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    "On wings of fire seek fleshbound realm, 'tis sight profane face thy gilded glare."

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    Starstriker First Officer Bovasso- Reya Systems GR-1 FRAD Class Navigation Vorg.

    "You just flytipped it into one of the holiest known relics ever! I coulda squeezed another half parsec outta that core!"

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    Theeldor City overlooking Lake Jarede

    "Barricade's history- we need to fall back to downtown!"
    "Downtown? Where in hell've you been, Thompson?"

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    Dargian Leviathan Class SST-12 Battlecruiser.

    "So much for the face your saved with all your bridge-burning, Tieron!"
    "Ah- Commander Strathern- Dargians astern! Battlecruiser- and it's with the President!"
    "Yeah, well 'scuse me if I don't break out the party poppers, Walden."

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    Rangar Pejoran- five-foot Kestarian psionic spy from the Breslen system.

    "Ghan vok rankri smon dastra"
    "Let's see if he flies as well as he spills his guts to incursors."
    "Rang, how 'bout you just sit this one out okay- I got this."

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    Another promo pic

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    Captain Rayken Shorde of the fighting freighter Starstriker. A notorious industrial saboteur-for-hire and freebooter, Shorde nevertheless throws his weight behind the Hold's plight against the incursion of the Dark Gods into his adopted realm.

    Shorde was condemned to be encased in his battlemask from birth, yet he remains oblivious that his mentor- for not entirely altruistic reasons- recently impanted his false memory that the 'casket' is but a recent and voluntary affectation.

    Shorde's true identity could spell salvation or damnation for the besiged worlds of the Gods universe.

    "Oh- uh... Hi, Ray. Didn't, uh- didn't see you there. Guess, uh- guess you need to get going, now that old jalopy of yours's good to hit sky, huh?"
    "Be a while yet. Your mother’s well?”
    “Huh? Oh- yeah. Yeah, she’s ok. Bit of chest infection, third this year so she’s a bit down... plus what with this whole end of the world deal'll n' all-"
    “Good. Good.”

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    Court martialled demolitionist Dannick McQ is nobody's idea of a hero, but nobody could ever accuse him on not following through on an assignment.

    "I know. But, see, working back from my list, seems there's still this thing hanging over everything since Outpost K. Kind of embarrassing, really- hate to even bring it up, but more than that I hate loose ends. 'Specially when it comes to someone's failure to discharge his duty..."
    "Fragging hell, Dan- are you serious??"

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    Fundamental to Ryzar's conquest of the universe's oldest surviving planet is the lifeforce-shielded, endless labyrinth of rock encasing the dark god's Command & Control Centre. Every shard-laden turn among its stratosphere-scraping mesas leads to a warren of searing defense mechanisms and spectral sentries with which evolution never intended to burden the world.

    "You have no cause to hide. We know you want peace. We seek only to bring you that gift."

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    Much of the ubiquitous and seemingly homogeneous debris roaming the cosmos is abundant with bounties of which man knows nothing, but the war machine of Ryzar's Black Legion knows plenty.

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    Ceremonial regalia adorning Mt Ryzar's processional avenue halls.

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    Gaunt processing chamber- from the realm of life, to the Great Beyond.

    "The inside... is the same as the outside. There's nothing to separate them except our insistence. You understand?"
    "Uuuuh... no."
    "I really have been carrying you all these years, haven't I Drayton?"

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    Bax Harriman... reptilian scrap iron dealer- in truth, a sideline to the his sidearm dealing.

    Since he won't let anyone else test his merchandise, he is very proficient with them- and very lucky... and hence not a lizard you want to cross, especially when you've got an army of undead fascist shocktroopers on your back.

    Bax is is himself on the run from Arch Deacon Lest Radan's order of psychic monks, who have not taken kindly to a missed shipment of motor-razor mines needed to protect their monumentally valuable cache of Lost War relics.

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    Hold sharpshooter Stengaard Pasha can thread a bullet through the eye of a needle a mile off in a hurricane... but has still sight a decent barber.


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    The Scryer, chief druidess of the Lightlord Council and leader of the Hold resistance against the millennium-gestating- and now full blown- Great Incursion into our dimension.

    "You've lost it Scryer- it's force that'll win this war- not whatever peacenik hocus-pocus you've been cooking up while the world's burning!"
    "You're a very aggressive man, aren't you, Major Cyger?"

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