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    Quote Originally Posted by jphamlore View Post
    The only reason I knew of any Sumerian connection is that at the very beginning of Hickman's New Avengers story, Black Swan is apparently speaking in Sumerian.

    For the Sumerians, apparently the story almost always ends in suffering, although I think Gilgamesh eventually becomes a judge of the dead. Unfortunately the stories are literally in fragments of tablets with giant parts of them lost. From Gilgamesh's perspective the flood was a distant lost legend that he rediscovered in his journeys.

    The Sumerian view of the afterlife was almost complete pessimism, the underworld being a terrible place of suffering and decay. If by chance its denizens could escape, the Earth would be overwhelmed by a horde of zombies.
    That, plus humanity being created as basically a race of flesh robots, to slave away for the gods and worship them while doing it...

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    Are we supposed to believe when Strange scattered the Raftees over Battleworld, that the Raft heroes immediately began to rally everyone in the Domains to come together as an army, behind the scenes? If so, then that's something else being left out of Secret Wars, again. That's if Secret Wars #7 doesn't show it, because Secret Wars #6 certainly didn't, and that issue had ample excuse to do so.

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