Hey guys and gals,

A message from your friendly mod team,

We require a couple of posters to create and maintain the first(and second/third etc) posts in both the DC and Marvel Hardcover megathreads. These will be new threads, based on the existing ones which will be closed once the new versions have been created. I've been keeping both the DC and Marvel threads updated for a while now, I've been a bit slack updating them lately and being a mod means I've focused more on the overall forum. So we need some fresh posters to do it.

These are important resources for the community, and keeping them up to date is much more helpful than their current state. We're envisioning copying over the existing framework and making sure the releases etc are up to date. If you're interested pm myself, SJNeal or Balakin.

Also like to put out a shout out to Kalitarix for providing monthly HC solicits, thanks.

One to MartinNL for keeping the General Omnibus thread running.

And last but not least, Omnibus, who keeps the list of OOP marvel Omnibus up to date. You da real MVP.