.99


    Written by MALCOLM JONES
    Plot by MARVELL2100
    "Emerald Dawn"
    A new dawn for the Green Lantern Corp and the Guardians of Oa! After the events of the Weaponeers Saga, John Stewart and many other Lanterns seek to change the relationship between the Corps and the Guardians! No longer will the Corps blindly follow their mentors and they now want a Green Lantern to have a seat at the table with Guardians! John wants Kyle Rayner to be the Lantern to join the Guardians and give them a more human perspective! But will the Guardians accept this change or will they return to an old system of peace-keeping the galaxy? Even still, the Guardians have a more pressing problem: how did John Stewart manage to destroy a Yellow Power Lantern with his ring? Is it possible that Stewart somehow possesses one of the most rare and powerful objects in the universe, a Gray Power Ring? And if so, will they be forced to kill him?
    32 PGS./Rated T+...$2.99

    Plot By MARVELL2100
    "The Rann Connection" Part 1: Old Aquaintences
    Wingman Shayera and young Ensign Kragger discover a connection between the drug Sparx and the planet Rann! And that connection is none other than Rann policeman Adam Strange! Why would a renowned galactic hero like Strange be involved in drug smuggling? Back on Thanagar, the Terran Snapper Carr is brought to the Towers for questioning by Katar about how he arrived on the planet and who really runs the drug operations. Carr tells him that he alone runs Downside and he doesn't know anything about this dangerous drug. Katar knows that he's lying and has everyone else leave the room. Once they are alone, he tells him that he's not smart enough to control Downside and that he doesn't have that kind of power. Carr finally confesses that he is a helpless pawn who was captured and brought to this planet as a slave. He was set up to be a frontman by someone who is a Thanagarian. That confirms Katar's suspicion that the man behind the whole operation is someone that he thought he killed months ago, former Wing commander Byth!
    32 PGS./Rated M: Mature Readers Only...$2.99

    Written by GEOFF JOHNS
    Plot by SHAGGYDOO
    Art by SHANE DAVIS
    "Endangered Species"

    The Guardians have placed Space Ghost on trial. He is charged with theft and unlawful use of a power ring. While his lawyer is his old friend frenemy and lawyer Harvey Birdman, the prosecution is actually a GL lawyer. Not only does she have great will power and is fearless but she is allowed access to all of Space Ghost's activities while in possession of the ring. The prosecution calls on not only his friends Jan, Jace and Blip, but also his greatest enemy Zorak. They are all forced to tell the truth due to power rings. Not even Birdman can win this case. It may end with SG being banned from sector 2814, but what about the Herculoids? Thanks to Mongul and War World their planet has been destroyed. What happens when the Guardian decide that Earth is best place for these barbarians and beasts who happened to be a family. NEXT ISSUE: FINALE!
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99
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    The weird, the dark, the unknown, at the edge of sanity and time!


    Plotted by EXCITER
    Written by JOSS WHEDON
    The Phantasm has a new protege, but can Andrea trust this “Tigress” when the young vigilante's sister comes looking for her? Oh, and did we mention, her sister is one of the most lethal assassins in the world – the astoundingly deadly Cheshire?
    Meanwhile, the repressive South American kleptocracy, Santa Prisca, is ruled with an iron fist by the malevolent criminal mastermind, Bane. The few good people left within its borders cower at the abuse inflicted upon them by the nation's corrupt ruling class. But people should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people! The world's most prolific and ruthless anarchistic terrorist has found his next mission. It's Bane versus V, with the fate of a Caribbean country hanging in the balance! Who will be broken?
    32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99


    Plotted by EXCITER
    Written by MARK WAID
    The Demon Etrigan recently transitioned from erstwhile heavy metal musician to a position of power in the literal underworld. Given his well known predilection for order over chaos, many devils are unhappy with this, and none more so than the Rhymers - powerful demons who speak only in verse! Sound familiar? Etrigan's own people have forsaken him, and their plans for a coup d'état center on forcing his submission by slaughtering as many humans, plants, and animals as possible! To prevent them from crossing over and effectuating their plans, the Justice League Dark must GO TO HELL! Can Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Lobo, Azrael, Zealot, and Amethyst hold the line against a host of lyrical demons and their hell-spawned hordes?
    Back-up story!
    “THY WILL BE DONE” Part Three, Prelude to “SLAVE NEW WORLD”
    A twisted union of science and technology, it only takes a touch for tiny shards of the Heart of Darkness to enter your system and begin replicating. Then you belong to them. The unholy alliance of the Ultra-Humanite and Eclipso, possessing the body of Yorick Brown, have spread their mental domination through all of Skartaris – even to the dinosaurs! Emboldened by success and with newly swollen ranks of mind-controlled slaves, their next target is much more ambitious: Gem World! Can the last free man in Skartaris, the Warlord himself, warn the royal houses of Gem World before it's too late? Is it already too late?
    32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99


    Special Variant Cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE
    South of Heaven, West of Hell, in the lost space in between, a place called Purgatory.
    • Recap: Jesse Custer is on a mission to free the Land of Limbo from an occupying force that is hellbent on preventing all lost souls (including one very special to Jesse) from reaching their final heavenly (or not) destination. He must form a posse to help in his quest. So far that includes cynical samurai named Sanjuro, a short and shaggy powder-keg calling himself Captain Caveman, and most recently a quick witted and quick drawing anti-damsel - Tallulah Black. Jesse and his new friends accidentally interrupted a trap Tallulah set (last issue) for Pistolera and her gang of bandits. Jesse Custer lives by a code, any man worth his salt would, and agrees to help Tallulah pick up the trail and find the justice she seeks. Unfortunately, that has led them straight into Indian Territory, where their campsite has just been surrounded by the sound of savages.....and how!
    • The Warchant grows louder. Their campsite surrounded. Now is the time to run before you get SCALPED. But running ain't what our heroes do. Jesse Custer, Tallulah Black, Captain Caveman and Sanjuro Kuwabatake charge into the darkness to face their deaths...but all they find is a well constructed orchestra of drums, connected by a long thread through the trees, a few fires set off just out of sight creating a smoke screen and wild horses running loose. Their is no band of savages here...and then he approaches, the lone Indian Brave with a shaved head, more piercings than one would expect and tattoos to boot. There isn't a bow in his hand but rather a glock, "You were not afraid. Why?" Jesse shows the Indian that they are armed as well and then they stare each other down, no man willing to give in. "Why are you here in my land?" says the Indian. "Just passing through, friend. It is bandits we are after. We mean no trouble to you. Ever hear the name Pistolera? She is who we want. By the way, where are you from, you speak good English?" "Ever been to South Dakota? Yeah, I know Pistolera. She isn't afraid of me either. And what are you, if not bandits?" "I am Jesse. We aim to set this land free, break through Heaven's Gates, even if we have to go through Hell to get there." "My name is Dash. Dashiell Bad Horse. I don't know what it is, the hat or that crazy look in your eyes but if you have room for one more, then I'll round up these horses and join you on your quest." "Let's ride, partner."
    • Our Wild Bunch (now with a Bad Horse) sets out after Pistolera and her gang, finding them in a deep red valley that Tallulah call's "The Buzzards Belly." They have a hulking large man hanging from a thorny tree that glistens as if made of diamonds. He struggles and swings as they pull on his boots but he will not die. Jesse and co. rush in to find Pistolera and the sharp-toothed, pale blonde stranger that serves as her right hand man are not among the mob. Shots are fired, Jesse takes out one, Tallulah downs a pair with her double colts, Sanjuro slashes through another, The Captain crushes a skull, Bad Horse tosses a long sharp bladed knife into the back of the last villain just before he fires at Jesse but off in the distance a long rifle cracks through the air. Jesse's hit, gut shot. Their horses scamper. The seven suns of purgatory shine off the grim smile of the assassin, who smells his target's blood from 300 yards. Custer is down, Bad Horse and Tallulah tend to their unspoken leader, putting pressure on the wound as Sanjuro and the Captain cut down the big man from his noose. Untied, he thanks them, says he took Pistolera and her men all on solo, that he could have used their help before he got into that mess but it wasn't the first time, nor will it be his last. Quickly he proves to be strong as a bear and tosses Jesse up on his wide shoulder. "Come with me and he'll live," he says, "There is a doctor just over this hill. Nice couple from the city. Fix him right up. Yep, just follow me. Follow Big John Henry."
    • Next Issue: Paging Doctor Wayne. Paging Doctor Wayne.

    32 PGs/Rated M...$2.99


    Plotted by POWER TORCH
    Written by NANCY A. COLLINS
    Guest Staring Vixen!
    Arc: The Cat’s Lost Her Bite Part 2
    Diana and Vixen have a conversation, and as it turns out Vixen has no idea how she ended up here, but she has figured out why. Vixen is slowly losing her powers, something is forcefully ripping her powers away, and somehow this jungle is connected to why. After a long talk the two noticed that it is getting dark very quickly and a storm is coming. Vixen and Diana find shelter in a nearby ruin. Once there Diana notices a light that seems to be leading them somewhere. Knowing it could be a trap, but they have nowhere else to go, they follow the light. Once there they discover a temple to someone believe to never have had a temple dedicated to her, Asase Ya, the earth Goddess and the wife of the creator god, Nyame the Sky Deity. Once inside the light heads into the temple and Diana and Vixen follow it inside. Suddenly they are surrounded by giant spiders! Much like the one that first attacked Diana. It was a trap! Can Diana and Vixen escape, and why does a goddess who believed never to have a temple, have one? More importantly, how is this connected to Vixen’s power loss, and the evil Lady Blaze’s game? Connections are made and quests discovered as this new arc to The Many Myths and Wonder Woman continues!
    $2.99…………….32 pages

    Plot by SHAGGYDOO
    Written by GARTH ENNIS
    Art by J H WILLIAMS
    "All Dogs Go To Heaven"
    A brief fight between 2 hitmen, a struggle over a gun, a pull of the trigger and a rare act of bravery...someone dies. Deadman is trapped in Hitman's body and he determined that his "mission" was to stop his still living twin Cleveland Brand from killing the paranormal investigator who sees dead people aka Shaggy. Instead Shaggy's dog Scooby saved his best friend's life at the cost of his own. Leaving 3 somber lost souls to ponder their next moves. For Deadman it is out of his control as he is transferred to small cabin in the woods. He encounters another dog who can actually see him in his ghostly form named Rex and a mysterious lady who looks just like the actress Mindy Kaling, who calls herself Rama Kushna! She's been anxiously awaiting his arrival.
    32 PGs./Rated T $2.99
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    Plotted by BANEOKFINGS
    Written by CHINA MIEVILLE
    “SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL” Part One of Four
    Following the prison break that went badly wrong, John Constantine’s on his own again and he’s just in time to be hauled into a heist of... Zatanna’s own making? John joins Zee, Swamp Thing, Deadman and Midnighter to form an unlikely alliance as they attempt to pull a heist on Hell itself in a start of a breaking new direction as they plan to steal an artefact that could literally open the gates of the underworld, spilling everything that goes bump into the night out onto the Earth. But stealing from the Devil is no small feat, especially when you consider that John’s soul is most likely heading to hell anyway. What happens when he offers John a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card?
    32pgs/Rated M.../$2.99


    Plot by NX01A
    Script by MIKE CAREY
    Cover by Stephen R. Bissette & John Totleben
    Theme song: Florence + The Machine - Leave My Body
    • BLACK ORCHID's shapeshifting got her into ELOISE STREX's Securities Orders & Loans, but can her ties to The Red and The Green save her from impossible plants and implausible animals dredged from mankind's nightmares and dreamscapes by the QUEEN OF FABLES? Time to call in the cavalry!
    • DOCTOR MIST might be immortal but far from omnipotent, and now he's lost contact with his SENTINELS OF MAGIC! On the plus side, he's figured out the numagical eldritch equations behind the wishes humanity is being granted. Doctor Mist's also figured out that it's not sustainable. The lucky few who got their wishes granted first were at the top of an arcane Ponzi scheme. The millions that follow will suffer progressively more catastrophic failures of their hearts' desires if this continues. Now he's looking for a way to track the wish energy but where will the good doctor find a properly attuned magic bloodhound at such short notice?
    • SHELLY KENMORE figures out that MITCH SHELLEY's latest power allows him... er... her to see the magic wavelength of the wish energy washing over the planet. Unfortunately, this power can do nothing to save her or her husband and son from an A.R.G.U.S. agent intent on keeping them from interfering with the wish that saved his daughter's life. Without powers, it looks like Shelly has to settle this Resurrection (Wo)Man to man!
    • 'Death & Taxes' concludes next issue!
    32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

    THE ELITE #15

    Plotted by LOREC
    Written by TOM TAYLOR
    Much to his surprise, Larry Keats is on his way to Australia with Dizzy. Some important people have been pleased with his work, even the DC incident. They want to meet, discuss Red Freedom working for them. It can't hurt to listen, because if they sent Dizzy to retrieve him, then it must be legitimate. And it might be nice having someone as professional as Dizzy to work with. It certainly can't hurt.
    In Washington DC, Amanda Waller listens to President Herbert Forrest's address to the nation regarding the recent terror attacks. She and the late General Eiling tried to warn him time and time again that there were terrorist cells in the U.S., but he wouldn't listen. Now Wade is dead, the Vice President is revealed to be a traitor, and the nation is more vulnerable than ever before. It's time for her to do something.
    The Elite team arrives in Paris following a lead to the location Keats was supposed to be. They find Keats is gone, whereabouts unknown. However, they do run into a three people on Interpol's most wanted list, Ivana Baiul, Michael Cray, and Leon Carver. Individually they are notorious assassins, the latter two going by the names Deathblow and Frostbite. Collectively, they are known as the Kill Squad, and no one survives being on their hit list!
    32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99


    Plotted by MCGAFFER
    Written by JIMMY PALMIOTTI
    The announcement of the planned Purge Night was just the night of pure evil that Lady Johanna Constantine had been waiting for and she is determined not to let this opportunity pass her by. Her daughter Mouse Constantine remains trapped in Pandora's Box, but this night of sin should be sacrifice enough to barter her daughter's freedom. All she needs now is someone willing to put some coldhearted killers in the ground. Luckily she bumped into the man known as Jonah Hex. He was wanting to wait out Purge Night in the solitude of the cold night desert, so she cast a spell or two arranging for some bandits to learn of his location. Purge Night is happening Jonah, whether you like it or not! Then there's the problem of what else may take the opportunity to escape from Pandora's Box whilst it was open. She needs someone capable of putting down the monsters that lurk inside, which is why she doesn't blink as she stares down the Saint of Killers. But what she hasn't factored in to all her preparations is that man is more then capable of being the deadliest monster about. Here comes Quentin Turnbull with nothing but murder in his heart!
    32 PGs./Rated M...$2.99

    SANDMAN #5

    Plotted by MCGAFFER
    Written by NEIL GAIMAN
    ....Delirium had a plan of pure madness. One that Desire, nor the Children, could see coming. It should not be possible to tread the black sands of Tomorrow's shores but impossibilities do not exist for my sister. The twisted pathways of her Realm lead no where which was exactly where she wanted to go. She walks down to the ocean of dark blood, the pale moonlight of the Forever Last Day shining down on her as she wades into the crimson waters with her fallen brother's body in her arms. Destruction is about to be baptized with the life blood of an entire reality!
    ....Destiny puts forward humanity's argument for existence to the Children. But the argument has to have balance and who better to implore for humanitys extinction then my sister Despair! History vs future, blind hope vs depressing predictability, as horribly fascinating as the argument is I find that I do not have time for it.
    ....One of the Children has strayed from the side of her siblings. She walks with Desire as my foolish brother plays to his own selfish needs and shows the deadly concept the joy of doing something for the pure need of it. Would she destroy a world just because she can? Is she capable of desire? Worse still, can she feel temptation? If yes then my brother will feed that need purely to see what will happen. I must play a game of Dreams and Desires with my brother. If the girl can feel desire then she will have dreams, and that means I can play this game too brother.
    ....Death has long wanted to see the Tomorrow Children. To see the beings that can judge an entire world and even realities. They decide whether life is deserved or if it should be washed away and replaced by something else more deserving of existence. Death knows the practice is brutal, but she acknowledges the purpose of the deed. The Children exist. And this is the purpose of their existence, so this is the way that it has to be. Rules are rules and all life must follow it's purpose or chaos gains power. This is just natural evolution on a cosmic scale, but....Death can't help but be curious. All of existence follows it's natural order and she exists too. These judges of life and existence have forgotten in the natural way that those at the top of the food chain tend to forget. The same rules apply to them too. So who judges their existence, who cuts their haunting laughter short when the time comes? Curious....
    32 PGs./Rated T+...$2.99

    Wings and a Prayer #3 (of 4)
    Plotted by POWER TORCH
    Written by NANCY A. COLLINS
    Thoth and Hawkgirl follow the trail of death and rage leading them to a hidden temple that was not built by Tuthmosis. A temple built for the mad God Babi. Once inside the temple doors slam shut and the team is left trapped inside. As they go deeper and deeper into the temple they end up surrounded by demon apes guarding Babi. As they fight off the apes, Babi enters the room and stops them. Thoth notices something really wrong, and really strange with Babi. He is pregnant!? Babi explains that he has been chosen to be the vessel for the rebirth of Apep, and that nothing they do will stop the return of the God! Babi needed sacrifices for him to gain the power, and turning everyone crazy was just the best way to do it. Babi tells them that once Apep is reborn in a new body, that this world will end and that he will move on to the outside world to take over that one. As Babi leaves the apes continue the attack. Can Thoth and Hawkgirl reach Babi before the rebirth? Can they stop Apep once more? Find out as we reach the shocking final issue of this miniseries!
    By the same creative team as The Many Myths and Wonder Woman! If you loved the Egyptian arc to that series, you will love this! Don’t miss it! As this team of amazing writers go deeper into the Myths!
    $2.99…………….32 pages


    Plotted by LEE STONE
    Written by JEFF PARKER
    Lodestone's more powerful abilities may be what the team needs to break free from Gargaux's Bermuda Retreat!
    While the team readies their escape plans, Robotman and Conduit have a moment.
    It only lasts for a nanosecond but... What a moment!
    And the Dominators have their own moment... with the blades of Kivani...
    32 PGs./Rated T...$3.99
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    From the look of the creators, I chose the Batman line
    One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.--Psalm 27:4

    “Fortunately for me, I'm not a cop. so, I can break your face into a jigsaw puzzle if I want to...”--Daredevil

    “I am a citizen of the universe. And a gentleman to boot.”--The Doctor

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    The war on crime knows no limits for Batman and his soldiers!

    BATMAN #15

    Written by ED BRUBAKER
    Plot by MCGAFFER
    The Batwings speed swiftly high above the dark desert, war has been declared! Over eighty countries have signed up to Batman Incorprated and allowed the Bat to take charge of their security and Batman's first priority is to drive the League of Shadows out of those countries. Batman leads the raid himself, he needs to assess his new team. See how they handle themselves in the field, whether or not they will prove useful or a hindrance. Meanwhile in Gotham, Clayface stalks the streets of Gotham. With the Bat off busy saving the world it looks like it's playtime in Gotham City! What Clayface doesn't know though is that the Bat has more control over Gotham then ever before. As soon as Clayface's rampage starts Alfred dispatches Damian and a dozen of the newest recruits. They should be sufficient to bring down Clayface, especially as the Bat has recruited enough people to create squads designed to deal with specific threats. Team Mudpack has been given the green light, let's see how good a teacher Batman is!
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99


    Written by CHUCK DIXON
    Plot by MCGAFFER
    Cold Justice knows that he's being played. The Riddler is leading him on a merry hunt, but Joe Chill is happy to play along for now. Every riddle means a step closer to finding the dead man walking. The resurrected Riddler is the key to finding the location of the League's current headquarters and Edward Nigma can't help but play the game. Talia al Ghul would skin him alive, then resurrect him so she could do it all again if she knew but for now she remains in the dark, so Cold Justice must act swiftly while there is a breadcrumb trail, deadly as it is. He wanders the streets of Istanbul, apparently the League have been very active here recently. Three assassinations in the last month! Perhaps knowing what the victims had in common would help him determine who the next victim will be. Meanwhile in the shadows of a dark room Talis al Ghul slowly slides her blade across the throat of the man uselessly begging for his life. Finally one of the old priests talked, she now knows the location of the Tabernacle! It's time the League recruited a little heavenly power!
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99


    Plotted by Lorec & Clark_Kent
    Written by Gerry Conway
    Art by Rags Morales
    Into the Fire Part 2
    The Narrows belong to Mendoza and his cartel and there wasn't even a struggle. Money tends to make everything easier. It might also help to have some local talent on the payroll, keep things quiet for a bit. Time for Anarky to find some people to work with.
    Recently returned to Gotham, Tim visits Adrienne and convinces her to go out to dinner. He wants to discuss things that have happened and assure her she will be safe. That's when she tells him she hasn't heard from Clark.
    Helena and Jason go to visit Clark at his apartment only to find it empty and ransacked. Someone clearly after something but it is unclear what it was or if they found it. And Clark is nowhere to be seen.
    And in an Old Gotham warehouse, a bound and gagged Clark Archer slowly wakes up. Surrounded by what appear to be mob enforcers, the only image he can see is that of his cousin, Steven, who lies dead on the floor beside him. The next thing he hears is the voice of Carmine Falcone. “Who is my granddaughter and where is she?
    32pgs/Rated T.../$2.99


    Plotted by Clark_Kent
    Backups Plotted by Lorec
    Written by Doug Moench
    Art by Kelley Jones
    Brooke Hunter. Young. Beautiful. Heiress to Hunter Fashions (Be the Hunter in Your Life!). Fashionably late to everything.
    When Brooke finally arrives at the charity auction, Bruce Wayne makes an effort to "accidentally" meet her. She's funny. She's full of energy. She misses her friend. She's...amazing. Bruce has to be careful. Alfred would say "play it cool." Alfred would say "pretend to have fun, you might have some on accident." Bruce has to be careful...
    When the auction is over, Brooke asks Bruce if he'd like to join her for a drink. Or two. Bruce accepts. Alfred would say "its about time! Sir." Alfred would say "ah, to be young again." Bruce knows she could not be safer. She's still funny. She's still amazing...
    From across the street, the Dumpster Killer watches. He has an ache in his belly. He's hungry, but no prey tonight. So no reward. Twice now. Twice he's missed his shot at Hunting Hunter. Two times too many. He drives away from Gotham. There's time to return later. There's always time later. She's amazing...he can wait. Maybe his luck will change in Philadelphia? They have good food there...
    **Backup Feature**
    Batman: The Beginning
    The Road to Hell Part 2 – Bad Decisions
    Peter wakes up surrounded by about a dozen men, all having conversations in Russian. Andrei notices him awake and promptly walks over to him and shakes his hand. No one has fought Andrei as well has Peter has and for that, he wants to hire him to be his bodyguard. That's when Andrei informs Peter that he is the son of Alexei Petrov, Russian businessman and crime lord. With his father dead, Peter readily agrees.
    Against Vanessa’s wishes, Bruce begins canvassing bars looking for Peter. A week after his initial disappearance, Peter shows back up. Seemingly ok, Bruce is initially thankful his cousin has returned. It isn’t until Bruce witnesses Peter talking with other Russian individuals that he becomes suspicious. Asking around, he finds out what Peter is up to and begins devising a plan to help him out of this mess. He confronts Peter, who gets defensive until Bruce says he wants to work with him in the Russian mob.
    42 PG/Rated M.../$3.99


    Plotted by POWER TORCH
    Written by GAIL SIMONE
    Art by JAN DURSMA
    Arc One!
    The Girls Have a Blast: Part 3 of 4
    The Sirens have taken out Mad Hatter after he Captured Harley and some children from Gotham, but before they could ask him any questions the team falls into a trap hole. When the Sirens wake up they end up in New Orleans, with the next clue in front of them. Three tickets to a museum opening, and a deck of cards. As the team looks around the room they discover dress clothes, as well as a note. The note tells them: “Get dress and have a great time ladies. Figure out my next two clues and you will be one step closer to stopping me”. The team heads to the opening of the New Orleans Museum. After a few hours the lights go out and in comes the answer to the clue; The Royal Flush Gang! It is up to the Sirens to stop this gang from robbing the place! But why would the Cluemaster send them here, and how is this all connected? This all leading to the ending of the first arc next issue, where all will be revealed.
    $2.99…………….34 pages


    Plotted by BANEOFKINGS
    Art by JASON FABOK
    “GET COOPER” Part One of Five
    The final arc of Harper Row: Agent of Argus begins as Nathan Edmondson and Jason Fabok bring this series to an unforgettable conclusion! Betrayed by NEXUS and left abandoned in a remote French Alps hotel following a mission gone wrong, Harper scrambles to contact Batman and find out why the division within a division set her up. Her face is being displayed all around the world as the teenage killer of a German Count Thomas Lahm, and the evidence is pretty damming given that she’s just woken up in a room surrounded in Lahm’s blood. NEXUS may finally be making their move to take control of ARGUS – and when she learns that she can’t even rely on Batman for help – Harper will have to go down the road of revenge alone with her number one target in mind, the NEXUS leader, Sebastian Cooper.
    32pgs/Rated T.../$2.99


    Plotted by BANEOFKINGS
    Written by J.M. DEMATTEIS
    “SUPERHERO FICTION” Part 4 of 4
    The car crash at the end of last month’s issue left FBI’s top interrogator Samantha Callahan dead and both Nightwings in captivity at the hands of a mysterious new assailant, responsible for the creation of the duplicate Nightwing. With bombs strapped to their chests and orders to complete a vital mission – that, if successful, will have terrifying consequences for everyone that Dick cares about - but now Dick has a common agenda with his duplicate. They have an enemy. They have someone to protect. And if they can put their differences aside, then Hugo Strange had better watch his back. Because one Dick Grayson's deadly enough. How will Strange fare when he goes up against two?
    32pgs/Rated T...$2.99


    Plotted by BANEOFKINGS
    Written by CHARLES SOULE
    Art by TONY S. DANIEL
    “THE ETERNITY CODE” Part Three of Six "BANE"
    Selina Kyle and Calvin Rose vs Bane! The Court of Owls have the man who broke the Dark Knight's back hostage and now Catwoman and Talon are trapped in a gladiatorial combat arena beneath the city to face Bane, whilst the Court watch on! And to make things more interesting, only one can leave the arena alive - so unless Selina and Calvin can come up with a backup plan fast - one involving an unorthodox team of Spoiler, Black Canary, Red Robin, and The Huntress! However, despite the addition of the extended Batfamily - the two are still going to have to fight Bane alone, and a close quarter conflict isn't exactly what either are known for. Is this the end of Selina's Nine Lives?
    32pgs/Rated T...$2.99
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    Within the walls of reality, a thousand worlds await you!


    Writer – Greg Rucka
    Artist – Tom Grummett
    Plotters – Clark_Kent & Lorec
    Earth 41

    Fatal Attractions Part 1: Home Sweet Home
    The Dictator, cunning, powerful, and most of all, ruthless. He has ruled Earth 41 with an iron fist for years now. Everything he has done has been calculated. Take The Arena for example, an idea from his new partner and a perfect way to get rid of Resistance prisoners. And now, the fights are about to have a lot more meaning.

    The Agents find themselves on what is left of the Hawaiian Islands. Gar, still suffering weakening affects from the bite of Vampire Harley, must rest while the rest of the team does recon. Damage thinks he recognizes where they are. That’s when they all hear, “In the name of the Dictator, put your hands up”, and Damage realizes he is home.

    Tonight’s Arena fight pits the Resistance’s oldest member, Pennyworth, against a hooded individual. For an old guy, Pennyworth holds his own for a long time until his unknown opponent breaks his arm. Moments later, a dazed Pennyworth is defeated. That’s when the Dictator stands and yells “Finish Him!!” Removing the hooded cloak reveals a hideous creature with blades in his arms. And in a flash, Pennyworth’s head is rolling on the ground, courtesy of a creature known as Baraka.


    Plotted by KINGKASARA
    Written by CHARLES SOULE
    Art by ESAD RIBIC
    The Seven Soldiers return to Sivana Manor only to find their mentor dead, slain by the now superhuman Horsemen, once a Central City motorcycle gang. The Horsemen have fled the scene, and the Soldiers pursue, intent on revenge. Only Cheetah stays behind, to put Sivana to rest. She finds the last message he left her for, warning that the Soldiers must return to Egypt, where it all began, before the final omen occurs and the Great Enemy arrives.
    The battle between the Horsemen and the Soldiers is vicious, but the Soldiers are bolstered by the appearance of new allies: the Ultramarines have been dispatched to assist, as the world now believes in the Seven Soldiers. Just in time, as the fifth omen, the Savage Shattering occurs! Earthquakes rock the globe, and titans battle in the streets!
    32 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

    EARTH-3 #6
    Plotted by KINGKASARA
    Written by MARK MILLAR
    Main Feature: “THE MENACE OF STEEL” Part 3 of 3
    Ultraman, the former Clark Kent, thought he was finally free of Earth. He was going to accompany his Kryptonian savior Jax-Ur into the cosmos and leave humanity behind. Then Jax-Ur revealed that Ultraman’s kryptonite-powered body is terribly flawed. It can’t withstand the presence of direct solar radiation, meaning he’s trapped within Earth’s atmosphere. In a fit of rage, Ultraman attacks Jax-Ur, and their battle destroys a good part of the city of Metropolis, before Ultraman snaps Jax-Ur’s neck. Tess Luthor narrowly escapes the collapsing STAR Lab building, and forms LuthorCo to give her the funds and means to oppose Ultraman. Meanwhile, Clark Kent occupies Jax-Ur’s damaged ship, turning it into his Citadel. If he can’t escape the Earth, then he’ll crush it beneath his feet…
    Backup Feature: “BEWARE MY POWER” Part 3 of 3
    From the Journal of Joe Harrolds
    I’m so afraid... afraid of the ring. It gave me incredible power. I leveled Ferris Aerospace and was flying free in Coast City...then more of those Manhunters showed up. But these were ones were powerful, piloted. An Alpha Manhunter flown by Carol Ferris herself. I thought I could take them, but then something happened. The ring... it stopped listening to me. It told me “the time for fun and games is over.” It destroyed part of the city, it flew me out into the desert to my shack. It’s in control now. The voice, it told me its name: “Volthoom.”
    48 PGS./ Rated T...$3.99

    Plotted by LEE STONE
    Written by Ed Brubaker
    Art by Francesco Francavilla
    Alexander Luthor vs. Nocturna for leadership of the Secret Six.
    Commissioner Gordon vs. Barbara Gordon for the truth about Batwoman.
    Dick Grayson vs. Task Force X for the future of Nightwing.
    And the Secret Six vs. the Injustice Society.
    32 PGS./ Rated T...$2.99

    Earth-51: Vir Letum #4

    Plotted by Clark_Kent
    Written by Alan Grant
    Drawn by Barry Kitson
    24 PG / Rated T+ / $2.99

    *From the Black Casebook of Bruce Wayne*

    I tracked Crane down a few miles from the Asylum. He'd found a horse, and was trying to ride it. Luckily, Crane wasn't a good rider. I pounced on him when he fell off the horse. He kept singing "patty cake"...

    As I dragged him towards the car, time skipped again. Now I was standing outside an old wood shack, no idea how much time had passed. I stepped inside to find Crane standing in the corner. Before I could take him, he spun around and hit me with gas. But this gas was...different. It had a green hue, and I could see sparkles in it as it passed through the light. I began to see things, hallucinations, and I could hear Clark outside. Why was he there? Why was Crane laughing?

    Then it dawned on gas...visible particles...Clark entered before I could warn him. The Kryptonite laced fear gas took hold. We saw each other, fear in our eyes...I threw the first punch, and the fight was on.


    Written by JOHN OSTRANDER
    Plot by SHAGGYDOO
    Art by SHANE DAVIS
    "going under" part 3 of 3

    They are all expendable, like used toilet paper. It should be written on "Suicide Squad's" mantra. However, United Alliance President Diana Rock, her husband General Frank Rock and super soldier Rick Flag believe ever soldier should come home. The President can't participate by law, but she can give the Squad the best stealth fighting machine on the planet her Invisible Jet! Clark Kent aka Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Sub Zero, Nightshade, Amanda Waller, Crazy Jane, Harley, Multiplex and Lex Luthor are all fighting for their lives against an unstoppable terrorist superhuman team of assassins. The J.L.A. (Justice League of Assassins) is lead by Parallax, Deathstroke and the Martian Manhunter, they have destroyed all who have opposed them. Lex has unleashed a portal to trap the killers into the Phantom Zone, but someone needs to be the bait. Multiplex draws the short straw and 95 year old Sgt. Rock rides shotgun in what is sure to be his final fight! Everyone will come home either to live the rest of their imprisoned lives or for their burials. However, Lex's whispers has led to a mutiny and anyone who's not onboard with his leadership will die and Deadshot only has 1 bullet left! Why does Harley keep laughing?
    40 PGs./Rated T...$2.99
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    In the sky and the streets of Metropolis, humanity’s champions fight for the safety of the world!

    SUPERMAN #14
    Plotted by Clark_Kent & Lorec
    Written by Dan Slott
    Drawn by Kerry Gammill

    **Double Sized Issue!**

    Clark takes Lois to the Lemaris Club, one of the most exclusive establishments in Metropolis for dinner and dancing. There, Lois explains how she had figured out he was Superman a few years ago ("glasses, Clark?") and that she had decided his was a secret worth keeping. Relieved, Clark decided to tell her everything -- about Krypton, Zod & Faora -- all of it. He had never felt this close to her before, nor she to him. Clark wondered why they didn't do this sooner.

    Under the Salt Flats in Utah, Lex Luthor meets with a secret partner. Together, with their team of engineers and hackers, devise a plan to not only overthrow his father Lionel, but also the Man of Steel himself. The prototype armor has been built, and is arriving in Metropolis for a field test.

    Back at the Lemaris, Clark picks up the sound of sirens and news reports - someone calling themselves "Blackout" is ripping up 3rd Avenue in a hi-tech suit - with his super hearing. Lois urges him to go. Moments later, Superman arrives on the scene. Recognizing the stolen SteelWorks armor after his earlier conversation with Steel (see July's 'Action' #13!), Superman knows what to expect. Blackout manages a single punch, momentarily knocking Superman back & giving him a headache. Superman tears off the armor, and delivers Blackout to the Special Crimes Unit (SCU) before heading back to the Lemaris. Lois is gone, however, to report on the story but she left a text on his phone that makes him smile.

    Clark returns to his apartment at 344 Clinton Street. As he climbs into bed, he sighs in relief that he no longer has to hide from Lois, or make stupid excuses during emergencies. He has an ally, and...maybe something more. Now, if only he could shake that headache...

    At WGBS, Morgan Edge meets with Mayor Lionel Luthor. They discuss many things - political television coverage, the local media pool, national agendas, and...other things. By the end of the meeting, both sides leave with a strong feeling of understanding.

    At 4:35am Metropolis time, Clark's bedroom door is kicked open. Fuzzy headed & not understanding why he didn't hear them coming, Clark sees a dozen SCU Officers in his room, Kryptonite-powered guns aiming at him. He looks down, and sees that the bed and himself are covered in blood! Following them into the room is Green Lantern Hal Jordan. "Kal El of Krypton: under the authority of the Guardians, you are under arrest for the murder of Clark Kent!"
    56 PG / Rated T+ / $3.99


    Plotted by Clark_Kent
    Written by Dan Jurgens
    Art by Dan Jurgens

    "Enemies": Part One

    • The Battle for Earth Begins Here! Clark tries to reason with Zod, but the General won't hear it; blinded by rage and jealousy, he demands that the Son of Jor El stay away from Faora! Zod gives Clark until dawn to decide, and speeds off.

    • Across town, Lex scrambles to conceal his involvement with Cadmus from Lionel. However, he's too late - Lionel informs him that Luthorcorp purchased Cadmus that morning, liquidated it, and it's now worthless. Unknown to Lex, Dabney Donovan has been moved to a new facility...and he took his research with him...

    • Clark returns to the Kent Farm. He tells Jon and Martha about Krypton, about his birth parents, and about Zod. They ask him what he's going to do, and his reply is swift: "I won't let a murderer roam free. It's time to go to war."
    32 PG / Rated T+ / $2.99


    Written by AL EWING
    Kal Kent, These Were Your Lives Pt. 2 of 2
    • OMACs! The magical forces of Arion, Lord of Atlantis! The elemental Appellaxians! The renegade superhuman warriors of Gog, the all-conquering wave of the Imperiex Probes, the god-harrowers of the Sheeda and the shadow-feasting gargoyle troops of Neo-Pangea!
    • Assailed on all sides by every manner of threat imaginable across the expanse of Hypertime, fragmented in both body and mind, Kal Kent fights on, knowing in the pit of his soul that if he does not return to his proper hypertime soon, every reality he inhabits could be at risk!
    • Standing alongside the greatest champions of history, from the Shining Knight of proto-Camelot and Aurakles to Tommy Tomorrow and the Supermen of countless timelines, I heir to the greatest heroic tradition reality has ever known, Superman will fight to save those who have put their faith in him, and all those beyond!
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

    Written by DENNIS HOPELESS
    Plot by SHAGGYDOO
    "Fly on the Wall" Part 2 of 2

    Superboy is being flooded with too much information. He's hear ever phone call, sees behind closed doors and even knows where everything has been before from clips to lips. It is driving him insane. That is until he meets Loser. Loser is a metahuman with a simple offer to take away all of Superboy's powers and abilities, so Connor can live a normal life. Where do the powers go? Well that would be telling? It is now the first day of the rest of his life as he now can see what's it's like to have the angst, rebelliousness, insecurities and puberty of a normal human teenager. However, no one knows he lost his powers and the drones that him been following his entire 3 month life are now taking a closer look. Plus everyone wants Connor from the Bad Samaritan, to TMZ reporter Tana Moon, to the Luthors, to the Matrix. Who is the Matrix? Well it's another scientific experiment, only it's a powerhouse shape-shifter and today it looks like Supergirl. Connor wants nothing to do with any of them until he knows who he is and there is one "person" who has been sending him telepathic messages to see him for all the answers. His name is Dubillex.
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99


    Plotted by LEE STONE
    Written by KEITH GIFFEN
    When the duo find themselves tripping over their capes to stop a simple bank robbery, they Krypto enrolls himself and Streaky into General Glory's 'School of Heroic Mannerisms" in an effort to be all they can be. But can the General tell them the truth about their dilemma?
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99
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    Plotted by POWER TORCH
    Written by CAMERON STEWART
    His Shadow No More Part 2 of 5
    Kara tries to stop the wave, but as she gets closer and closer the truth becomes clear, this wave is made by women! Kara gets closer and begins to try to reason with her, she learns her name is Aquamaria and not much else, and Kara is pushed back by her and tossed straight down into the water. Once there Aquamaria sends her flying into an underwater cave. Kara starts to fight back, but all her punches have no effect. It seems like Aquamaria has lost her mind and she begins to ramble on and on about making room for him. Who is she talking about, and how can Kara stop something she can’t touch, without killing her? Find out as the end gets closer, and everything starts to take a darker turn!
    $2.99…………….34 pages


    The Rise and Fall of Eternal Dynasties Pt. 2 of 3
    • “I know you don’t like me much, Mr. Jerusalem. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of you myself. But we’re both newsmen, and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to get the story, even if neither of us like it. …Mr. Luthor’s pooped himself again. Your turn to clean up.”
    • As Spider and Jimmy look after Lex, now turned caveman Lug Lutor by the machinations of the Ultrasphinx, they take him to local supergenius John Henry Irons. Having recently been possessed by a time-traveling Solaris and learned from the experience, Irons believes he has the information needed to reverse the chronal damage done to him, but if they don’t act quickly Luthor will be trapped in this form. Spider, however, is more than willing to take that chance to try and pry information from him in his vulnerable state on his father Mayor Lionel Luthor’s plans! (For the ongoing story of the elder Luthor’s ascendancy and plans, see the main SUPERMAN title, under new stewards Clark_Kent and Lorec)
    • Meanwhile, Lois Lane scores the exclusive first interview with the Ultrasphinx! But unaccustomed to being questioned, the atomic ruler bristles before her questioning; his designs for humanity clearly place them beneath them. But in a world still reeling from assaults by the likes of Brainiac and Solaris – only the latest in an increasingly dangerous world – will the populace reject the power and security Atom-Hotep offers, even with the dire cost?
    • Where is Superman? Tracking down the source of numerous atemporal anomalies, he’s found the Ultrasphinx’s tool: a time-machine the size of a city, made to bring forth the conquering armies of his 80th Century B.C. atomic army, last survivors of their mighty continent-spanning war! To save civilization, he must shut this machine down…but doing so will condemn the past to slow nuclear death!
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

    ACTION #14

    Plotted by Clark_Kent
    Written By Louise Simonson
    Art by Jon Bogdanove

    • Alex Trent awakens in a dark room. Fuzzy headed, he faintly remembers armed men removing him from his cell at Strykers. The door to the room opens, and a doctor enters. He says he's there to implant a small device in Trent's palm; once activated, Trent will be able to teleport weapons from a remote location directly into his hand at will, with only a thought, making him the ultimate assassin.

    • John Henry returns to Metropolis. He sees the short fight between Superman and Blackout on the news (see this month's Superman #14!), and is pleased to see that his advice worked. He immediately goes to work on new designs, as well as beefing up his security.

    • A few hours later, and Alex Trent's procedure is complete. An assistant brings him his old costume. The doctor urges him to test the device, so Trent does -- teleporting in a 9mm, he immediately kills both the doctor and the assistant. Bloodsport is back...
    28 PG / Rated T+ / $2.99


    Written by JEFF LEMIERE
    Plot by MCGAFFER
    Art by J H WILLIAMS
    "META works!" were the words spoken by the desperate victims of the attack on the school and Jefferson now finds himself desperate to find the producers of this new deadly drug. But Suicide Slum is an unforgiving district and Jefferson cannot afford to ignore everything that is going on to focus on this one problem. Case in point when a gang of armed robbers decide to take an entire street hostage in a standoff with the police. Black Lightning decides that he can deal with this quickly but that's exactly what Joey Toledo was counting on. He inspires loyalty amongst his little drug peddlers and word soon reached him off this lone crusader hunting him down. So the perfect trap had to be set up, a situation that this little hero couldn't afford to ignore. These are no ordinary armed robbers, Joey provides them with the newest version of META forcibly taken from the source. Want to feel like a hero or a villain, you've tried the dream now try the new and improved META otherwise known as the reality. Stood by Joey's side in the shadows are his two successful trialists of his new wonder drug Thunder and Lightning, come to watch the show and perhaps even bring the curtain down on procedures.
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

    THORN #2
    Written by FRANK MILLER
    Plot by SHAGGYDOO

    She loves it more than anything. The hunt, the chase, the capture, the torture, the fight and if they don't do what she wants..the kill. Her name is Thorn. She's a "superhero" of Metropolis, but one that never makes the Daily Planet. Today she's in pursuit of a volatile, sadistic, criminal that has been plaguing the east-side of Suicide Slum. Thorn has followed the pattern of the psycho, laid a trap and now she just waits ...and waits. That is until she gets the insatiable thirst that needs to be quenched she will find the perp. She's been hanging outside a dump hotel that alot of the victims have been left beatdown in. It is very familiar as Thorn realizes she has been chasing herself and that she is the criminal. Oh well, at least another violent psychopath is off the streets. Okay, maybe not. Meanwhile, in upper Metropolis 3 CEOs have been rundown by an unmarked, armored car with tinted windows. This time the attacker is not Thorn, you can call him Vehicular and he's both fast and furious! TO BE CONTINUED!
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99


    Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN
    Plot by SHAGGYDOO

    Billy Numerous and Cinderblock have been on crime spree, but don't worry that what Young Justice is for. However Static, Miss Martian, Superboy, Kamandi and Tim Hunter arrive too late as the duo has already been knockout by new superheroine, what's her's a Secret. Meanwhile, a man who was held captive by Brainiac for all of his life makes it to Metropolis. His name is Neo, he may be the most important being on the planet and officially he does not exist. He knows he must find Young Justice before it's too late. Meanwhile a cabal of members of S.T.A.R. Labs and Cadmus convene to discuss the Atlantis problem, as Emiko Queen aka Arrowette just waits to place an arrow neatly into each of their little hearts and she will do it with a smile on her face.
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99

    Plotted by LEE STONE
    Written by KEITH GIFFEN
    Because someone on Tumblr asked for it!
    Ambush Bug and the Inferior Five discover a retirement home that's housing zombies.
    Dumb Bunny takes on a job as a Nurse-Aid to uncover the truth while the others pretend to be family members of the residents.
    Can they get to the bottom of this before their stay becomes permanent?
    32 PGs./Rated T...$2.99
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    easy new dawn pull list

    heroes dawn

    justice league: New dawn #15
    flash #13
    cyborg #6 (of 6)
    arsenal #11
    sensation comics #8
    nature force #15

    steel dawn

    superman #14
    superman one million #2
    supergirl unchained 2
    young justice #2
    black lightning #2
    ambush bug's splatterhouse #2
    thorn #2
    action #14
    clark kent: Journalist of steel #15
    superman: The man of tomorrow #8
    the uncanny superboy#7
    krypto unleashed #14

    cosmic dawn

    green lantern's light #9
    space ghost:coast to coast#9
    hawkworld #5
    orion of apokolips #8
    black adam and the marvels #8

    cursed dawn

    curse of the phantasm #4
    jonah hex: Purge night #5
    justice league dark #5
    preacher: Between heaven and hell #5
    sandman #5
    the walking deadman #5
    the many myths and wonder woman #8
    sentinels of magic #3
    doom patrol #4
    the elite #13
    hellblazer #13
    wings and a prayer #3 (of 4)

    gotham's dawn

    batman #15
    darkhawk & the renegades #3
    gotham city sirens #3
    cold justice #15
    detective comics #6
    harper row: agent of argus #11
    nightwing #13
    outsiders: spear of destiny #3 (of 6)

    infinite dawn

    agents of the multiverse #10
    earth-51: Vir letum #5
    the secret six #10
    suicide squad #9
    earth-3 #6
    seven soldiers of virtue #9
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    If you need your series added just pm me.
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    Sorry for the delay in getting my books across! All my solicits should be sent to the respective editors now. I'll take one of everything as normal. Some excellent stuff there.

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    No problem, man.

    Hi everyone, ARSENAL, CYBORG, FLASH, HELLBLAZER and SENSATION COMICS have all been added.

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    This month, I'm picking up:

    JL New Dawn

    Orion of Apokolips
    Black Adam & Marvels

    Curse of Phantasm
    JL Dark
    Jonah Hex
    Doom Patrol
    Walking Deadman

    Cold Justice
    Darkhawk & Renegades
    Harper Row

    Secret Six
    Suicide Squad
    Seven Soldiers of Virtue

    Krypto Unleashed
    SM One Million
    Clark Kent: JOS
    Black Lightning
    Ambush Bug

    I will edit and add more as/if they are posted.

    My vote goes to E's Cursed Dawn in a heated debate over the Steel Liners

    And maybe this is a Q better suited for the ND Live thread but coming off recent announcements, would there be interest in doing a Milestone line or team book? I know we have used the characters in other ND Titles, but what about a Dakota-verse centric series? Thoughts?

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