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    Gurat-Holt NX-115 Hammerhead Gunship (lead interdiction craft Ryzar's Siege armies)

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    Lt Kara Flynn- wielder of the Scythedriver- or at least she will be come her revised uniform (second image)

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    Granger-Orbach G-3S Hummingbird Medical Freighter

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    Time-faring Voidernaut Trooper

    "This is a temporal quarantine zone. You may take your chances wearing these explosivests to go down the line and eliminate your earliest identified ancestors... or await the hour and face the arrival from the coming Dark Age of your final known descendants. We strongly recommend the former."

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    Aldarus Orbis Terrarum- International map of Gods' primary planet Aldar

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    Concept for Theeldor City as seen from cave of Mount Ryzar.

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    Concept sketch and painting of Gods' Lord of the Dead, Dargoth

    "It may well be true that death as a fate is nothing to be afraid of. But Death as a person..."

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    Mt Ryzar power chamber

    "I'm getting the feeling this 'free energy' supply isn't so free."

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    Early concept promo painting

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    Gods' protagonists' leader is the Scryer, Elder white witch of the ancient so-called Council of Light. Now relegated to spectral form, her holographic projection rune allows her to command the field of battle from her lieutenants' gunship the Cerebus.

    "'Thread that crossfire,' she says. Like she's got a body to lose!" - Cerebus Captain Lloyd Raines.

    Assisting the Scryer is her triune of druidic adepts, the Light Council- borne in their shuttle Lazarus

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    Ryzar's Grand Vizier, Dr Jelial Quaril.

    "The first rule of psychological warfare is to realise we're all our own worst enemy. Let the enemy to frag themselves up."

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    Close-up of Fortress superstructure

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    Slayers of Valdor, capital nation of the planet Aldar.

    "It takes more than a whole mess of firepower to hold off a wave of Stormkings- but it helps."

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    More mechs here. The Battlelords- fanatical disciples of the mountain fortress lord Ryzar - have at their disposal a league of flying and ambulatory attack vehicles with which to rout the almost completely unprepared populations of the planet Aldar and the wider Gods cosmos...

    "You hear somethin?"

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    Cade Cyger and Nargun

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