View Poll Results: Ho many comic will you buy from Marvel after SW is over?

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  • I will buy more comics from Marvel .. this is all hot stuff

    50 36.50%
  • I will buy the usually amout.. those guys rocks

    29 21.17%
  • I will reduce my purchases a bit ... not that I'm unhappy

    10 7.30%
  • I will reduce my purchases a lot .. Marvel has a hard way ahead

    23 16.79%
  • I will or I have stopped buying them .. this is a ugly story

    13 9.49%
  • I don't know I must see how things turn out...a uncertain and hard question

    12 8.76%
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    Quote Originally Posted by cc008 View Post
    I voted that I'll buy more because there are increased Deadpool books that I'm excited about. Every single one. Not like the last time this happened when they were all crap. This time around... with Kelly and McGuinness on one... Nicieza writing a Deadpool & Cable team up and Duggan back on the ongoing AND Uncanny Avengers.. how can I not be excited?
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    I only got back into Marvel recently (nearly last year) due to me wanting to follow Sam Wilson's history and collect Black Panther comics, I was too young to understand half of what was gong on during my read through but not that I reflect on it, I really liked the tone of the character.

    So yeah, Hickman sucked me into his twisted world of exposition.
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