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    Default Review: Invincible Iron Man #1

    With Secret Wars behind us (oh no, wait…it’s not behind us because of some unexplained delays), it’s time to discover the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe! This week saw the start of eight new titles but I believe that Invincible Iron Man #1 was the standout best issue, earning my “Book of the Week” stamp of approval.

    This review contains no spoilers.

    Story and Writing

    The first thing you’ll notice about all of the books from this week is that they make no reference to the catalyst of this new world – Secret Wars. The status quo is already established and we jump right into a world where multiple factions of the Avengers team exist, comprised of all of our favorite characters with some exhibiting slight alterations from the pre-Battleworld continuity. Invincible Iron Man is no exception and opens to a world that has already accepted Tony Stark as a hero. I immediately noticed that this book doesn’t feel like the old Marvel Universe; it’s edgier, self-aware, and more emotional without being sappy. I like it.

    The good folks at Marvel chose Brian Michael Bendis to craft this new Iron Man series. Being that this prolific writer is one of the heroes that shaped the Marvel Universe into what we knew and loved, he is the natural choice for the role. Tony Stark has always been the man of the future, so far ahead of the curve that no one else can even see the curve. Now, though, technology has caught up to his advancements and the world is no longer excited by a metal superhero, the worst nightmare for an egotistical billionaire inventor. So naturally, Tony needs to be noticed again and this story arc seems to be his journey to invent something worth noticing. But this isn’t all that clear yet as the story is still in its early stages, only hinting at what’s to come. This issue only introduces the elements of the story but doesn’t give any direction yet, which would be boring if written by most authors but Bendis knows exactly how keep a steady pace while putting puzzle pieces into place.

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    I just read this comic , really enjoyed the new look and feel of this book . I like how it seems to stand on its own a fresh start . I like the new A I .

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    The art was excellent, but the writing suffered from the usual problem Bendis has. Every time I try one of his high profile new relaunches, I'm disappointed. It's the same problem every time: decompression.
    I mean, the whole first page of this issue is a dialogue-free sequence of a man getting out of a car. Then it spends another two pages to show us Madame Masque is the villain. Contemporaneous writers like Mark Waid, Charles Soule and Al Ewing are able to squeeze such sequences down to a few panels, and fill the rest of the space with more character moments and faster moving plots.
    Bendis' quippy, irreverent style of writing is still entertaining (the joke with Thor was gold), and his stories always have a great 'hook'. But there's just not enough value, in story-per-issue terms, to keep me reading.
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    I understand with a new number 1 or new status quo their will be new armor. Yet,I liked the superior iron man armor and inversion axis angle. That tron looking suit was cool considering it acted like a symbiote. 2nd the rt node he had in his chest made him smarter and allowed him to play up the angle of truly being capable without a suit on. Lastly,being inverted really made him come out as he can be at times.

    I have no problem giving it a try,just preferred the tony they had just before all this end of the multiverse started.

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