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    Default All New Marvel Collected Editions

    Welcome to the new Marvel collected editions thread! This is not a reboot! Just a relaunch in the new style of Marvel number ones! But the characters here are still the same, and hopefully there will be lots of new ones! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten last thread’s previous story lines like “Will Civil War get an Omnibus?” or “Will The Death of Captain America get a reprint?”

    Those classic tales will continue here. Along with all the new stuff!

    Some people to thank for this thread:
    The Amazing CrazyOldHermit, who made the last thread where I stole everything to make this one!
    The Mighty Joshua, who may have also made a thread that was merged with the last, kinda like how battle world came to be!
    The Incredible Omnibus, who keeps track of so much for all of us! And makes us panic when stock runs low!
    The Invincible Kallitarix, who falls into constant radioactive vats of solicits for us!
    The Uncanny Krisis who’s reading guides have been invaluable to many of us collectors!
    Kodave by Night who wrote the marvel cosmic reading guide linked somewhere below!

    Thread rules:
    Don’t bother outing Spider-man! Dr. Strange can fix it!
    Be nice!
    There’s a whole forum for current monthlies, appreciation threads and fighting each other over! So try to avoid current spoilers and appreciating stuff.

    Required text book for the semester: Rise of the Midnight Sons

    Now on to the good stuff! Have fun! (All of this was stolen by the Ringer, but he’s totally turning his life around and can’t afford to have his teeth broken again)

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