Cheers everyone for your insight on this.

For me Marvel got me back into SW so it saved it for me. As I said I was getting bored with the franchise. The Clone Wars series was boring, all SW Insider talked about was that show and the books werent great. I always thought the Clone Wars was an uninteresting period in the SW timeline and once I saw what it was about I was ready to move on.

What Marvel has done for me is reinvent the classic trilogy era. I really thought all the stories that could be told were. So Im liking what they are trying to do.

Personally one of my favorite eras is the Old Republic. I loved the OR books of Revan, Deceived, the Bane Trilogy and theres another one I cant remmeber the name ( Contraband) I think. I loved all these and if these are no longer canon I hope we get stories set in that era from Marvel.

I know DH really nailed some SW stories. Crimson Empire, Dark Empire etc were very good and they did keep us going through the dark times as well as the books. I know bantam largely played it safe with not killing any major movie characters until Del Rey Published the first book in the New Jedi Order and killed a big character off. The game had now changed and no one was safe. Other characters died in the series including a certain rebel leader in The Unifying Force.

I also know Star Wars is its own entity and I wonder will the new movie set new records.

Again thank you all for adding to the discussion and disagreeing with me that Star Wars was saved by Marvel because it didnt need saving