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    Default Dardevil Silverage :: Value for a Good Cause

    Hey everyone,

    New to the fourm. Awesome place to be and learn and explore our paper adverntures.

    I was lucky enough to find a huge series of Daredevil Silverage in the closet of an old friend. She gave me the comics to sell to raise money for a campaign to save a park in Washington DC.

    See here >>

    The problem is I am not sure what they could fetch as a lot. It may be more of a gift for those who may want to donate money to the cause, but even then I have to tell them how much its worth to deduct from the donation value.

    Any ideas?

    Please take a look and message me.



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    Take a look at these values
    And then detract about 35% off the total price (so all the comics put together. That would seem a reasonable price probably. Too bad #7 isn't in a good condition, it could be worth a lot in a good condition.
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