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    Default Cyberpunk - Virtual reality

    Hi there,

    I hope this is the right sub-forum, I did not find one for general questions and recommendations.

    I am a great fan of Cyberpunk and especially of virtual reality. At the moment I am reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I love movies like Ghost in the Shell and I even watched Sword Art Online, even when it is not that good.

    Since I think the thematic of virtual reality is great for comic books I think that there are some good ones. Unfortunately I don't know any of them. Can you recommend comics which focus on virtual reality? I would prefer graphic novels but I also would like ongoing comic book series.

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    This sub-forum is mostly concentrated on X-Men comics alone. And as someone who has read a lot of X-Men comics I can't come up with many that feature a cyberpunk setting or virtual reality stuff. And I can't really come up with a lot of Marvel comics in general with that subject matter.

    You would probably get best results in other sub-forums like Image Comics or Independents. Maybe mods could move this thread there or something.

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    As JustAnotherFan said, this forum is intended specifically for X-Men books, and they have little in the way of cyberpunk stories. At best, there are a few characters with traits that resemble cyberpunk protagonists, such as Sage and Psylocke. A Marvel book that did deal with virtual reality was the recent Avengers A.I. series, so you could always give that a look.

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