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Negative opinions on Priests run seem to be the outliers but I second Nab432.
I wouldn't say don't read it, since it's a critically acclaimed/fan favorite run the vast majority of people enjoy but I've found the art unpleasant, the comic relief character VERY unfunny and irritating, and since he is the reader's POV it's a really hard obstacle to get around.
As for the rest of the story, It felt like I'm dropped in the middle of the events and I should already know and accept T'Challa as the biggest badass ever. Also if I remember correctly there was something creepy implied with the dora milaje but I can't remember exactly, it was about 3-4 years ago when I've attempted to read the run (and gave up after about 4-5 issues).

Still, if you are into BP, definitely give it a shot.
I understand why people love Priest’s BP, but personally I really couldn’t get past the art style which ultimately prevented me from enjoying it. Coates’s BP is a pretty cool modern version of T’Challa and gets really wild with the world building. I can recommend it. For the record I love his Captain America so far. My only complaint is it needs more Sam & Bucky.