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    Default Maybe George Miller wasn't such a good choice for Superman

    There was an interview on IGN that pretty much Miller is in the "too powerful, so it's boring" bandwagon. Can someone post the link so the others can see. I'm in my IPad.

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    He made a good point that Superman's powers mean that internally driven stories akin to Greek myth are better than external action driven stories.

    Which is true. Best Supermsn stories,

    For The Man Who Has Everything (internally driven story about a guy who has everything imaginable but longs for the one thing he will never have)

    Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow: internally driven story about Superman's last stand and where he draws the line.

    All Star: internally driven story about the Man of Steel dealing with his mortality

    Kingdom Come: internally driven

    Literally all the best silver she stories are more Star Trek than Star Wars.

    When the concept is a perfect guy, you can't give him conventional challenges and expect people to be wowed that Superman did what he was expected to do. You have to go deeper and find the uniqueness of his position.

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    His comments could be interpreted either way, I think. Still disappointed as hell that he's definitively off the project, even given how balls-out crazy his Justice League movie was apparently going to be. (If you haven't read about what would have happened in it...well, suffice it to say I doubt he's a guy who would have had problems with the end of MOS)
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