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    Quote Originally Posted by FishyZombie View Post
    Hi everyone! So I haven't been on this site long but its easy to see the divide in the GL fanbase between Hal, John, Kyle and Guy. And I understand that, everyone has their favorites and whatnot but here is my problem: I keep hearing people say that favorite version has been sidelined, and its usually John and Kyle fans. But that never made any sense to me. Its not a Flash situation where they bench whoever Barry or Wally whenever dc decides to push the other. All of those characters have had their own ongoing solo titles recently. And frankly Hal doesn't seem to be doing all that much better than them. Then again I've also heard people who theorized that Hal was getting sidelined at one point or another. So why does this complaint keep coming up?
    My thought on this:
    -- "Emerald Twilight" coincided with the initial boom of the internet and message boards, etc. (roughly) And of course that was like a Flash situation in that all other GL's aside from Kyle were sidelined. It gave a voice to those who felt angry about the story and the wars there not only cemented but fueled people's allegiance to "their" GL. And it kept escalating from there until the dividing lines became somewhat entrenched.
    -- and also, it's fandom - there's nothing rational about fandom. (it came from "fanatic" after all )

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    As an aside, DC's artists used Martin Milner as the original model for Guy Gardner.

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