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    Power Rangers, 2017.

    Didn't expect a thing from it but honestly? I had a good time watching it. And i really liked the casting.

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    I watched The Miracle Season again.
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    Yesterday, I watched LITTLE CHILDREN (2006) which was an engrossing movie. It was like a novel that you can't put down. I wish I had seen it when it came out in the theatres. But one curious thing is Kate Winslet is supposed to be the ordinary looking woman contrasted with Jennifer Connelly's character who is supposed to be stunning. Sorry--I know Jennifer Connelly is recognized as beautiful--but to me Kate Winslet is the stunning woman. And Connelly isn't given much to do in this movie--which makes me wonder, because I saw INVENTING THE ABBOTTS not long ago, where she also doesn't do much but look beautiful in the few scenes she has. Is it that Connelly was type cast as the beautiful but empty woman?

    Today, I watched TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT (1960) which is the last Gordon Scott Tarzan movie. It's one of the best Tarzan movies I've seen. It only suffers for not having much Cheeta. And I think Tarzan could have used the help of Cheeta in this movie, as he almost met his match in Coy Banton, played by Jock Mahoney. The movie ends with an extended fight sequence between the two, which they must have had fun staging--being both athletic men, capable of doing their own stunts. It's hard to believe that Tarzan could be challenged by anyone, but this movie is much more grounded than other Tarzan movies--he's not an absolute superman--and Scott plays Tarzan as more fallible than he had in previous movies.

    The movie also features John Carradine playing Banton's controlling and abusive father. Indeed, the movie is quite insightful about the psychology of all the characters.

    Of course, Jock Mahoney (who had already tried out to replace Johnny Weissmuller) replaced Scott as Tarzan in the next movies coming up. However, I think Scott was the perfect Tarzan actor--he looks exaclty how Tarzan should look. He also clearly enjoyed being Tarzan. The exteriors were again filmed in Kenya, where Scott had already established friendshps with the tribes in the region.
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