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    Default X-Books Forum FAQ/Mutant Tracker III

    CBR X-Books Forum Frequently Asked Questions Thread

    First off, we’re going to ask that posters please DO NOT RESPOND BY POSTING TO THIS THREAD. If you would like to contribute new information, feel there’s an important question that’s not answered here yet, listed to be answered, or feel an answer to an existing question is in some way incomplete or incorrect, please PM user worstblogever to ask for it to be edited/added. We're asking you don't post directly to minimize the side discussion to the actual information folks are looking for.

    The original X-Books Forum FAQ was created by mattbib sometime in 2005. During a forum update on 1/25/2012, it was unfortunately lost, and second one was created with the blessing of the X-Books moderators in its stead, with the “Mutant Tracker” portion, at least, recovered in its entirety. On 4/30/2014, a complete forum reboot cleared all previous accounts, and threads, so we’ll have to see what links to previous threads can still be recovered this time out. A FAQ thread will remain a work in progress (with some questions currently still listed as, “PENDING WRITE-UP” in future updates). Other questions and answers will be added over time, as the chronology of the comics goes forward, accordingly. Some answers to questions will also provide a link to other online websites that answer the question in greater detail, when possible. Hopefully, this new FAQ will live up to its predecessor with its overall help as a resource to CBR Forums users.

    To skip directly to a post that covers a specific question, feel free to click on the links in the next few posts below to jump to that question/section of the FAQ:

    X-Forum Rules:
    In case you missed it, there's a thread where all the site’s rules are laid out.. Everyone should read that, and you know, comply.

    If you have a specific question that can be asked and answered without debate, please post it in the thread linked below. If it qualifies as a FAQ there is a chance it will later be added to this thread once answered.

    Thread Where You Can Ask Various X-Related Questions PART IV!

    Here's the link to the Recommendations on What X-Books to Pick Up Thread II.

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    Q1: Whatever happened to that one mutant character, (WHATEVER CHARACTER NAME)?

    A1: Check in the “Mutant Tracker” portion of this thread, with begins with post #14 through post #105. This resource was created in December of 2007 on CBR by worstblogever, and is updated each Tuesday, six days after new books hit shelves (to avoid SPOILERS, per moderator request). Alphabetically, each character within it has their last appearance, and last known status of their powers listed, including a few supporting characters that while not mutants, have appeared on an X-Team before. It begins in this thread, on Post #14, though Post #102.

    Q2: What is a mutant?

    Q3: What is a “latent” mutant?

    Q4: What is an "Omega Level" mutant?

    Q5: What is a "secondary" mutation?

    Q6: What was the Genoshan Mutate Bonding Process, in terms of mutation?

    Q7: What is a “killcrop” mutant?

    Q8: What is the difference between a mutant, and a “Neo”?

    Q9: Wasn’t there something about mutant “bloodlines”, mentioned during Chuck Austen’s run as writer on X-Men and what mutant "bloodlines" have already been established?

    Q10: Is ___________ a mutant, or not?

    A10: Easiest way to answer this, again, is to advise that you scroll down to post #12 in this thread, and look at the Mutant Tracker, going through it alphabetically to search for which ever character you're trying to find out if they're a mutant or not.

    Q11: What is the history of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters?

    Q12: Who are the X-Men?

    Q13: What are the ages of the X-Men?

    Q14: I’ve heard that there are alien characters who are also mutants in the X-Men… who are they?

    Q15: In what issue did a character die/get resurrected?

    Q16: What characters has (Character Name) been romantically involved with?
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    Professor X FAQs

    Q17: Shouldn’t Professor X be well into his 80s, if not older? Why does he look so young?

    Q18: Why are there stories where Professor X was in a wheelchair and not others?

    Q19: And I’ve seen Professor X with, and without his powers on a few occasions, what happened?

    Q20: Whatever happened to Xavier’s “Mutant Underground”?

    Q21: What are the Xavier Protocols?

    Jean Grey/Phoenix Force FAQs

    Q22: What is the full explanation behind the Phoenix Force, and its connection to Jean Grey or other characters?

    Wolverine FAQs

    Q23: How old is Wolverine, and does he have a definitive origin or real name?

    Q24: What can you tell me about Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, and adamantium in general?

    Q25: Does Wolverine have any known relations, and is he related to Sabretooth or Wild Child?

    Q26: What is the Muramasa blade that Logan had, and whatever happened to it?

    Cyclops FAQs

    Q27: How does Cyclops’ optic blast power work?

    Q28: Where did Cyclops get his ruby quartz visor?

    Q29: Who was the third Summers brother, other than Cyclops and Havok?

    Nightcrawler FAQs

    Q30: How does Nightcrawler teleport?

    Q31: Whatever happened to Nightcrawler's ability to disappear in shadows?

    Q32: Are Mystique and Azazel really Nightcrawler's parents?

    Colossus FAQs

    Q33: Are Colossus’ eyes vulnerable when he turns into his steel form, or are they steel as well?

    Q34: Does Piotr need to breathe in his steel form?

    Q35: Is Colossus vulnerable to heat or cold in his steel form?

    Angel/Archangel FAQs

    Q36: Warren Worthington III has been both Angel, and Archangel at different points in X-Books, could you clarify for me?

    Beast FAQs

    Q37: I understand Beast has had many incarnations of his mutation, including regular skin, blue furry ape form, and the current blue leonine form… in what issues did his transformations take place?

    Q38: I heard someone on CBR say Beast has committed genocide several times. This can't be true, can it?

    Iceman FAQs

    Q39: I hear a lot of people who say Iceman is gay, what’s their basis for this opinion?

    Rogue FAQs

    Q40: What is the deal with Rogue’s power set?

    Q41: Has Rogue ever absorbed the powers of _________?

    Kitty Pryde FAQs

    Q42: Kitty supposedly has ninja abilties, where and when did she learn this?

    Q43: I remember hearing something about Kitty being one of the Neo. Is this true?

    Q44: I saw a poster say something about Kitty Pryde being a racist. What are they talking about?

    Psylocke FAQs

    Q45: There have been many times where I’ve seen Psylocke displaying a different appearance, or powers… can you explain?

    Havok FAQs

    Q46: Was the "Mutant X" Universe canon, and how did Havok escape from it?

    Polaris FAQs

    Q47: What really is the deal with Polaris’ parentage? I read that way back when, she was told she wasn’t Magneto’s daughter, and now she is his daughter. What happened?

    Q48:I’ve read that Polaris and Zaladane were supposed to be sisters, but with Lorna having been adopted by the Danes, I’m confused if they’re actual sisters or adopted sisters. Which is it?

    Q49: Polaris has had a few power shifts through the years, can you explain?
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    Gambit FAQs
    Q50: Gambit has his card-charging ability, but whatever happened to the powers he had when he was a Horseman?

    Emma Frost FAQs

    Q51: I thought Emma Frost was just a telepath... when did she get diamond powers?

    Q52: I've seen several different versions told about Emma Frost's origins that seem to contradict each other. Can you explain??

    Cable FAQs
    Q53: Why was Cable sent into the future?

    Q54: How does the techno-organic virus affect Cable and his powers and has he ever been without his powers completely due to the infection?

    Q55: What’s the relationship between Cable and Stryfe?

    Q56: Who are the Six Pack, and what is their relationship to Cable?

    Multiple Man FAQs
    Q57: How do Madrox's duplication powers work?

    Cannonball FAQs
    Q58: Cannonball has a bunch of brothers and sisters. How many Guthrie kids are there, anyway?

    Moonstar FAQs
    Q59: Dani Moonstar has had a few different power sets through the years. Can you explain the changes?

    Sunspot FAQs

    Q60: Sunspot has had a few different versions of his powers? Why is that?

    Q61: Are Sunspot and Reignfire both Roberto Dacosta, or aren't they?

    Magik (Ilyana Rasputin) FAQs

    Q62: Magik seems like a complicated power, what with the teleporting, and magical background. How did this come to be?

    Q63: I’m a bit confused about the nature of Magik’s “resurrection”… is that really the original Magik?

    Q64: So what is the Soul Sword?

    Cypher (Doug Ramsey) FAQs

    Q65: What was the relationship between Cypher, Warlock, and Douglock?

    Magma FAQs

    Q66: I've heard something about how Magma's origin has been retconned back and forth between her being a Nova Roman girl named Amara Aquilla as well as an brainwashed English girl named Alison Crestmere. And there was some plot hook about her being Selene’s grandaughter, too. What gives?

    Q67: Magma can fly? When did this start?

    Jubilee FAQs

    Q68: I just read something about how Jubilee is a vampire now. Really?

    Chamber FAQs

    Q69: Chamber has had a few tweaks to his powers, and appearance through the years. What happened?

    Marrow FAQs
    Q70: Marrow has had a few different appearances, and powers. Can you explain?

    Shatterstar FAQs
    Q71: I've heard Shatterstar is somehow Longshot and Dazzler's son from the Mojoverse, yet I also hear he's connected to a character named Benjamin Russell. What is the deal?

    Q72: Shatterstar has shown the ability to teleport. When and how did this start?

    Adam X FAQs
    Q73: Isn’t Adam-X half-alien?

    Q74: Is he the third Summers brother?

    Lifeguard FAQs

    Q75: Isn’t Lifeguard really Shi'ar royalty?

    Fantomex FAQs
    Q76: How does his nervous system and/or powers work?

    Q77: What is "The World"?

    Doop FAQs
    Q78: What is that language that Doop speaks? Is there a translator somewhere?

    X-23 FAQs
    Q79: How was X-23 created by the Facility?

    Q80: How does Trigger Scent work?

    Q81: How are her claws different from Wolverine's?

    Q82: What happened to the rest of the Kinney family?

    Pixie III (Megan Gwynn) FAQs

    Q83: How did Pixie start wielding a Soul Dagger and teleporting, and what's the deal with her having sold part of her soul?

    Hope III FAQs

    Q84: What are Hope's powers, and what is her connection to the Phoenix Force?

    Monet St. Croix FAQs
    Q85: What was Monet’s origin in relation to Penance, and her sisters Claudette and Nicole?

    Mondo FAQs
    Q86: What was the story with Mondo and his “plant simulacrum”?
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    Placeholder for Future Character FAQ INDEX Links.

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    Placeholder for Future X-Team FAQ INDEX Links.

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    X-Men antagonist/villain FAQs

    Magneto/Brotherhood/Acolytes Questions

    Q116: Who is Magneto?

    Q117: Magneto’s origin indicate is well into his 80s, if not older? Why does he look so young?

    Q118: Who has been a member of the Brotherhood?

    Q119: Which writer was "X", the person writing "The Brotherhood" comic for Marvel?

    Q120: What was Asteroid M?

    Q121: Who were the Acolytes?

    Q122: What was Avalon?

    Q123: What is Genosha?

    Q124: Who is Joseph?

    Q125: Who was Xorn, and was he actually Magneto?

    Q126: So if Magneto ran the Brotherhood, did they have any relation to “The Sisterhood”?

    Q127: About Toad... why has he had so many different appearances, and iterations of his powers?

    Mystique/Destiny/Freedom Force FAQs

    Q128: What was Freedom Force?

    Q129: Did Mystique kill her own son, Graydon Creed?

    Q130: Whatever happened to Destiny's Diaries, that were chock full of all her prophecies?

    Juggernaut/Cyttorak FAQs
    Q131: Who is Juggernaut?

    Q132: What is his connection to the Gem of Cyttorak?

    Q133: Who or what is Cyttorak?

    Shadow King FAQs

    Q134: Who is the Shadow King?

    Q135: Did Elias Bogun have some connection to the Shadow King?

    Alpha Flight FAQs

    Q136: What is Alpha Flight?

    Q137: What is Alpha Flight's relationship to Department H?

    Q138: And then what is Beta Flight?

    Q139: What is Gamma Flight?

    Q140: What was Omega Flight?

    Q141: What’s the relationship between Canada’s Flight Program and the Hull House Orphanage?

    Q142: What is Alpha Strike?

    Hellfire Club FAQs

    Q142: What is the Hellfire Club?

    Q143: Who has been a member of the Hellfire Club, or worked with them?

    Q144: Who were the Hellions?

    Q145: What is the Hellfire Academy?

    Morlocks/Gene Nation FAQ

    Q146: Who are the Morlocks?

    Q147: What is the relationship between the Morlocks and Gene Nation?

    Apocalypse FAQs

    Q149: Who is Apocalypse?

    Q150: So is he the oldest mutant?

    Q151: Who has served as one of his Horsemen?

    Q152: Who has been a member of Clan Akkaba, or worked with Apocalypse?

    Mr. Sinister/Marauders FAQs

    Q153: Who is Mr. Sinister?

    Q154: Who are the Marauders?

    Q155: Who are the Nasty Boys?

    Q156: Who else has been known to work with Mr. Sinister?

    Madelyne Pryor FAQs

    Q157: Who is Madelyne Pryor?

    Q158: How many times he she been killed off and still returned?

    Stryfe/Mutant Liberation Front FAQs

    Q159: Who is Stryfe?

    Q160: Who are the Mutant Liberation Front?

    Selene/Externals FAQs

    Q161: Who is Selene?

    Q162: So is Selene the oldest mutant?

    Q163: So who were the Externals?

    Q164: Why don't we ever hear anything about the Externals storyline?

    Sentinels FAQs

    Q165: What are the Sentinels, and what are some of the models of them that have existed?

    Q166: What is Master Mold?

    Q167: What were the Prime Sentinels?

    Q168: What were the “Wild Sentinels”?

    Q169: Who was Bolivar Trask?

    Q170: Who was Stephen Lang?

    Q171: What was "Project: Armageddon"?

    Q172: What was "Project: Wideawake"?

    Q173: What is Nimrod?

    Q174: What is Bastion?

    Human/Cyborg Mutant Hater FAQs

    Q175: Who was Cameron Hodge?

    Q176: Who is Lady Deathstrike?

    Q177: Who are the Reavers?

    Q178: Who is Reverend Stryker?

    Q179: Who is the Leper Queen?

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    X-Men antagonist/villain FAQs, continued

    Savage Land FAQs

    Q180: Where and what is the Savage Land?

    Q181: Who is Sauron?

    Q182: Who was Zaladane?

    Q183: Who is/was Garokk?

    Q184: Who or what are the Savage Land Mutates?

    Arcade FAQs

    Q185: Who is Arcade?

    Ahab FAQs

    Q186: Who is Ahab?

    Vargas FAQs

    Q187: Who is Vargas?

    Trevor Fitzroy FAQs

    Q188: Who is Trevor Fitzroy?

    Omega Red FAQs

    Q189: Who is Omega Red?

    Ani-Mator FAQs

    Q190: Who was the Ani-Mator?

    Emplate FAQs

    Q191: Who is Emplate?

    Q192: Who had he made into one of his servants?

    Cassandra Nova FAQs

    Q193: Who is Cassandra Nova?

    Q194: What is her relative relationship to Ernst?

    Q195: I heard she is actually possessing Armor, is this true?

    John Sublime FAQs

    Q196: Who is John Sublime?

    Q197: Who are the U-Men?

    Q198: Who are Lobe and the Sublime?

    Shi'ar Empire FAQs

    Q199: What is the Shi’ar Empire?

    Q200: Who has ruled the Shi’ar Empire, that we know of?

    Q201: What are some of the alien races that are a part of the Shi’ar Empire?

    Q202: Who has been a member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard?

    Q203: Who and what are the Shi’ar Death Commandos?

    Q204: What is the M’Kraan Crystal?

    Other Extraterrestrial X-Men Characters FAQs

    Q205: What is a Technarch?

    Q206: What are the Phalanx?

    Q207: What are the Brood?

    Q208: Then what are the Acanti?

    Q209: What are the Dire Wraiths?

    Q210: What are the Uncreated?

    Q211: Who was Gosamyr?

    Adversary FAQs

    Q212: What was the Adversary?

    Q213: What did he have to do with Haven?

    Limbo FAQs

    Q214: What is Limbo?

    Q215: Who is Belasco?

    Q216: What is the history of the Bloodstone Amulet?

    Q217: Who is S’ym?

    Q218: Who is N’astirh?

    Q219: Who is Witchfire?

    Misc. Demon FAQs

    Q220: What are the N’Garai?

    Q221: What is the N’Garai Cairn?

    Q222: Who is Kierrok?

    Q223: And what are their relationship to Pilgrimm and the Ru’Tai?

    Mojoverse FAQs

    Q224: What is the Mojoverse?

    Q225: Who is Mojo?

    Q226: Who is Spiral?

    Q227: Who is Arize?

    Q228: So what do Longshot and Shatterstar have to do with the Mojoverse?

    Weapon X FAQs

    Q229: What is the Weapon X Project?

    Q230: What is “The Facility”?

    Q231: Did they ever get their hands on the Native?

    Q232: What is the creature(s) known as Predator X(s)?

    Q233: Who were the Adamantium Men?

    Q234: Do we know what all the Weapons produced by Weapon Plus were?

    Ogun FAQs

    Q235: Who is Ogun?

    Daken FAQs

    Q236: Wait a minute, Daken is Wolverine's son? He has one? Since when?

    Q237: Are his powers identical to Wolverine's?

    Q238: Whatever happened to that claw he had coated in metal from the Muramasa blade?

    Q239: What is the deal with Daken's sexuality?

    Children of the Vault FAQs

    Q240: Who are the Children of the Vault?

    Q241: What is Quitado?

    Red Right Hand FAQs

    Q242: Who were the Red Right Hand?

    Q243: Who were the Mongrels?

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    Q244: What happened after the events of X-Men (vol. 1) #66, and Giant-Size X-Men #1, with the original X-Men?

    Q245: What is the “Days of Future Past” timeline?

    Q246: Who were “The Twelve”, that Master Mold was so worried about?

    Q247: What happened during the “Mutant Massacre”?

    Q248: What is the Siege Perilous?

    Q249: Whatever happened to the X-Men’s invisibility to detection by technological devices, granted by Roma after “Fall of the Mutants”?

    Q250: What is “Otherworld”, and its relationship to the Captain Britain Corps?

    Q251: What are some of the other Captain Britains, from other realities?

    Q252: What is the relationship between Mad Jim Jaspers and The Fury, and the Captain Britain Corps?

    Q253: What’s the deal with Courtney Ross/Saturnyne/Sat-Yr-9?

    Q254: What was “Inferno” about?

    Q255: Whatever happened to the babies that N’Astirh intended to sacrifice to gain power?

    Q256: What happened during "X-Tinction Agenda"?

    Q257: What happened during "X-Cutioner's Song"?

    Q258: What is the Legacy Virus?

    Q259: Is the X1N1 Flu the Legacy Virus?

    Q260: What is the story with Bishop’s future?

    Q261: What was the “Age of Apocalypse”?

    Q262: Who or what is Onslaught, and what created it?

    Q263: What was the “Mutant X” Universe?

    Q264: What happened during the “Six Month Gap?”

    Q265: What was Mutant Town?

    Q266: What caused the Decimation?

    Q267: How did the Scarlet Witch’s spell take away some mutants’ powers and X-genes, and not others?
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    X-Men Chronology FAQs:X-Books Chronology, Continued

    Q268: Who is Hope Summers, and how is she the “Mutant Messiah”?

    Q269: What, and who are the "Five Lights"?

    Q270: Why did the X-Men leave Westchester, and the school after “Messiah CompleX”?

    Q271: Why did the X-Men leave the Marin Base in San Francisco?

    Q272: What was Utopia?

    Q273: Who was a resident on Utopia?

    Q274: Were there any teams or squads formed on Utopia?

    Q275: What is the X-Brig, and who was in it?

    Q276: What was “Necrosha”?

    Q277: Who all was brought back from the dead during Necrosha?

    Q278: Is there a chance that any of them survived Selene’s culling?

    Q279: What was the “Age of X”?

    Q280: What was the “Schism”?

    Q281: Who definitely stayed on Utopia after “Schism”?

    Q282: Who definitely went back to Westchester, New York, to be a part of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning?

    Q283: What happened during “AvX”?
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    Placeholder for Future Character FAQ INDEX Links.
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    The X-Book Fan’s Cerebra: Mutant Tracker

    This thread is intended as a resource, to report on the last issue that specific X-characters (1733 at last count) appeared in, what X-Team they’re on, and if they have any alterations to their physical well being (including depowering, power-changes, physical mutation, major injury, coma, death). The initial entries were based off of the following online sources: Uncanny, Marvel Unofficial Appendix,, and Past that, updates and additions were made with the help of other X-Forum members.

    Further update notifications are more than welcome, by Private Message. If a character's appearance doesn’t change their entry much, like if Beast appears as a consultant on a screen talking to one of the Avengers, or if Wolverine ends up in his sixth book of the month and beats up a guy in the bar, I appreciate the update, but there’s nothing necessarily there to merit a change of their first page entry. Some exceptions to the rule may apply (relevant human supporting characters, or instances like Warlock or Deadpool).

    To keep this thread spoiler-free, entries cannot be based off of previews, or solicits. Until the following Tuesday, six days after the issue hits the stands, it will not be posted here to keep this thread SPOILER FREE. Keep your eyes open every week, everyone.

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    Aardwolf (Chon Li): Status as a mutant unconfirmed. Status after the Decimation unknown. Aardwolf, a Madripoor criminal and one time associate of Night Thrasher had the power to transform into a werewolf-like creature. He was never specified as a mutant, but was believed to have been one. It can only be speculated then, whether or not the Decimation would have affected him. Last Appearance: Night Thrasher (vol. 2) #4.

    Abomination II (???, Morlock): Status after the Decimation unknown. This Morlock emerged from the sewers of Brooklyn to go on a rampage, only to be referred to as “Abomination“ by Magneto, who quickly subdued him by entangling him in girders. He has not been seen since. Last Appearance: Magneto (vol. 2) #1.

    Absalom (???): Deceased. Absalom was an External with enhanced speed and strength, as well as bone spurs projecting from his body. He died when his life energy was drained by Selene in X-Force (vol. 1) #54. He turned up alive only to be killed by his fellow External, Gideon. Last Appearance: Cable (vol. 1) #154.

    Abyss (Nils Styger): Lost his teleportation powers to the Decimation. This led Abyss to join the X-Cell terrorist organization in New York City. He was last seen with the other members of X-Cell after being rescued from Dr. Hoffman. Last Appearance: All New X-Factor #2.

    Adahm ???: Status after the Decimation unknown. Adahm was a telekinetic Quebecois mutant who could also fire mental blasts. He was last seen being kicked into a trash can by Batroc the Leaper. Last appearance: Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 1) #139.

    Adam-X (Adam Neramani aka Adam-X the X-Treme aka X-Treme): Retained his X-gene after the Decimation. Adam’s lineage is half-human mutant and half Shi’ar. While never revealed on page, Adam was to be the son of Emperor D’Ken and Kate Summers, half-brother to Cyclops and Havok. Adam’s power was that of a hematokinetic, or that he had the power to cause blood exposed to oxygen to ignite. He was last seen battling the Worthy-possessed Juggernaut in San Francisco. Last Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (vol. 1) #542.

    Aero (Melody Guthrie): Depowered on M-Day. Melody is currently living with her siblings on the Guthrie Family Farm in Kentucky after losing her power of flight after the Decimation. Last Appearance: X-Men (vol. 2) #203.

    Agee, Rebecca: Status after the Decimation unknown. Rebecca was the sister of Dr. Aubree Agee, who was greatly disfigured in an attempt to turn her into a baseline human. Last appearance: Uncanny X-Men (vol. 1) #357.

    Aggasiz, Antonio: Deceased. Antonio Aggasiz was a Brazilian mutant with the power to teleport through other dimensions. He was killed by Yevegny-Malevitch Volga. Last Appearance: X-Force (vol. 4) #3.

    Aguilera, David: Deceased. David Aguilera’s name was revealed on Magneto’s database to honor mutants killed by the actions of humans. Last Mentioned: Magneto (vol. 3) #4.

    Agustin, ???: Deceased. Agustin’s name was partially revealed on Magneto’s database to honor mutants killed by the actions of humans. Last Mentioned: Magneto (vol. 3) #4.

    Ahab (Rory Campbell): Not a mutant, but a human cyborg. Ahab was last seen fleeing the Xavier Institute after attacking the X-Men with Prestige. Last Appearance: Extermination #5.

    Ahmed ???: Status after the Decimation unknown. Ahmed was a telekinetic mutant with blue skin and four arms who was a member of Melek's tunnel-dwelling community under Mutant Town. He was last seen helping Melek shut off District X's electricity. Last appearance: District X #9.

    Airhead (???): Believed to be a mutant, but never confirmed as one. Status after the Decimation unknown. Airhead had the power to inflate her head with something lighter than air that could help her to float. She was last seen being defeated by the Power Pack. Last Appearance: Power Pack (vol. 1) #32.

    Alchemist I (???): Status after the Decimation unknown. The Alchemist was a decades- or even centuries-old mutant with the power to change substances into other substances, who fancied herself Britain's answer to Charles Xavier. She was last seen arrested after being winged by Harold Wisdom. Last appearance: Pryde and Wisdom #3.

    Alchemist II (???): Deceased. This Alchemist was a mutant man whose touch could turn objects to gold. His corpse was being hunted for in Brazil, because his powers still worked, even after he was killed. Last Mentioned: Mystique #13.

    Alchemy (Thomas Jones): Deceased. Retained his powers to transmute matter to other base elements after M-Day, and was part of the 198 mutants living on the grounds of the Xavier Institute just after the Decimation. He was killed while dispersing one of the two Terrigen Mist clouds that were spreading M-Pox. Last Appearance: Death of X #4.

    Alex (Morlock) ???: Current status after M-Day unknown. Alex was an amorphous humanoid Morlock who could engulf foes like an amoeba. It is undetermined if he retained his powers after M-Day. Last Appearance: Ghost Rider (vol. 3) #9.

    Alex (Project Purgatory) ???: Possibly deceased. Retained his powers after the Decimation. Alex is a member of Project Purgatory, a group aged from the “Inferno Babies”, a group of mutants who were originally kidnapped by N’astirh to be sacrificed in a demonic ritual, then rescued by X-Factor, then taken by Freedom Force and given to military scientists, who raised them in Limbo in the hopes that they would become a platoon of powerful mutant soldiers. Alex is a purple amorphous humanoid able to engulf foes like an amoeba and was last seen facing down the Elder Gods in Limbo. He is believed, however, to have been on a transport train with the survivors of Project Purgatory, that was destroyed by Cannonball in New Mutants (vol. 3) #21. Last Appearance: New Mutants (vol. 3) #21.

    Alex ???: Deceased. Alex was a mutant telepath, killed the first time he used his secondary power of bio-blasts, at Empire State University, consumed by them. Last Mentioned: Chamber #4.
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    Alice ???: Current status unknown, likely deceased. Alice was a Genoshan mutate who was last seen apologizing to Prodigal after dropping a tray of his food. If she was still living in Genosha after surviving its civil war, and living there during Magneto’s reign when Cassandra Nova’s Sentinels attacked, she would likely have been killed in that massacre. Last appearance: X-Factor (vol. 1) #89.

    Alistair ???: Status after the Decimation unknown.Alistair was a gargoyle-like mutant who was last seen turning down an offer from Beast and Iceman to come live at the Xavier Institute, instead choosing to live at the Museum of Oddities. Last Appearance: X-Men: First Class Special #1.

    Almente, Lauren: Deceased. Lauren Almente’s name was revealed on Magneto’s database to honor mutants killed by the actions of humans. Last Mentioned: Magneto (vol. 3) #4.

    Alpha (aka Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant): Some would classify Alpha as a mutant, others a science-created mutate. Status after the Decimation unknown. Alpha is believed to be living off the planet Earth. Alpha was a mutant created by Magneto, who would eventually deem himself to have evolved too far beyond life on Earth, and left to live among the stars. Last Appearance: Quasar #15.

    Alphonse ???: Status after the Decimation unknown. Alphonse was the human/catfish hybrid doorman at the Club Orleans, who was last seen being told off by his boss, Orlean Cooper. Last appearance: Gambit (vol. 4) #1.

    Amalgam (??? Aka The Angel of Death): Status after the Decimation unknown. Amalgam can permanently siphon and store the personality matrix and genetic code of another living being within her group mind. Last Appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual (vol. 1) #16.

    Amber ??? (Empire State University): Current status unknown after M-Day. Amber was a shapeshifting mutant attending Empire State University, and was last seen after smacking Chamber in the face. Last Appearance: Chamber #4.

    Amber ??? (Academy X): Deceased. Amber’s powers were never specified. She was apparently the youngest student killed on the bus leaving Academy X by the Purifiers. Last Mentioned: New X-Men (vol. 2) #28.

    Ames, Elsa: Lost her powers prior to the Decimation. Elsa was a French mutant born with gill slits in her neck that allowed her to survive underwater. When last seen Elsa had met and fell in love with a surface man and undergone and operation to close her gill slits and be able to live with him on the surface world. Unknown to her he had also undergone and operation to be able to survive with her underwater which would end up parting the two lovers forever. Last Appearance: Strange Tales (vol. 1) #41.

    Aminedi (???): Deceased. This member of Desert Sword had the power to transform into air particles, and move at super-speed. He died of the Legacy Virus. Last Appearance: New Mutants (vol. 1) Annual #7.

    Amp (Michelle ???): Current status after M-Day unknown. Michelle was a mutant with the power to project her emotions into others, but had yet to develop control over them. She was last seen leaving for Muir Island with a teenaged Siryn. Last Appearance: Wolverine: First Class #6.

    Amp II (Zach ???): Developed mutant powers after the Decimation. Amp II has the power to . enchance the mutant powers of others. He was last seen waking from a stupor, after unwittingly using his powers to make Typhoid Mary more potent. Last Appearance: Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist #1.

    Ampere (???): Status after the Decimation unknown. Ampere had the powers of energy and light projection, and was a member of the Circle of Pavane, a group of Transian mutants led by his father, who battled the Avengers. Last Appearance: Avengers (vol. 1) #377.

    Amphibius (???): Amphibius is not a mutant, but a Savage Land Mutate created by Magneto who appears like a human/frog hybrid. He was last seen attacking Japanese sailing vessels with the Savage Land Mutates. Last Appearance: New Mutants (vol. 3) #10.

    Amy ???: Developed the ability to create hard-light holographic images from the memories of others after the Decimation. She was killed by Magneto, because she inadvertently pulled his memory of the concentration camp guard, Hitzig, from his memories by accident, and eliminating him meant having to also kill her. Last Appearance: Magneto (vol. 3) #17.

    Anais (???): Status unknown after M-Day. Anais was a metamorph who could shift forms into many animals, or appear as a human/animal hybrid with enhanced reflexes and a healing factor. She was one of the worshippers of Apocalypse who was seeking out Cyclops after “The Twelve” in the hopes she would be the new host for his essence. Last Appearance: X-Men: The Search for Cyclops #3.

    Anarchist (Tike Alicar): Deceased. This member of X-Statix could produces blasts of acid, and was gunned down by helicopter gunships on their last mission, and has been revealed to have gone to Hell in the X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl miniseries. Last Appearance: X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #5.
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