So I've not read or really paid much attention to anything going on in Secret Wars. I read the recent Hulk book and although it wasn't perfect I liked it. Main problem was it was a bit rushed, which I assumed was to get ready for Secret Wars and pick up again after, there were still dangling plot threads. However now we're getting a completely new Hulk, with no mention of what is happening with Banner. Have they just put the Omega Hulk storyline to bed in the hope no one remembers it when the inevitable return of Banner Hulk happens? Or has Banner's storyline all been tied up in Secret Wars? Or will it continue into All-New-Totally-Awesome-Radical-Brilliant-Fantastic-Uncanny-Amazing-Astonishing-Hulk?

I hope Secret Wars has been worth it for everyone who cares about it, as it's been a bit of a pain in the a*** for those of us not interested.