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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncanny X-Man View Post
    A new Darkness comic by Matt Hawkins and Tom Grindberg was announced first, then another written by Marc Silvestri, apparently due this year. A Witchblade relaunch by Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina was also in the works but also failed to materialise so far.

    I agree that Top Cow has a lot of great IPs and some good creators could indeed do wonders with them. I believe they luck the funding and resources to kick-start it all again though.

    They’ve been saying this for years though.

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    I read Switch recently and i thought it was a fun YA take on the Artifacts. I was thinking Tony was Jackie's son when I read it.

    I'm hoping it gets adapted into an animated series like Netflix's take on Castlevania.

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    Yeah hope too cow gets an adaption or something they need more love

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