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    Quote Originally Posted by spidergwen View Post
    I wish that were the case. I stumbled onto this on RCO last night, issue #73. And I've only been reading the ones with Gwen on it, but I've caught two separate instances of Peter catching someone properly before Gwen's death.
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    EDIT: how does everyone else upload their stuff in HD? -_-
    Copy the image source from where we get scans and use an img tag.
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    Ah fml, it's not working for me. It said the file was too large. -_-
    "Sins Past" was deliberate character assassination (the writers admitted to pulling it out of thin air) and the OG Gwen was nothing but fiercely loyal to Peter Parker and it got her killed.

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    Happy New Year everybody.

    I know recently this thread had gotten a bit heated and that hurt the fun aspect that this fan thread and others should also have. Though it's also good to express opinions and feelings and hopefully have a respectful debate and even talk about various possibilities and hopes. That way who knows what creativity might come about and creativity I feel is fun.

    Looking back in 2018 for Gwen of all versions we had Earth-65 Gwen's Latour, Robbi, and Rico have their bow but also now a new writer and artist team that came in and starting the 2019 year with Gwen heading back to Earth-65 and having adventures there. Here cheers and best wishes to her new team and run. Like many long running series teams come and go but the possible impact and tales they make might last for a long time hopefully is the best ways.

    IDW's Marvel Adventures: Spider-man (for younger readers) having a Peter, Miles, and Gwen being the same age that just came out and will continue in 2019 so hopes for a good version and tale/Earth there that readers of all ages might be able to enjoy.

    Also the Gwen presented in the movie "Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-verse" is becoming many people's first Spider-Woman/Gwen (as well Miles and many in that cast of characters presented) as movies have that reach beyond many other forms of media. Wonderfully the film is not just loved but so are the characters in it including that Gwen.

    I remembered when the comics had Miles and Gwen have a story arc and hints of romance and how people on this forum and other was against it. However for the people not on this site but saw the movie the fanart and support for a Miles and Gwen version having a romance is very much supported with no anti comments in the same level or mentioned. Who knows what future new worlds and animated shows and video games that uses these characters might presented but I wouldn't be shock if this movie sets a direction or influencing factor for Peter, MJ, Gwen, and Miles as well as if they have age differences or not.

    So now heading into 2019 we have Ghost-Spider: Spider-Gwen continuing and also a rumored Spider-Women squeal movie and hints of the makers of the recent film pushing the Miles and Gwen ship foward. I'm sure also that with the Spider-man PS4 game being a huge hit a squeal will be in the works and who knows who else in Spider lore will show up (fingers cross for Gwen and her being well written and awesome version). Also I hope that Spider-Verse will be nominated for a Oscar in the animation category showing respect and further congrating the team that made it (Sony's teams in the past lost hope from past productions but the team hard work paid off with quality).

    I would also hope it will do better than the recent Grinch animated film in the box office but I feel with a few things will be going against the film: Sony studio and animation has had a bad past making people lose hope in them and that lack of faith factor for some possible blocks seeing any film they will make despite the praises from critics, Superheroes and animation doesn't have the best history in the Movie Box Office (Batman: Mask of the Phantom) unless it's from Pixar, animation in itself has a stigma that pushes some people away, with Aquaman out and people picking one 'superhero' movie to see due to funds and time the odds are in favor for Aquaman, lastly some people might see the different style of animation in some ads and might not be feeling it being different vs seeing the grand tone and tribute it is. Still with all of that it's doing very well I think in a crowded Holiday season.

    Once agian Happy New Year everybody!

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