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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayvie View Post
    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum I'm sorry if this has been posted /asked before, but I couldn't immediately find it.
    Is there some sort of timeline to be found of Batman?
    I'm currently watching Gotham and I was wondering if there's a certain comic, series, movie,... That follows from here on?

    I've read lots of comics back in the day, but in no particular order, just by release order.
    Gotham as far as I know is its own continuity with differing origin, status and ages for the characters, like how for example Barbara Kean is never evil in the comic and Harvey Dent is the same age as Bruce. So I don't think there's a comic continuation.

    As for timeline depend on continuity. There's the Post Crisis Era, the New 52 and Rebirth, the latter ones incorporate older continuities with some differences.

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    Obviously not Gotham, but I would say that the Earth One books take a similar approach in some ways.

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