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    Post 10,000 or P10K.
    So what can I say that hasn’t been spurting off my keyboard for the last 9,999 posts? Plus however many I had before the Crisis of Infinite CBRs.
    It’s been a lot of fun. I have put considerable time and effort into this hobby, but I also realize I have been very fortunate. Or **** lucky might be a more accurate phrase. I started being really enamored with the Fantastic Four just when Kirby left. I had a few older issues, but really got into it in early 1971. In those days, I was a definite Marvel Zombie, seeing much of DC’s output as either too childish or not to my liking. But cut me some slack. I was a preteen.
    Time passed, the boxes under the bed started to fill up and to the astonishment of friends and family, I showed no signs of losing interest. Sure, my tastes changed mostly by expansion but I glided into my early adult years still a comic book fanboy. Family and a child who really wasn’t interested in the hobby, but hey kid, more for me.
    While some of my contacts went into the comic shop business, I so wanted to be part of the creative process and when my LCS started putting out copied 8 pg 8.5x11 folded over comics, I was hooked and got into that. I was lucky enough when the shop started published its own black and white run (It was the late eighties and we all wanted to be the next Eastman and Lairds), I and a friend were lucky enough to get a few issues done and published. The corporate word would have been “A Mini Series all along” but the sales tanked and three issues was all it lasted.
    That previously mentioned 8.5x11 foldover featured the LCS owner’s childhood creation and I had done a book length script for that which I offered up but nothing was done. At least for almost twenty years. Then I got word asking if I would be OK if the story was published. I thought about it for almost a whole nanosecond before saying “yes”. The art was done by Andy Fish who has some real professional credits of his own. The cover was a commission of that creation done by Gene Colan which was then inked by Tom Palmer. The book was a true vanity publication, but so what? I have a published story with a Colan/Palmer cover. And yes, that is true **** luck.
    So now, this is me. My pen name is my college newspaper comic strip character.
    I’ll don the mask and wear the cape
    If I am super, how can I wait?

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    Hello. I'm new. Duh lol. Just a chill dude who appreciates man, women and others in capes and tights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherHerb View Post
    Hello. I'm new. Duh lol. Just a chill dude who appreciates man, women and others in capes and tights.
    Welcome to the party!

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    So. Name is JT Thompson. Retired soldier, current teacher, long time comic book reader. Used to be here a long time ago, but some changes were made that I did not want to support, so I bowed out. Ran across a story the other day about CBR leadership changing and an effort being made to get the site back to basics, so I figured I would give this a try again. Really enjoyed my time here and hope to again. So...

    ...howdy all. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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    My name is David Stair. If you enjoy any of Team builds , observations or half assed whitticisms. Feel free to find me over at Facebook or Gram me over at Instagram or whatever the hell they do.

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